Real Life Disney: Snow White

Fancy an apple? Look no. 3 for my real life disney series is Snow White! I know, I know, it’s a really really simple look but unfortunately with most of these looks the makeup is really simple. This looks is perfect for everyday wearable makeup  If the red lipstick is a little too intense for…

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Special Effects: Maggot Infection

I was really hoping to do a makeup tutorial this week, but my eye infection still hasn’t gone down so I though I’d settle for something simple and disgusting. You do not need to use the makeup pallet I do. Different coloured lipsticks will do exactly the same thing You could technically even use face…

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Thranduil Crown DIY

And it’s here! Sorry for the delay, believe it or not this is very easy to make, time consuming, but easy. All you need is wire, a glue gun (no surprises there), two cans of spray paint and a few pine branches. I know, I know…I used a glue gun…again! I hope you like it,…

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Thranduil Makeup

Don’t worry I’ve not forgotten about my Disney series, but as those of you who watch me a lot know I like to break my series up a little, and today I’m breaking it up with a Thranduil tutorial. I’ve collaborated with MAKE to make a DIY for the crown for this MAKE haven’t uploaded…

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Real Life Disney: Merida

This look reminded me why I want to keep my hair short. I just far too lazy to maintain long hair, but I’ll admit it was nice to feel like I had long hair again, even if it was just for a few hours. This look is ridiculously simple and quick to do, it’s all about…

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Cherry Blossom Makeup

 A few months ago I made these petal false lashes for a cherry blossom look I wanted to do. Now that I’ve tried them out I need to figure out a way to make them so that they’re slightly more more flexible, but I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. Yes I know…more rhinestones….

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Four Horsemen: Death

Now that I’ve started to get into the habit of doing makeup series I’ve noticed I get so, so happy when I finally reach the end of one of them. I shouldn’t really be happy about finishing this one because the next one is going to take a stupid amount of work to get it…

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Snow Fairy

I was going to call this look Winter is Coming, but I was a little worried some people wouldn’t get the reference and others would complain that “that isn’t a sean bean look!”. So winter fairy it was! The berry crown was easy, it’s just a few branches and wire wound together, that’s it! Simple. Originally…

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Four Horsemen: Famine

I really do love doing ‘ugly’ looks. They’re so fun to do! Of course this isn’t the kind of look you’d wear to meet your boyfriends parents but for anyone in the theatre or if you’re into body painting you I think this one is right up your alley. I got the idea for this…

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Ghost of Christmas Present

Of course the minute I’d finished editing and uploading this I realised…*sigh*…that it really is a variation of the Christmas look I did last year. I seem to have this thing where I go for gold and green each christmas. So…yea, sorry about that! :/ This kind of look is not for anywhere with harsh…

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