Stars Fly Music Video Makeup

Klaire Makeup

If you didn’t already know my band Malumi released our new single Stars fly this week, we’ve been working on our new (and first) album this year, and Stars Fly is our first single release from what will be the Monsters and Fireflies album. You can see the music video here If you’ve been following […]

The Zodiacs: Aries

Close Up of Aires Makeup

Yes, I made another pair of horns. I think by this time next week, after I’ve uploaded the tutorial for this on my second channel, I’ll had done three different tutorials on how to make horns. This one has to be my strangest one yet though, I use old shopping bags and garden wire, yes, […]

Real Life Disney: Cruella de Vil

Cruella de Vil 101 Dalmations

I just had to make a few changes to this version of Cruella for my next addition to the Real Life Disney series. Apart from the fact that nothing is going to give me the kind of cheekbones Cruella sports in the cartoon, except for Malificent style prosthetics, I personally imagined Cruella with a little […]

The Alien

Back from Space

A few days Sebastien sent me this beautiful painting he had done for me and it gave me an idea for an alien makeup tutorial. I have done one of these before but this one I wanted to be a little more colourful. Here’s a link to my previous alien tutorial¬† Of course once I […]