Review: Costal Scents GO Paletts (Sydney)

Disclaimer: Items sent for review purposes :)

Moving onto the colourful pallet in the GO Palette, this one one is loaded with bright and cheerful colours.

“The seven palettes each house twelve

exclusively selected shadows that reflect

colors widely found in the corner of the

world they represent”

None of the colours in the palette are matte, all of them have light, mostly heavy shimmer.

Pigmentation wise the pallet is quite good, I didn’t like it as much as the Beijing pallet, but it’s still good quality. As a summer pallet this one is pretty much perfect, colourful and exciting, ideal for anyone who likes bright and shimmery colours.


  • $8.96 = £5.69

  • Cruelty-free!

  • Compact + sturdy

  • Travel friendly

  • Large mirror in lid

As far as which skin tones I think this would look best on these colours would look stunning on anyone with olive to dark skin.

These kinds of shimmery colours can work with pale skin but these’s no competition on how beautiful they look against dark skin. Absolutely stunning!

Bellow are swatches of the pallet in cold and warm light, it pretty much illustrates why I’d recommend this for the summer. These colours look so much better in warm light.


Good pigmentation, practical packaging and colours perfect for summer

You can buy this pallet at: Costal


  1. says

    Hmm i really love the brigth colors but I think the Beijing palettte is the one I would use a bit more. I like warmer colors. I can’t wait to see the other palettes!

  2. says

    I’ve been wondering why… for the past few emails, you mispelled Coastal Scents. D: Hahaha I actually didn’t notice the first two times!

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    i love these pallets, but isn’t it really expensive to get them with postage and stuff? i’d really like to have them >__<
    (sry for my english, i'm swiss ^^')