Extreme Makeup Removal

Before I go into how I took off all the makeup for the Mystique look quite a few of you asked to see the before and after of the title picture so here it is.

I have so much fun messing around in Photoshop! Anyway, what I used to take all that off.

First thing I did is pulled off the lash glue gently. If your skin is very sensitive use makeup remover to loosen it and then peel it off, it shouldn’t be to hard as with the eyeshadow under it it would have a slight barrier between your skin.

For my eye-brows I used Ben Nye’s Bond Off with a cotton pad. What I like to do is drench the pad in Bond Off and then press it over the covered eyebrows for about 30 seconds, then I slowly rub if the spirit gum. You don’t want to be rough or you will lose eyebrow hairs.

Once I’d done this I got strait into the shower and washed my whole face and neck with The Body Shop Passion Fruit Facial Cleansing Gel. This managed to get the majority of the makeup off my face.

For my hair I used my normal solid shampoo bar (Lush).

The first time washed out most of the red but there was still a little bit left on my scalp so I washed it a second time. Like I mentioned in the review for the red hair spray you do need to treat your hair if you use this or it will hate you.

After I came out of the shower I finished off by running some Brazil Nut Conditioning Cream through my hair and taking off the makeup still on my eyes and face with Bioderma.

If any of you haven’t seen my Mystique look yet here is the video : )