DIY Beauty: Porridge Face Scrub

Ok porridge is probably not the best name for this scrub, but it was a tie between that and calling it an omelette face scrub, and quite frankly porridge just sounds less strange. One thing I will stress for this tutorial is really make sure the egg shells are ground extremely well! The egg shells should be ground…

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Real Life Disney: Tinker Bell

Every single time I try this wig on I think I might try going blond, then I remember I am quite possibly the laziest person on the planet when it comes to my hair. Wash it, an oil/vinegar/rosemary rinse every month or two and comb it. That is the extent of what I can be bothered…

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Real Life Disney: Snow White

Fancy an apple? Look no. 3 for my real life disney series is Snow White! I know, I know, it’s a really really simple look but unfortunately with most of these looks the makeup is really simple. This looks is perfect for everyday wearable makeup  If the red lipstick is a little too intense for…

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Special Effects: Maggot Infection

I was really hoping to do a makeup tutorial this week, but my eye infection still hasn’t gone down so I though I’d settle for something simple and disgusting. You do not need to use the makeup pallet I do. Different coloured lipsticks will do exactly the same thing You could technically even use face…

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Thranduil Crown DIY

And it’s here! Sorry for the delay, believe it or not this is very easy to make, time consuming, but easy. All you need is wire, a glue gun (no surprises there), two cans of spray paint and a few pine branches. I know, I know…I used a glue gun…again! I hope you like it,…

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Thranduil Makeup

Don’t worry I’ve not forgotten about my Disney series, but as those of you who watch me a lot know I like to break my series up a little, and today I’m breaking it up with a Thranduil tutorial. I’ve collaborated with MAKE to make a DIY for the crown for this MAKE haven’t uploaded…

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Real Life Disney: Merida

This look reminded me why I want to keep my hair short. I just far too lazy to maintain long hair, but I’ll admit it was nice to feel like I had long hair again, even if it was just for a few hours. This look is ridiculously simple and quick to do, it’s all about…

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Cherry Blossom Makeup

 A few months ago I made these petal false lashes for a cherry blossom look I wanted to do. Now that I’ve tried them out I need to figure out a way to make them so that they’re slightly more more flexible, but I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. Yes I know…more rhinestones….

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Four Horsemen: Death

Now that I’ve started to get into the habit of doing makeup series I’ve noticed I get so, so happy when I finally reach the end of one of them. I shouldn’t really be happy about finishing this one because the next one is going to take a stupid amount of work to get it…

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Snow Fairy

I was going to call this look Winter is Coming, but I was a little worried some people wouldn’t get the reference and others would complain that “that isn’t a sean bean look!”. So winter fairy it was! The berry crown was easy, it’s just a few branches and wire wound together, that’s it! Simple. Originally…

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