TOAM: The Hobbit

*TOAM : Thoughts on a Movie

I think a lot of you know how much I loved Lord of the Rings (lets see how many of you remember that huge Lord of the Rings poster I had in the background of my old videos). I think for a lot of people Disney films represented their childhood, for me films like Star Wars (the original trilogy) and books like the Hobbit represent my childhood so you can imagine how excited I was to see this.

Man it did not dissapoint! I think if they’d had a camera watching my face the whole time I’d have just looked like a little kid with their mouth hanging open staring at the screen.

I think some aspects of the film will annoy people because they did include some characters such as Radagast the brown(and create some) which were not in the book at all, but to be honest I didn’t mind that. Given that I’ve read and re-read that book since I was little it would have gotten a bit borring if they’d stuck to the exact storyline , also I didn’t feel that they made outrageous changes and really did try and keep to the spirit of the book.

Overall (not that I ever doubted that he would do anything short of an amazing job) but well done Peter Jackson! I’m really hoping that after The Hobbit Peter Jackson seriously considers make a film (or several) of The Silmarillion, or to be more precise cover the story of Beren and Luthien.

Oh and while we’re on the subject of Peter Jackson check out these awesome vlogs videos he did for The Hobbit.

Thoughts on a Movie: Total Recall

First things first, I haven’t seen the original and I think that’s why I liked this film.

The general consensus seems to be that this is the poor man’s substitute of the original, but given that I’d never seen the original and I didn’t have the original version to compare it to, I quite liked it.

I think people’s main beef with this film is that they were expecting an “up-to-date” version of the original and where instead presented with a film which, while it has similarities to the original, is pretty much a different story completely.

What I loved…

Loved the action scenes in this film! Fast, exciting and the special effects were impressive. The story-line I quite liked too, even though it felt like they could maybe have cut down just a little bit on so many action scenes and maybe elaborated on some elements of the story more.


Selene I love you…just not in this film.

Kate Beckinsale’s character, Lori, just annoyed me to be honest. When she was fighting it was cool, but half the time I was thinking “Woman just tie your hair up already so you can stop flicking it out of your face!” and the rest I just felt like her character was an ex model who took every opportunity to pout, flout and glare at the camera.

I really wish they’d elaborated more on the story!

We’re told so much about who Douglas Quaid/Karl Hauser used to be, but at the same time told almost nothing at all. For example how did he meet his love interest Melina who convinced him to defect to the Resistance? Hammond, more information about this character please?!

The backgrounds and scenery obviously took so much time to build and create, I really wanted them to just explore it more.

Lori? Why does she seem to have this personal obsession with killing Douglas Quaid/Karl Hauser? Does she resent the fact he’s considered the world’s best agent? Does she hate him for betraying his allegiance to the United Federation of Britain? Did he kill her mother in another life? To quote the Nostalgia Critic…explain movie, explain!


Overall I liked it, sure there where parts which I wasn’t head over heels about but to be honest this isn’t a bad movie.

Don’t expect it to be some mind twisting omg-I-didn’t-see-that-coming film. It’s simply a visually impressive action packed film which had it been named differently and not marketed as a re-make of a cult classic I think it would have generally been received well.

TOAM: Snow White and the Huntsman

* TOAM= Thoughts On A Movie

I’ve been looking forward to this film for a while now! I absolutely love it when people take old fairy takes and “un-disneyfy” them and make them dark and gritty. Plus Charlize Theron as the bad guy…I just had to watch that!

Charlize Theron plays queen Ravena who manages to enchant her way into marrying the King (Snow White’s father) and killing him on their wedding night and taking control of the kingdom.

Theron was absolutely awesome as the evil queen, a tad bit too scream happy at parts but I loved her! The ultra cool bad guy who you’re just not sure what she is going to do next and the costumes were pretty awesome too.

The thing that let the whole movie down I thought was picking Kirsten Stewart to play Snow White. Just a bad, bad, decision! I felt like I was watching twilight again but with Bella swan in a dress with a sword.

It is the same awkward breathing, slow stares and staring at the camera with her eyes welling up with tears. I was just 20 minutes into the movie and I was already thinking “why did you pick Kirsten Stewart!”

Chris Hemsworth I thought was good as the huntsman but the character I liked the most (aside from Charlize Theron) was the Prince played by Sam Clafin. I just wish they’d explored his character more. Since he’d thought he’d lost his childhood sweetheart Snow White, he’d turned into a kick-ass queen-hating fighter who I think could compete with Legolas in archery.

You can tell he still really loves Snow White and regrets having left her all those years ago, but he also realizes that Snow White loves the Huntsman and dose not question it. There’s no “she’s mine!” fights between the two it’s all just a bit too mellow.

Overall I think the film was just a bit too long with scenic shots which were just un-necessary, when they could have explored so much more of the characters like the Prince and the Dwarfs.

And the ending just plain annoyed me. Snow quite kills the evil queen and gets crowed, que slow stares at the camera and teary eyes for no apparent reason and then boom, the end! We don’t know what happens with the huntsman or the prince, nothing.

As usual the girls get a wimpy heroine. Ugh!


This really makes me sound like I hated the movie. To be fair I didn’t, some parts of it were awesome. The queen, the costumes and the backgrounds are what made this movie. But it just felt like they could have done so much more with it and didn’t.

Thoughts on a Movie: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

There aren’t that many films that I watch and think “Wow that was good!!”, this was one of those movies.

To be honest when I first heard that they were filming another Planet of the apes movie I was really expecting it to be awful. I didn’t like the Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2001) at all, and just felt like they should leave the original films alone.

The only thing that really made we watch this version was the fact that Andy Serkis and James Franco were staring in it and Weta Digital were doing the effects.


What I loved about it was how much it paid tribute to the original moves, the part were Cesar yells “No!”……goosebumps!

They some how managed to write a story which could be a completely new start to the series, while still paying tribute to the original moves.

The acting was fantastic, Serkis was phenomenal as usual, and while we’re on the topic of the acting…the film did kind of make me wonder what Tom Felton would be like acting as a good guy.

Seeing him with a tan was weird enough, but I kept half expecting him to pull out a wand and start dueling with Cesar…hehe…it’s only a matter of time till someone dose a spoof of that now on You Tube.