TAD: Nail Wrap Designs

TAD: The Art Diaries

Over the past few months I’ve been hired as a consultant for a company called Lazy Nails to help them develop their ideas for their, logo, packaging, UV nail varnishes and nail wraps, and on a side note I’m so proud of how the nail wrap packaging turned out!

Once I’ve finally finished making the armour for Conquest I’d like to have nails that go with it, so I started drawing these

Recently they released a nail wrap product where you can have what ever design you want printed as nails wraps, which I thought I’d take advantage of. I thought, while I’m at it, I might as well do a few more designs and then possibly do a mini giveaway giving away the ones you guys liked the most. Would be quite a nice way to giveaway something a little more personal.

The first thing I did is draw out the nails shape. I drew them much bigger than your actual nail size would be so I had more space to work with, and so the final wrap would be more detailed.

Once I’d drawn out the shape of the nails, I sketched out the designs on tracing paper before transferring them onto the card

As usual I used my trusty automatic pencil(**) to sketch out the design. Once I’d traced the original design I changed a few things, especially for the butterfly nails, but overall they stayed the same.

Here’s a little tip: If your trying to bend out inks a wet cotton bud is amazing!

Note that it shouldn’t be dripping wet or you’ll risk too much water making the design bleed. It’s also really great for ‘lifting’ areas where you might have applied too much of a colour and want to remove some ink, except in that case the the bud should be slightly damp to allow it to absorb ink.

The main thing I used for these are the Winsdor and Newton inks (**), Staedtler fine liners (**) and a black fine tip liner (**). If you want to see more about my art collection here is my video about it since I always get tones of questions about it.

Even though they’re so small in total these took me about 5 hours to do 

Quite excited to see what they look like once I get them printed. Though I drew the sword nail wrap with Conquest in mind I think I’m going to use the black and gold design instead, personally I think it looks much more striking and ornate, which is exactly what I’m going for.

So those are the finished desings! :D Not sure when I’ll be doing the min giveaway for them, but either way as soon as they’re printed I think I’ll be selling the original card I drew them on as soon as I’ve found a A6  fame for them.

Which is your favourite?

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TAD: Sloth

TAD: The Art Diaries

Most of you probably know I’m working on a seven deadly sins series on You Tube. I’ve already figured out how I want the characters to look (more or less) but I also really want to get a drawing done of all of them too.

This is the part where I really wish I could do digital drawing to really be able to achieve the image I have in my head, but maybe when I next get the chance to go on holiday I might get around to teaching myself.

Not to mention I haven’t really been able to just sit down and draw in the last few weeks, and it was lovely to be able to just switch off and focus on drawing something. There’s nothing better than drawing, apart from singing, to just clear your head and relax (for me personally).

I drew this on an A3 paper

I’m really fond of pencil drawings and my favorite way is to use just a mechanical pencil (**), blending stumps (**) and clay shapers (**).

I’m really hoping to do water colour, ink or charcoal versions of this at some point but for the moment I’ll just stick to pencil.

In total this drawing took around 10 hours to draw

It’s quite funny how at first this drawing started out looking quite innocent but then started getting gradually creepier. I got a lot of comments about the spider so I thought I’d take a minute to explain the whole concept behind this character.

The first thing I did when brain storming for this was to make a list of all the things that made me think of Sloth. Sloth simply defined is the sin of laziness but there is a little more to it than that.

Sloth can also indicate a wasting due to lack of use, concerning a person, place, thing, skill, or intangible ideal that would require maintenance

The route I wanted to take with this one was taking something that once could have been vibrant and energetic, but over time, because of lack of use, became dirty and infested with animals that habitate in unused places, hence the snails, spiders (and as you’ve seen from my Instagram) the woodlice for the nails.

I was thinking of making a crown for each of these looks, but they’re probably going to end up being more like head pieces. For Sloth I want to make one made of a Spiders nests filled with dirt, dead flies and snails.

Don’t know why the hell I’ve included the spiders since those things scare the living daylights out of me. I never understand why people are scared of mice, I think they look adorable (though maybe not great house mates) but spieders….ugh! That horrible way they move gives me the shivers. Now snakes on the other hand…beautiful animals!

So this is the finished piece! Now to see how long it takes me to get the rest of the Seven Deadly Sins drawn….

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TAD: Queen of Hearts

(*TAD= The Art Diaries)

Quite pleased that lately I’ve managed to really make a dent into looks I’ve had listed down to do for ages, I’ve been planning on doing a queen of heart makeup look for well over a year now, and I’ve had this prop sketch in my work book for about 5 months.

The sad thing is I must have spent about 20 minutes searching for my original sketch, I have about 4 different sketchbook (each one on a different topic, for example You Tube looks/prop design then the others are each for seperate personal projects) but like a genius I haven’t marked any of them and they’re all the same sized black notebook.

“It’s just so much more relaxing to photograph it through the various stages and blog about it instead”

I was thinking of filming the whole process but to be honest I really hate filming anything that isn’t going to be a tutorial, when I work I don’t like having the stress of thinking about camera angles, lighting and wether or not my work is in focus.

First thing I did is traced the features of the original sketch that I liked onto water colour card before cutting out the card shape and changing the fatures I didn’t like. I left out drawing what the hands were going to look like till they were the last things I had to paint just because I really didn’t like the original way I had drawn them and didn’t have a clear image in my head till that point.

What I used:

I started off with the water colour pencils, coloured in the corners of the card in the colours I wanted before blending it out with a wet paint brush.

I ended up hardly using the colouring pencils (except for that egg blue you can see on the right side of the card) I absolutely love working with watercolours and it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to use them so I went a bit mental with them.

Annoyingly though I only noticed that I drew the Red Queen’s hand the wrong way around once I’d finished painting her hand.

One of my favorite ways to work is to clip my water colour paints at the end of my clip board and just curl up in a chair with a film on in the corner. I can’t work in silence, it’s one of those things that drive me mad! I have to had either music playing in the background (if some of you remember my old makeup videos that’s why I always wore headphones) or a film I’ve already watched on.

Overall I was really pleased with the red queen (the dagger one) but really unhappy with the white queen. I think I re-painted her face about 3 times before I finally got it looking roughly how I wanted it to look.

 The funny thing though is that in the original sketch it was the other way around. No problem drawing the white queen but the red queen gave me no end of hassle.

Should be using this either in the pictures of my Queen of Hearts look or the intro, or both :)

The Art Diaries: The Miner

In keeping with my new years resolution of doing more art work I wanted to chuck myself into an area outside my comfort zone and play with some oil paints. Long story short, I HATE oil paints. When I work I tend to just work on it for hours on end till it’s finished, I don’t like leaving something and them coming back to it later because by that point I can already see the faults and want to burn it.

Typically my favorite mediums are watercolour, acrylic, inks, pencil and charcoal. Oils, along with pastels, are just not my cup of tea. Not to mention the fact I’ve only really worked with them about 3-4 times. Need to practice more.

But I had to wait for my computer to get returned today, (it’s finally fixed!) and had already used up all the space on my SD cards filming an Ice Queen Crown for tomorrow, so I decided to do some painting while I waited.

First thing I did it take a picture of myself to get the pose right, (the oh-so-sexy overall included) and get the light behind me right so I would have an idea how it would fall on the overall.

I’m already having “ugh I hate it moments” but I’m going to do my best to finish this one, even if I mess it up which I probably will.

For the moment I’ve just done the background and her overalls, I’m a little bit terrified about working on her skin. With pencils or acrylic it wouldn’t be a problem, but for me typically with oils this is where the whole thing falls appart.

I have no idea why it’s showing up as red, the actual painting is using yellows and browns but yea….thanks for that camera. Lets see if this one turns out ok or ends up being painted over and re-used. Either way, at least I’ll have practiced some more and gotten more use out of my poor abandoned oil paints.