The Making of a Title Background no.1

Seeing as I will probably be doing quite a few of these step-by-step blog posts about how I make my title backgrounds I figured this title would be more appropriate than “Random Doodles”.

I was an absolute plonker and took the first pictures in really bad lighting so it only looked like scribbles on a page, for the next blog post I do I want to show you how I get the base lines for any portrait.

The difference between a good portrait and a bad one is nearly always down to whether you draw a good base sketch or a bad one.

Whenever I do a drawing the first thing I do is make a rough sketch. I never let myself use a rubber for the first stages of a drawing, a rubber makes you scared to just go for it and teaches you to be lazy in drawing.

The best way to get better at drawing is to learn to not rely on a rubber.

At this point I start to focus on chiseling out the features. Making the eyes the proper shape, the iris large, the ears and most importantly the shape of the face.

I always tend to work on the lips last, I don’t know why but until I’ve done the rest of the face I always find it quite hard to draw the lips accurately.

Once I’m absolutely sure that the proportions are correct I rub out only the pencil masks which get in the way, for example the rough sketch of the eye shape, lips and nose.

This is my favorite part! The shading :D

Normally I use a 2B or a 5B and lightly fill in the areas that need shading, I then blend this all out either with my fingers or a paper blending pencil.

For smaller shading I like to use a clay shaper.

These little tools are ideal for blending around the eyes, nose, mouth and ears.

At this point its just finishing off all the little details like the crown and the hair.

Now that I’ve drawn it I’m also going to put it through photoshop to get the exact look I want but for the moment this is what I’ve got :)


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    This is absolutely gorgeous. I really enjoy looking at how the picture transforms. Cant wait to see you using it for your title background.. :)

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    THIS IS AMAZING!!!! :) You are such an amazing artist! I really like Lord of the Rings! I showed my brothers thiis lol <3