My Favorite Alternative Jewlery (Rings)

A few months ago I did a blog about all my ear cuffs (link), after I did that one I started getting requests to done one for my rings, so here it is :)

The first one is this key ring:

This one is a more recent addition to my collection, lol, just like most of my stuff I bought it from E-Bay (link).

The seller I bought mine from seems to be no longer selling this exact one but I found one which is close enough for those of you who were asking :)

This one is my favorite! It was the only armour ring I could find at the time that didn’t have a skull on it, plus it’s dead handy for opening letters and parcels.

Again this one was from e-bay. I couldn’t find the seller but if you type down “Goth Armour Ring” I’m sure you’ll find something similar :)

And last but not least is this one. I ended up getting two of these because I liked wearing one on each index finger. I bought mine here (link).

Sorry this blog post is so short :/ I’m just a little pressed for time at the moment, I probably wont have time to write any good blog posts for the next few months (Uni has started again) but I will do my best to keep my blog up and running :)

Worst case scenario any updates will be for the monthly giveaways…but then again that’s not so bad is it ;)


  1. says

    they are amaizing :X
    I have seen you wearing some of them in your youtube tutorials.. ♥♥♥

  2. says

    Aww they are such beauties Klaire !! My mouth is actually watering :D to get them, specially the second one !! And i really don’t feel bad about your university session, guess why ?? ;)Cuz this is your last year at Uni !! :D Good Luck !! :)

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    Oh! I want them so badly. Every ring is so exceptional. Do you have any tips on rings that starts to leave blue color on the hand. I’ve bought mine from an expensive store and they ended up leaving that blue weird color on my fingers.

  4. says

    Your jewelry is so cute I love those ear cuffs! Especially since I dont have to pierce my ear in order to wear them which is a bonus!!

    Thanks for sharing with us Klaire!