Interview with Red

I’m incredibly late in announcing this (my excuse is that I needed to get my blog up and running smoothly: )

But a few months ago I did an interview with the incredibly nice Red from Talks One The Tubes.

Through out the video I was working on a rough cyborg look…hehe…if you want to see the final look you’ll have to watch the video ;)

And part 2 :)

If there are any other You Tubers you want to see Red interview why don’t you drop them a message as see if they would want to? No harm in asking and you might get to see them interviewed! :D


  1. says

    your voice made me wow!
    its true you’re very annoyingly talented but i respect you so much for that. you’re the same age as me and you’ve already made something out of yourself and your talents and for that i say well done.
    your future is ripe for the picking

  2. says

    You are an incredibly beautiful and inspiring person. I love everything you do and I hope that you go far! You’d fully deserve it! :) xx