Random Doodles Pt.2

For this one I wanted to show you roughly how I go through making my title backgrounds.

In my last post I showed you this design which I had been working on for the title background of an Arabic makeup series I want to do.

Once I’ve drawn roughly what I want I take a picture and work on it in Photoshop, I tend to make several versions of a piece till I settle on my favorite.

The first few tries are always rubbish, but after trying a few times I finally get it to look how I want it to.

Normally when I finish working on a piece I leave it alone for a few hours and then look at it again.

When you’ve been working on something for a few hours you tend to miss all the flaws and it’s only by taking a step back or getting a second opinion that you’ll see what needs improvement.

My main beef with this one is that all the patterns I had drawn had just gotten “lost”, also I wasn’t overly fond of the colour.

I wanted the colour to look like the light from a sunset in the desert on a palace wall, and this just didn’t quite cut it.

I had a similar issues with this version.

The colours were just too much and not subtle at all, also the patterns were completely lost and not as noticeable as I wanted them to be.

I finally settled on this one,  I might tweak it a bit more before I use it in a video but overall it’s got the feel I’m looking for :)


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    I prefered the last version too, although honestly I like the original much better, it shows that you drew it from scratch. Or maybe it’s just me in love with black and white.

    Looking forward to Arabic tutorials! :D

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    I like the original and the last. :D This is so cool. I love how you just use photoshop to tweak everything. :) I like how the last looks very metal copper-y. LOL.

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    the last version is so pretty. I love how much effort you put into your tutorials. Looking forward to your arabic tutorials.

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    Hi there Klaire!

    Just came here to tell you you are really talented and cute. Thank you so much for your tutorials, I really learn a lot from them tho when I try to recreate them the final look aint as good as yours :) Need more practice!

    Ive been reading through your blog and i find it really interesting. So is your youtube channel, I dont understand why you aint the most subscribed guru :/

    And btw, I dont know why you would get picked up on your nose, I think its lovely and you are really really pretty, with or without make up, even with voldemorts face xD

    Well thats all, thanks again for the tuts and the inspiration, you are truly one of a kind and an awesome artist :)

    Greets from Finland

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    I’ve got to say I’m really impressed by the amount of effort you put into your videos, I’m sure it’ll pay off one day :)
    I really like the first & last versions, what effects did you use in Photoshop to make it look metallic?