I’ve been shortlisted?! :D

So I found something out which was quite interesting a few days ago…..I’ve been shortlisted for a Cosmopolitan blog award in the Established Beauty Blog catagory!

*Dances crazy happy dance*

This seems to be a month where I’m constantly asking for votes…don’t worry this will be the only time I’ll ask you :) (well….on the blog at least) ;)

It’s really simple to vote, you just enter your email (you can only vote once per email :/) click on “Established Beauty Blog” and then click Klaire de Lys (providing it’s me you want to vote for :)

Don’t worry you won’t get spammed if you entered your email, I realize some of you are not too comfortable with entering your email on websites, its fine :) I’m not going to guilt trip you into voting for me, thanks for even getting me this far in the first place <3

Love you guys <3 you are all awesome!

You can vote for me HERE


  1. says

    I tried voting twice, with two emails, and that didn’t work. Could be that they go by IP Addresses….

    Congratulations by the way! Keep up the amazing work!