Review-Real Techniques Starter Kit

Before I start this review I just want to say one thing, my review of these brushes do not change the fact that the Pixiwoo sisters are one of my favorite gurus to watch on you tube, and gurus who I have learned so much from. What ever my opinion on these brushes that does not change the fact that I very much respect the Pixiwoo sisters and will continue to watch their videos.

The first thing that made me want to buy these is that fact that the handles were purple.

Lol yes, I know that’s pretty shallow but I have an unhealthy fascination with that colour, and seeing as I needed to find a eyeshadow blending brush to replace my much loved SS224 which is now discontinued I figured I’d try them out and support a fellow You Tuber if I did like them.

Now I might was well cut to the chase, I don’t really like these brushes.

When I first opened the box I thought they looked good but after playing around with them for a bit I have several problems with these brushes, so I’m going to go through them one by one.

With this brush the thing that bothered me is the fact that there aren’t a tone of hairs in the ferrule. As you can see there is a lot of spare space and that allows for water to easily travel up the brush when you’re washing it and as a result the brush does not tend to last too long.

Also I found this brush a bit rough, especially near the eye area. Now to be fair I have incredibly sensitive eyes so that might just be me.

There isn’t much to say about the delux crease brush, it had less of a gap between the hairs and the ferrule which was good. But as with all of the brushes they feel a bit delicate and not very robust.

The brow brush had a similar issue to the accent brush. Quite a gap in the ferrule and was also quite thick. Initially I thought it was meant to be an eyeliner brush but it was way to thick to be used for eyeliner, as a brow brush I just thought it was impractical as anyone with thin brows would find it quite tricky to use.

If you made a mistake with this brush it would be quite hard to correct had you used a dark colour.

The base brush I inititally thought was quite a good brush, it was packed quite nicely in the ferrule and quite soft. But again, felt too delicately made.

Obviously there were no problems with the hairs being loose in the ferrule but this brush is just no good for eyeliner. It’s too thick and I found it quite pointy and tough to use near the eyes.

After washing:

Washing these brushes was the nail in the coffin for me. Any product you use with these brushes tends to collect at the base of the brush and even after washing them 4 times there was still product at the bottom.

As far as the case goes it was a good idea but it feels cheaply made and they only really fit the brushes that came in the set. If you bought all 3 sets of brushes you would not be able to fit all the brushes in one case, and you would have to carry all three cases around with you which would just be impractical.

Some people had mentioned that they thought the coloured handles made the brushes look tacky, and as far as that goes I have to dissagree. I thought having the coloured handles was a good idea as recently I was working on a fashion show and the room was very badly lit, it was quite hard to see my brushes. If my brushes had been colour coded it would have been so much easier to see which brush I wanted.

Pros :
  • Affordable
  • Cruelty Free
  • Not robust at all.
  • Hard to wash
  • Not very practical
  • Loose in the ferrule
  • I don’t think they would be very long lasting

Unfortunately I just can’t recommend these brushes, They just feel flimsy (hollow in the middle) and are not brushes I would consider investing in.

Again I would just like to repeat what I said earlier, I am a huge fan of the Pixiwoo sisters and this in no way changes my opinion of them being amazing makeup artists.


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    I agreed with all what you said totally. That is why I didn’t buy it, but I did expect the blending brush might be good at least. I myself bought the stippling brush, it is quite good actually. also I own the core set. I like her face brushes I think. But I hate the foundation brush, pointed and flimsy. Plan to buy another stippling brush when I have a chance. I don’t want to praise Pixiwoo now just because I hate some of their brushes. I respect them for their makeup skills, their personalities. but brush business is another story.

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    I love when people give genuinely honest reviews, even when they liek the brand or person who makes the product.

    Thanks for this review.

    I have been looking for some good brushes as I have had a set that was given to me for a while now and the hairs can fall out after washing,

    I recently won a Sigma E25 and I quite like it. I may end up getting some more of those unless you can recommend so other good ones.

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    Hmmm…really good review. I had a feeling they might not be that good, considering that the pixiwoo sisters barely use them in their tutorials.

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    Thank you for this review! I was considering buying some of these brushes & now I know not to. Thanks for saving me some dough! :)

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    thank you so much for this honest review!!! i really wanted to try these brushes, but hesitated because of their design (the big brushes are those stand up kind which look really old-fashioned). so i think if the quality is not amazing, i should not look into them further.
    thank you!

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    Oh my goodness, i think you should make a video about these, i almost bought some cos they look good on pixiwoo’s channel, but your pics and review have changed my mind. I am a bit shocked they would sell these to us as they have quite a good reputation on youtube? Thanks for saving me money!

  7. admin says

    @Samantha I’m don’t like dong video reviews and I’m worried about the pixiwoo sisters taking it the wrong way if I do put this on you tube. It’s just not the stress if they take offense to it so I’m just going to leave it on my blog :)

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    You know what..I APPRECIATE you so much for this quick review. No one on YouTube has said anything negative about these brushes as far as Guru’s are concerned! I think people are afraid to give negative and constructive feedback because it’s to do with a well respected YT figure (Samantha Chapman). But I for one think it’s better to make constructive comments so she could improve her brush collections in the future.

    Thank you so much for your honest review!

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    Interesting. I myself don’t have expensive brushes. Mum bought me the most expensive one (where I live) but I couldn’t tell her they weren’t the ones I expected, I don’t want to break her heart!
    And as to your brushes, you could use colored tape in the handles…