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Someone mentioned on my Facebook that I should do the “My Makeup Story” tag and seeing as people keep asking me how I got started on You Tube I figured it would be a good one to do.

The funny thing is that I didn’t start on You Tube doing makeup. I actually started on You Tube with a singing channel around 2 years ago, as singing has always been something I enjoyed and hoped to persue as a career once I’d finished school.

Lol. It’s actually quite funny watching that first video I uploaded, I was so nervous!!

My legs were shaking so badly, and that quavering in my voice when I was singing, yea, that’s because I was shaking. Now I’ve deleted nearly all the videos on that Klairedelys channel, I only kept the first video up because of nostalgia and so that I can use it as a motivation video to improve.

I only ended up getting into makeup after I watched Panacea81‘s videos and BeautyArtStudio’s, I suddenly realized that makeup could be artistic and that really appealed to me. Even then I had no intention of going into makeup, it was just something I enjoyed doing in my spare time and it helped me develop a bit of an alter-ego which was more confident than my quiet nervous other half.

It was only after I uploaded a song cover on my singing channel(wearing a makeup look I cane up with) and got a ton of requests to do a tutorial then I started doing makeup tutorials.

At first I uploaded them on my singing channel but I felt it was a bit unfair on my subscribers who had subscribed to hear my awful covers, and not makeup tutorials.

So I finally decided to create a second channel just for makeup and ended up calling it KlairedelysArt, as a bit of a tribute to the fact that BeautyArtStudio was my biggest makeup inspiration.

And since then makeup has become another big passion of mine. I’m still not sure sure if I want to pursue makeup professionally since music will always go first for me, but then again I don’t like to plan things like that. I prefer to just see how things go and enjoy the ride :)



  1. says

    Omg it took me and hour to find that video of you sing and it’s my favorite song i love you voice please do some more i no your busy and you might not have time to, but if you don’t ask you never know right? watching that video has sort of given me the confidence to start my own singing channel.!!!! :D

  2. admin says

    @Rachel I won’t start working on the singing channel again till I’ve finished uni (next year). Right now I need to focus on my studies and when I’ve finished I’ll finally be able to get back to music :)

  3. becca says

    i would love to hear you sing i mean i knew u were studying but i didnt know u achually did vides could someone please leave a link

  4. Amber A. says

    Klaire, you are really amazing at your skill as an artist, truly you are. Your artist skills are breathe taking as well as your make-up tutorials. You make it look flawless. And the sheer amount of creative ideas you’ve came up with, some I never even knew you could do with make-up, it opened my eyes and inspired me. I love make-up and using colors to enhance my eyes to really pop. Also your artististry is quite astounding. I’ve been subscribed to your channel for over a year or so now and your channels are the first few I look forward to watching. Always excited to see what you present in your videos, so as a fan, thank you for inspiring me to try new ideas with make-up. Also I checked out the 2 channels that inspired you and loved them of course and subscribed and on BeautyArtStudio’s “Imagination” video (as above) I complimented you both on your make-up skills, this was my comment: “Wow amazing inspiration for make-up artistry, referred by Ms. Klaire de Lys’ channel. Just subscribed to yours now. I love how both you & Ms. Klaire de Lys use different techniques for makeup, not the typical boring day to day makeup, but more artistical makeup masterpieces. As women our faces are like blank canvases, make-up creates beauty, wonder, and awe inspiring masterpieces that captivates the audience (everyone else).”