Random Doodles Pt.1

I really need to do more posts on my art work so I though I’d do a series were I just show you random drawings and doodles that I’ve done. Talk about what I used and and a few tips and tricks occasionally :)

The majority of these are all drawn in one of the two sketchbooks I have.

One is more for lyric ideas and chords, and the other for art and art ideas, but they tend to swap roles a lot.

This one I drew for the title background of my Simple Terminator Look, I normally do a rough sketch for my title backgrounds and then work on them more in photoshop.

Seeing as it was only the third piece I’d ever done in PhotoShop I did a pretty bad job, I make a point of not watching that tutorial because the title background bugs me so much.

This one I drew for the title background of an Arabic Makeup series I’ve been planning on doing for ages. It’s ended up looking like a mix of Indian and Arabic art, not quite what I had planned…but then again I don’t tend to plan a lot. Going with the flow is so much more fun.

I still need to work on this one in PhotoShop, with any luck it’ll end up better than my horrible Terminator title background.