Review: Tropic Organic Elixir Oil

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Anything made in the UK, especially beauty products, is practically an endagered species so when Tropic Skincare wrote to me asking if I wanted to review this product I very enthusiastically said yes, and…I’ll admit it. The bottle design was also a huge factor for me. I mean look at it! It’s so beautiful!

“The ‘hero ingredient’ is Moringa Oil, derived from the ‘Miracle Tree’. Boasting 1,700 antioxidants and enriched with natural Vitamin C”

When I opened the bottle, even though I have a horrific sense of smell, the smell reminded me so much of the smell of oil paints. Definitely not the best smell for a facial oil. Since it contains Pomegranate oil (one of my favorite smells) I was hoping it would smell like that, but it wasn’t the case.

They recommend to use this just before you sleep, which is the only time you could use it really owing to the smell. The oil is also surprisingly thick, for some reason I expected the oil to be runnier, but it turned out to be a good thing as the cap doesn’t have a rubber band between the glass bottle and the metal lid so it does leak a little unless it’s kept upright.


  • £30.00
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Make in the UK

The lid is so small it’t not really possible for it to pour out easily and the oil is quite unusual, feels like a ‘dry’ oil if that makes any sense. If you store it upright the slightly leaky lid is not a problem, but when it arrived obviously it was lying down flat and when I took it out of the packet I could feel oil around the edge of the cap.

The claim of this oil is to “improve skin elasticity, giving noticeably smoother, more supple and youthful skin in just 4 weeks”. Given I’m only 21 the youthful thing wasn’t really going to show up on me, but I did try it out over 4 weeks to really test it’s claims and see if it made a difference.

 Ingredients: Kiwi Seed Oil, Organic Rosehip Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Natural Vitamin E and Moringa Oil.

To be perfectly honest I didn’t really notice a difference with this oil other than being moisturising.  It didn’t really do anything remarkably different (or at least nothing that I could notice for my skin) and though I have a dreadful sense of smell the oil paint smell of this is one that I really cannot stand.

Would I recommend this product? No not really. I didn’t find it really made any significant difference to my skin, the expensive price and slightly faulty lid (though admitedly a beautifully designed bottle) would not make me purchase this. It’s a decent mosturiser if you like oils like myself, but frankly I didn’t find it to be worth the money.

For the website here

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Review: Lush Sex Bomb

If they’d called this one Gun’s and Roses I’d get it, but Sex Bomb? For something that looks and smells like this it seems like a bit of a gimmick. Oh Lush, you and your product names! Not quite on the level of NARS though (thank goodness!) Lush don’t you dare get any ideas!

“This ballistic is packed full of every sensual, relaxing oil we could find. Clary sage, jasmine and ylang ylang, blended into a classic musk base”

Like with all the bath bombs I never use them in one go. As soon as I photograph them I like to break it up into fourths to try so as to get as much use out of them as possible. Some bath bombs break really easily, but this one? So hard to break! I felt like a deserved a medal when I finally managed it.

Lush do seem to have a thing for adding little things into their bath bombs. I can’t remember which bath bomb it was (I think it was Dragon Egg?) where they added a blob of glitter in the middle (which made me itch like hell by the way). The paper rose in this one was cool at first, but a soggy rice paper ros pink pulp floating around you in the bath like some kind of mucus jellyfish is not terribly appealing.


  • £3.20
  • Vegan (synthetic musk)
  • Cruelty Free

I think, like most Lush products, some people will find the smell terribly off putting. I ADORE sweet and floral smells, but I think because of the musk in this one some people will think it smells a tad “old lady-ish”. The smell of this one is particularly strong (even for Lush products).

I can’t really place why but I don’t like the smell of this one, I think it’s the quite heavy musky smell that put’s me off.  When you pop it in the water it turns it a bright pink which I loved! With some of the bath bombs I’ve found the smell doesn’t really linger, not the case with this one, my bathroom (and myself) still smelt of it even that day after.

Too bad it left my bath a lovely shade of pink too! 

Overall I don’t think I’ll be re-purchasing this bath bomb. Not terribly fond of the smell, the mucus flower or the pink stain it left on my bath tub.

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Review: Lush Floating Island

This one kind of looks a bit like a cheese doesn’t it? Thankfully it doesn’t smell like one (could you imagine?) but it was funny how many of you though I was going to do a blog post on cheese when I posted a picture of this on my Instagram. 

“Ride the tide of skin softening surf to arrive at your very own floating island”

Unlike some bath bombs which at times could easily be cannon balls in disguise these are so easy to cut! Like a mixture of cheese and short bread type consistency (great…now I really fancy eating some shortbread). As you can see in the picture above there was a slight amount of glitter on these but I think it had rubbed off from an other product in the shop.

As usual I cut this one up and only really used about a fourth per bath. This product isn’t really meant to be a bath bomb so don’t expect a tone of bubbles, even if you hold it right under the tap you only get a few weak bubbles, it’s more of a skin softener and bath melt.


  • £3.85
  • Vegan 
  • Cruelty Free 
  • Preservative Free

The thing I loved about this one is the smell and how amazingly soft your skin feels. The smell isn’t over-powering like most Lush products have a reputation of being, a soft warm smell of cocoa butter and vanilla. It turns the bath water a milky colour when you put it the water, made me feel a little like Cleopatra haha!  If you used the whole thing at once it would take a fair while to dissolve.

One thing to point out, be careful when you get out of the bath with this one. Makes the bath slippery as anything! If you’re a bubble bath manic I think you’ll find this one quite disappointing. But it you want something which smells warm and cosy while leaving your skin soft and moisturised then you might want to give this one a try.

You can get this online or in a local Lush

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Review: Lush Dream Cream

I should have written a review on this one ages ago but for some reason I kept forgetting about it even though it’s an essential on my skin-care routine. Though it’s described as a hand and body lotion I also use it on my face from time to time.

“A soothing and cooling cream that is designed to go on even the most sensitive and easily upset skins”

I still use my Enzymion face cream everyday but in the winter I sometimes need a heavier cream to protect my skin so I use this one probably every other day on my cheeks, corner of my eyes and forehead where my skin needs a little more protection.

I had been using the Manuka Honey Rescue cream for my winter cream but since I’ve finished that one this one has replaced it as a firm favorite. Oh and it’s fantastic for calming down razor burns!


  • £10.95
  • 240g
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan

It’s not the most affordable of the Lush creams but I love it! It comes in a HUGE pot and I’m nowhere near half way through it and I’ve had it for about 4 months now. That’s party because I’m a bit of a miser with my application but it really is a decent amount of product too.

When I get really stressed my skin gets what I suppose is a bit of a mild form of eczema all over my cheeks and my face puffs up like a balloon, get’s SO itch and red (not a nice image I know) but stress really messes me up! Especially my skin. When that happens this and Embryolisse is so far the only thing I have found that I can put on my skin and calm it down.

Product tip: If you don’t exfoliate this product wont sink in and will just sit on the surface of your skin

It does contain Methylparaben and Propylparaben which is disappointing. But considering it contains oat milk which spoils very easily I can understand why they would include them, otherwise the cream would go off in a week and for £10 a pot you don’t really want it to spoil before you can finish it. 

The smell of this is very…oaty. You will either like it or hate it. The texture is creamy/oily, at first it can feel a bit heavy and then after a minute or two it sinks into your skin leaving it feeling moisturised and plump.

One thing I will say is make sure you’re not allergic to any of the essential oils in this product if you’re getting this for easily irritated eczma prone skin. Some people like myself are fine with it, but for others it can cause a nasty reaction.

You can get this in a Lush store or online

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