Recent Empties

Really this should be titled a every-six-months empties because I really don’t go through products fast enough for it to be monthly. Quite a few of these are gong to be re-purchases, especially the Body Shot Pomegranate and Raspberry room spray (which personally I use as a body spray).

Lush: Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water 

Originally the whole “toner” term put me off this products. But I ended up buying this on a whim and it’s become a must have in my skin care routine. In the mornings I don’t like to wash my face. Since I live in the south of England the water is very heavy hear and it leaves my skin so dry! Instead in the morning I just spray a little of this on a cotton ball and clean my face with that instead. Leaves my skin feeling so fresh and clean!

The Body Shop Love exc. 

Love this one one but don’t think I’ll be re-purchasing it. The smell only lasts for about 4-5 hours and I still haven’t found a perfume which I absolutely adore. The search for “my” perfume continues!

 Matalan Jar Candle

I bough 3 of these a few months ago and so far I have finished 2 of them. A bit like my perfumes I like to experiment, these were nice (I do wish they had been a bit more fragranced) but I really like to try new things so these probably wont be a re-purchase. Not to mention the shape makes it a bit of a pain in the neck to DIY. 

Barry M Clear Nail Varnish 

I think this is the 3rd bottle I’ve gone through this year. I have tried clear nail varnishes from other brands but honestly, I keep going back to this one (or rather this brand). It last ages and when you put it over a nail varnish which chips easily it makes it last so much longer.

The Body Shop Pomegranate and Rasberry room and linen spritz

Adore this one! Pretty much anything pomegranate I am an absolute sucker for. I also have the home fragrence oil of this one and so far I have finished three bottles, it’s just one of those smells that no matter how stressed I can, calm me right down and put things back into perspective. One downside of this one though is the smell doesn’t last long, I used it as a body spray most of the time and after 3 hours you have to spray it again, so not too great on the long lashing side. But I can’t help it, adore the smell!

So those are my current empties…maybe this time next year I’ll have another post for you haha :D

Review: The Body Shop Home Fragrance Oils

I love things that smell nice. I have a wee bit of an obsession with always having a candle burning when I’m working but my big BIG obsession is essential oils and fragrance oils. I love mixing them according to my mood and how I want to feel.

For example if I’m feeling a bit sluggish I love to have a mixture of pine, mint and ylang-ylang, and if I want to feel a bit more laid back I love mixing strawberry, bluebells and sandalwood.

The Body Shop had a sale a while back at my local store so I managed to snap most of their home fragrance oils to add to my collection which I was over the moon about.

Apparently with these oils you’re meant to put them directly into the oil burner without putting water first, and quite frankly it’s a horrible suggestion. I always put water first and then a few drops of the oils on tops as some of the oils (Vanilla and Tonka Bean I’m looking at you) have a tendency to stain the oil burner a red-y brow colour which is impossible to get rid of.


  • £3.50
  • Cruelty-free
  • 10 ml
  • Made in the USA
  • All have safety caps

Not to mention some of the oils after a few minutes just smell burnt instead of fresh. Not a nice smell. Just go ahead and put water first, it lasts longer and smells nicer.

  • Pomegranate and Raspberry: Love this one! My favorite out off all the Body Shop fragrance oils, I’ve already gone through two bottles of these. A colourful, light (well light as far as oils go) summer fruit smell.
  • Vanilla and Tonka Bean: Not too fond of this one. Quite a heavy creamy smell that makes me think of being cuddled to death by and over-sized teddy bear, quite a mature smell.
  • Sandalwood and Ginger: Bit of a weird description, but I’d describe this as the addorable less over-powering cousin of Vanilla and Tonka Bean. A soft spicy wooden smell, perfects for a relaxing late night bath (with candles!)

  • Jasmine and White Frangipani: A really soft floral smell, so exactly the kind of thing I love, it also contains Ylang-Ylang. Makes me think of a tropical late night romantic dinner.
  • Exotic Home Fragrance oil: Mmmm! This one is lovely! It could be my nose playing up but to me it smells quite strongly of watermelon. Every time I have this one burning I imagine a freshly cut watermelon in the sun.
  • White Musk: First impressions, a bit of a floral old lady smell. Not my kind of smell really.
  • Aloe & Soft Linen: This is my “I’m-super-stressed-and-I-need-to-calm-down” smell. Really, really relaxing. It’s a light and uplifting (makes me feel a bit light-headed) fresh smell with an ever so faint tint of orange-blossom.

You can buy these at a local Body Shop store, online here or from a seller on amazon here (**) that I found a few days ago that sells them for £2 instead of the original £3.50! Now it only I’d found that seller a few months ago…..

What’s your favorite kind of smell?

Review: Limited Eddition Body Shop Eau de Toilette

It just ocoured to me that all my perfume related posts must look quite boring seeing as they’re mostly Body Shop perfumes, but what can I say, I have an addiction! :)

These three are the new, limited edition Eau de Toilette’s from The Body Shop and I love them! Even the white musk one is lovely and usually I’m not a fan of White Musk, I find it a bit too overwhelming but this one I like.

All of the bottle shapes are the same as previous or current bottle designs that The Body Shop use, so nothing spectacular about the shape of the bottles but I’ll admit the thing that drew me to them was the gradient colours. I’m a total sucker for gradients!

I’m not terribly good at describing smells as my nose isn’t one of the best but I will do my best.

 Sun Kiss Eau de Toilette: White Musk Sun Glow

Generally I’m not a fan of musk, I tend to find it a bit over whelming and just a bit stuffy but this mix works.

“This summery fragrance is a blend of peony, soft peach notes and a shot of zesty lemon. It is elegant, seductive and feminine. Perfumer Domitille Bertier says, “I brought a joyful and luminous touch to this iconic musk by adding a zing of lemon and a dash of amber”

Personally this is the kind of perfume/eua de Toilette that I would wear in the evening. I suspect that the smell will appeal to women in their late teens and early twenties and it’s the kind of thing I can image someone wearing on holiday, at a late night party in a hot country.

This isn’t the kind of thing I would wear if I was going to the pub or out cubing, the smell lasts only about 4-5 hours and in a “energetic” setting I suspect it would last a lot less time.

I like all three of these but out of the three this is probably my least favorite.

Dreams Unlimited: Sun Fresh eau de toilette

Love this one! This is my kind of smell!

“This summery fragrance is a blend of neroli blossom and refreshing watermelon notes. It is vibrant, energizing and as refreshing as a splash in the ocean. Perfumer Loc Dong says, “I added freshness with sea spray and fruity watermelon for an unexpected fragrance fusion.”

The smell that is the most strong is the watermelon but it’s not a “sticky-sweet” smell. This one makes me think of walks on the beach at sunset in Greece. (I’ve never been to Greece but this is what the smell makes me think of).

LOVE etc… Sun Kiss eau de toilette

“This summery fragrance is a blend of jasmine and fresh nectarine notes. It is deliciously light, upbeat and cheeky. Perfumer Dominique Ropion says, “I used nectarine with an unexpected solar accord, perfectly embodying the scent of summertime.”

Jasmine is one of my favorite smells so it really wasn’t much of a surprise that I liked this one. Not much to say really, I love it! This one I’ve gotten really addicted to wearing when I go out as it’s quite a fun smell and is small enough to fit really snugly in my handbag.

I’m not picky about many things but always having a perfume or eau de toilette in my handbag is a must.

These are all limited edition (sadly) from The Body Shop and all three of them cost £15, but they seem to be having sales every few weeks so if you keep an eye out you can probably get them for a lower price. You can buy them here.