Giveaway no. 3

Bringing on my third giveaway, I was contacted by Vivo cosmetics around a month ago to see if I was interested in reviewing their products. I wrote back replying that I did not have the time at the moment, but would they be interested in sponsoring a giveaway? They were absolutely lovely and said yes and sent me a bunch of products to give away to you guys! :D I hope you like them :)


1. If you are under 16 PLEASE ask your parents permission before entering. I don’t want to get angry emails from someone asking why I’m sending their son/daughter presents.

2. Leave the comment enter me below. That’s it :) Nothing complicated, just that :)

3. The competition ends on the 31st of December.

4. If you should win and do not reply withing 48 hours I’m sorry, but I will pick another winner.

5. You can only leave ONE comment.

6.Yes, the giveaway is international :) It wouldn’t be fare to exclude some of my subbies just because they live in other countries.

How it’s done:

At the end of the competition I take the numbers of everyone who entered, put them all in a random number generator and pick three winners…yes THREE winners :D (Please note that if you do not reply within 48 hours I will pick another winner) Once they have all replied to me I send their prizes (they’re all sent by recorded delivery so that I’m sure they get there).

“So…what are the prizes?”

Vivo were absoloutely amazing and provided 3 of the following:)

-Eyeshadow pallet

-Eyeliner Pencil (different colours)

-Lipsticks (different colours)

-Baked Bronzers (different colours)

-Liquid Eyeliners(different colours)

-False Eyelashes (different colours)


  1. Marcella says

    Enter me! I don’t know the brand but it seems to be really nice. Do you know a webshop that sells this brand and that ships to europe? :)

  2. says


  3. says

    Enter me please… when last time you said this month would be a bigger give-away I thought it wouldn’t be possible to give even bigger prices… but you did it! Love the pics you posted above btw, hope your camera starts working well again soon!

  4. says

    Ooh I’ve been wanting to get some vivo products for a while now, but my nearest tesco is ages away, I’d love to win some! :) Thanks for organising such an awesome giveaway

  5. says

    Enter me please! December is my birthday month so I pretty much love it already. However, it would only get better if I would actually win :D

  6. says

    I love the prizes!! That palette is amazing it remember me of solar system I don’t know why XD It’s so beautiful colors…

    Enter me please!!!

  7. says

    hey klaire please enter me :) ;)
    i love your videos i used the i ripped my nail one and my teacher almost puked it was so funny. I’ve entered all of your competitions but neer have won. im not going to try make you feel sorry for me because i know you us a random number generator and i think nearly everyone should know that by now just wanted to let you know
    love the vids
    from alex
    im from ireland <3 xxxxxx

  8. says

    please Enter Me Please! my birthday is in december LOL maybe i’ll get a little lucky or not.. :) Thanks soo much i LOVE your channel!! <3 <3 <3

  9. says

    What a wonderful give away… Please enter me… Thanks for being so giving around the holidays.. It gives a chance for everyone to be cheerful… =)

  10. says

    enter me please your awesome and love the makeup give away couldnt afford buyying any of that being a young mom and all .merry xmas everyone and wish good luck to everyone.i would love to win but whoever wins derserves it .

  11. says

    Hi Klaire :) enter me too please! I would love it, but only the nude lipstick wouldn’t work for me. But hey, maybe this shade will ^^ Thank you so much for the awesome videos you are making and made, I always go ‘yaay!’ when you upload one <3 good luck with uni!!!

  12. says

    Hellooo, I would love to win such wonderful prizes. Although I probably have a slim chance, I hope I am one of the lucky three winners. Thank you so much for taking the time and putting up such amazing tutorials and keeping up with this blog.

    – Carolyn. =)

  13. says

    I’ve been watching your tutorials for quite sometime and I think they are really amazing. Because of what you do, you inspired me to start my own make-up tutorials on my youtube channel – LadyRainOfSorrow – :)
    My tutorials are not as great your tutorials, but I manage. If you can check out my videos one day and leave any tips, I would love that so much.
    Keep doing what your doing and I hope you have a nice day. Love your work :)

    Lady Rain

    PS. Enter Me

  14. says

    please enter me :) that would be so lovely <3 i adore your makeup tutorials and your accent too :D haha XD
    BTW, those prizes are just beautiful!!!
    xxx me <3