Random Doodles Pt.3

While I’m on a role of showing step by step how I create my title backgrounds I thought I’d show you this one I designed.

I started out with just a simple black page (in Photoshop) and then with the paint tool began layering colours over each other and drawing each little star.

This is what it looked like about an hour in.

The whole piece took 5 hours in total, each single little star had to be drawn so by the end of it I was pretty sick of stars.

So this is what the final piece looked like…

I was a little bit annoyed that this one took me so long and you only see it in the E.T. makeup tutorial for 3 seconds so I’m planning on using this one again for a Galaxy (the cluster of stars not the chocolate) inspired look.

Hopefully you’ll see this one again :)


  1. says

    Wow. I didn’t know that those kinds of design takes hours to do. Shows you what people take for granted. This looks great :)

  2. says

    Thinking that the only thing I can do whit photoshop is resize the image makes me feel..unuseful XD. Just kidding, really great!When I saw it first I thought that you just took taht image from the web, nice work!