Makeup Buys: Halloween Suplies

So a week or so ago I made a trip to Charles Fox in London for some Halloween supplies with ItsAMandyThing.

I’ve had this list that I’ve slowly added to over the past few months listing things I would need for upcoming tutorials and I finally decided to make the trip to Charles fox.

I tend to always make a list before I head to shops like Charles Fox because otherwise I always overspend and I end up regretting it pretty quick. Nothing sucks more than wasted money and makeup.

What I bought:

Green Hairspray

Orange Hairspray

White Mascara

Black, Gold, Moss Green and Silver Face Paint

Green, Brown and Black tooth enamel

White Foundation

I was quite happy to finally get my hands on some tooth enamel, I’d been meaning to buy it at the last IMATS in London and some how I forgot. The evil side of me is slightly tempted to go back to uni with my teeth all painted up to look like they’re rotting…haha…that would be fun!

The main thing I needed was the white foundation. I’m not too keen on using white face paint, it just has a tendency to look really heavy (not to mention it’s feels heavy on the skin) and I just prefer to use a proper foundation.

One thing that I didn’t plan to get though was this face paint (above). The picture doesn’t show it very well but it’s the most beautiful mossy metallic green I’ve ever seen!

I’m hoping to do my own version of Poison Ivy at some point and I’m hoping I can find a green eyeshadow that looks like that, it would be just perfect!


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    Oh!! White mascara, orange and green hairspray. It sounds fun! I always wanted to buy red hairspray (highlight) But never succeeded in finding one in Morocco or Belgium (That’s where I live-born in Belgium)

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    You go my mind spinning on what awesome stuff could be done with all that make. It would be so fun to try different styles out. Great post!!!

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    Lets try this again…he he he.

    You got my mind spinning on what awesome stuff could be done with all that make up. It would be so fun to try different styles out with it all. Great post!!! LOL

    I was so excited to see everything that I could get my words out right…lol.

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    I have been dozens of times to Covent Garden, always going to the London Graphics Center, I wish I knew about this shop…. but I guess I saved a lot of money for not going there (I , somehow, want to look at it from a positive point of view, snifff)