Review: Sleek Nude Collection

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About a week ago I was sent the new Sleek Nude collection which I was very excited about. The main thing I was excited for was the blusher as it looked like it was the perfect shade for contouring on my skin tone.

I was quite surprised that sleek was releasing ANOTHER natural pallet so close to the release of the “Oh So Special!” pallet, but I suppose people tend to prefer “natural” makeup in the colder months so it’s not surprising.

“Sleek Makeup’s new collection is a celebration of ethereal beauty, and a new nude ranging from earthly browns, to tan and pearly oyster”

I haven’t been a massive fan of the Pout Polishes in the past and I’m still not a fan. Although they work just fine as a moisturizing balm there’s just something about the “waxy” taste than puts me off.

With this shade the pigment dose not really show up on your lips so it really is just a balm.

The pallet however I like!

Some people have commented saying it is less pigmented than past pallets, I only really noticed when people pointed it out to be honest, the difference is not that great and they are still good eye shadows.

I’m still waiting for the day when Sleek start to sell their eye shadows in blush sized packaging. I L-O-V-E black eyeshadow from sleek, the only eyeshadow I have ever found which could beat it was the Sugarpill bulletproof.

On the topic of products I would like to see Sleek release I would love to see a pallet of eye shadows with JUST primary and secondary coloured eye shadows.

It would be the superman of pallets! Ahhh….now I’m going to dream about that pallet tonight.

However I think my favorite piece from this collection is the blush.

For my pale skin tone it really is the best I’ve tried so far, you can use it for contouring AND blush, love, love, love!


Bare Minimum Balm (£4.30): Good as a balm but the taste will put people off.

Pallet (£6.43): A very good pallet for people starting out with makeup or prefer “natural” colours.

Suede Blush (£4.30): My favorite blush from Sleek so far.


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  1. says

    Each time you put a new product I want to suicide for not living in the US or UK. gah!
    I like the colours, especially Taupe and Noir.

  2. says

    Hi Klaire,
    I live in England too and ask if you enter me in your competition. I am just getting started on makeup and like you like to experiment with bright and colourful looks. nORMAL MAKEUP BORES ME AND QUITE FRANKLY i THINK YOU ARE A MAKEUP GENIUS! My favourite look by you is definately your mother earth entry for Miss Chievous. I am young but hope to study tobe a film producer when I finish school. I apolagise if am boring you with all of this info.
    Yours Truly
    Joe aka TranquilBlossom