Makeup Palettes: Where I get mine

In my recent how-to tutorials you probably saw that I like to keep my eye shadows and blushes in palettes.

If there in one thing I hate it’s having to open up a million different blushes/eye shadows to find that one colour I want (and typically it’s always the one at the bottom of the pile) so I’ve gotten into the habit of de-potting everything and keeping it in palettes.

I buy all my palettes from Celia Makeup, it’s so affordable its insane!

When they arrive they all look like the picture above but I always rip out that inside packading so that I can fit more makeup in.

So first thing I do is rip everything out.

As you can see the glue used to stick the tray down is left on the base, my favorite method to remove this is to dab Surgical Spirit all over it, leave it to sink in for about a minute, and then peel it all off.

Obviously you can use your fingers or a sponge/cotton ball, but if you’re planning on doing this to several pallets one after another try to scrape it off without using your fingers.

After trying to use your nails for a few pallets your nails start to hate you.

Once all the glue is gone I like to pad my palettes, a tip I learned from this video. For those of you who are wondering where I bought the padding, I bought it in a shop called Tiger in Ealing.

This trick is a lifesaver!! (well…makeup saver). I’ve put my kit through some pretty rough traveling and I’m yet to have an eyeshadow pop on me….famous last words.

I hope those tips helped :)


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    This is very useful – thank you :D I know it’s not strictly related but have you used the makeup palettes that Argos sells? They are BUAV approved (cruelty-free) and actually very good quality! The brand name is ‘Pretty Pink’ xx

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    Good tips, thanks :)
    Ah Tiger, how I love thee, it always has really useful and also really pointless stuff. I prefer the Tiger in Hammersmith to the one in Ealing, I don’t really know why as it’s a bit of a maze… anyway, just felt like commenting to say that I really enjoy everything that you put onto the web.

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    I think this is a brilliant idea. Im an avid reader of your blog and watcher of your videos. I have really come around to wanting to depot all of my random bits and pieces and random eyeshadows i have lying around. Having them all toghether would really help organisation!
    I was wondering how do you stick down each pan to the palette? As the palette is aluminium Im assuming that magnets would be no use? Id be really interested to find out what your method is.