Review: Costal Scents GO Palette (Cairo)

DISCLAIMER: Items were provided for review :)

So this morning I received a surprise package from Costal Sents and I was surprised to see they had set me their entire Go Palette collection.

Now I’m not going to review them all in one bunch, I’d rather review them each individually so that you can get a breakdown of each individual palette.

I was quite shocked when I saw the pallets to be honest. I’ve gotten used to their simple packadging so when I saw the lovely designs on the case I was caught an unawares. I LOVE the packaging for this collection.

“The seven palettes each house twelve

exclusively selected shadows that reflect

colors widely found in the corner of the

world they represent”

One criticism I have though is I thought the fonts were a bit badly chosen.

Having a serif, sans-serif and cursive font just looks a bit messy, but I still love what they’ve done which the packaging! Overall a very good idea!

So…for this blog post I will be reviewing the Cairo pallet. First impressions, a fantastic neutral pallet, especially for traveling.

Again, for the packaging I would have liked to have seen something like the compass design on the outer packaging on the lid just to make it more interesting, but that’s just me :)

As far as colour selection goes I thing they did a fantastic job selecting colours that are associated with the countries they are meant to represent.

Haha, I think my Mum is going to nick this pallet off me once I’ve finished reviewing it, a beautiful neutral pallet.


  • $8.96 = £5.69

  • Cruelty-free!

  • Compact + sturdy

  • Travel friendly

  • Large mirror in lid

Each eyeshadow seems to have a varying level of pigmentation so bellow I’m going to mark each eyeshadow by the level of pigmentation.

And I should just mention that the silver and the gold shades are really well pigmented! Not quite Sugarpill standards but still very good!


A really good pallet! Fantastic price and I love how they’ve experimented with the packaging.

You can buy this pallet at: Costal


  1. says

    This seems like a pretty good palette! I don’t think I’ll buy because between the UD Naked Palette and the Coastal Scents 88 Matte Palette, I’ve got these colors covered. Cute, though! I like the design a lot.

  2. says

    Wow! I live right here where Coastal Scents is from (Naples, FL) and can you believe they wont let me go to their store for items? They want to charge me regular shipping :( and I live 5 min away! :((

  3. admin says

    @Silvia They wrote to me about a year ago asking if I would like to review any of their stuff and I said yes :)