Queen of the Web?

Although technically the competition if for “King of the Web” if I won I suppose that would make me queen. I wanted to ask if you would help me win this competition hosted by King of the Web.com, the prize for winning is $5,000 (which in pounds works out to roughly £3,000).

What would you spend it on?

“shoes!”…no I jest :)

I would actually spend it on paying off my final year at Uni, (I’m studying Graphic Design). Winning would really help me wipe away a HUGE chunk of debt!


How do we vote for you?

You’d need to go to my campaign here

And then click “VOTE!”

You would have to register to vote (You can vote up to 10 times a day!) so it’s ok if you don’t feel like voting.

But please do vote for me if you can, I would really, really appreciate it :)



  1. says

    I just vote for you now, I’ve voted several times until he told me he had no votes available: D I hope you win and you can pay for college has a great future as a designer: D I wish you all the luck: D from Venezuela much success for you.

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    Voted, good luck! :)
    @Maisa it ends at the end of the month, but it seems that some people who were in last month’s contest are participating again this month, but votes don’t roll over. I think that they made a mistake though. There is a countdown til the end on the King of the Web website, in the top left hand corner. :)

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    Hi Klaire!
    I gave you my votes. In my opinion you are a great artist and if you can financiate your college with art, that would be just great. I know how it is to study and have no money… So Good luck to you!!! And I’ll vote tomorrow again! ^-^

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    I laughed when i read Shoes, cause i’d want to spend it so. but would need to clear debts just like you.
    I hope you win.