Review: Sugarpill Cold Chemistry

Disclaimer: Item provided for review

Sugarpill is one of those brands that I strait up love. I’ve tried so many different brands, and none of them have come even close to the quality that Sugarpill has (with the exeption of Illamasqua), but even then as far as size of the product and affordability, again, I prefer Sugarpill.

The eyeshadows are like touching velvet. Soft, so pigmented and the glitter doesn’t fall off after application

One of the biggest signs of a bad quality eyeshadow is when, once swatched, the glitter just falling off. Not the case with these as you can see from the swatches.

I’ve been trying to think of a way to show the swatches in a different way, I don’t know how to make gifs and I’m not terribly fond of doing video reviews, so instead I thought I’d show you video swatches through my Instagram here.


  • Made in California
  • Cruelty Free
  • Large pans
  • £24. 95 (if bought from the UK)
  • $34.00 (if bought in the US)
I might end up doing this a lot with any future swatches, it seems like a good way to be able to really show accurately how the swatches look in real life. Especially for anything with glitter which can get a bit lost in photographs.

Above you can see the swatches I look, each line was done with just two swipes and without using primer. I’m not going to pretend to be shocked, it’s Sugarpill! Apart from their amazing packaging they’re known for being ridiculously pigmented.

 This time the packaging isn’t as heavy as the Burning Heart and Heart Breaker palettes 

Those pallets are sturdy, but they really add to the weight of your kit if you took them to use in a shoot, or even just traveling in general.  That did save my Burning Heart palette from getting destroyed once, but I’m quite happy that this one is much lighter.

I never really have anything bad to say about Sugarpill, which makes me feel a little bad, since I need to point out the pro’s and con’s, but they’re just that good! I can’t really think of any cons :/

You can buy these here (UK) or here (US) 

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Queen of Hearts

It seemed a bit appropriate to do a Queen of Hearts look soon after St. Valentines day. I was planning on getting this one done for Valentines day but I had a red/swollen eye for the past 3 days (nobody want’s to see that up close in HD, so I had to film and edit everything today which is why this video is a little late. Sorry! :/

I will have a template for the mask soon

I will be doing a video (and have a down-loadable template here one the blog) for the mask at some point. I was thinking of including it in this video but I have one more mask I want to make before I give out the template.

I always seem to end up doing some kind of self critieque in these blog posts. Recently I seem to have taken a bit of a diary-esque approach to some of my blog posts but hey, that’s how you improve so I’m just going to say it. I really don’t like the pictures I took for this look.

Normally I take the pictures and edit them over 2-3 days, gives me time to look at the pictures, think of the theme I want to go for, the style I want to experiment with exc. but since I only had today I ended up going for, quite frankly, borring pictures. Not chuffed with the pictures :/

Hope you like the video :)

I’m back! :D New video and plans…

*Happy dance* I’m back!

I was hoping to do a much more dramatic video for my first upload in over two months but it’s taking me a lot more time than I planned to make all the props I need for that tutorial so I had to upload a far less spectacular tutorial.

But don’t worry, that tutorial will still be uploaded!

Seeing as everyone liked it so much in my previous blog posts when I showed how the makeup would look with different eye colours I’ll still be doing that.

And the lovely thing about this look is that if the mint green dosn’t work with your eye colour you can just swap it with a colour that does!

So what are my plans for videos now?

Well…I will be uploading regularly now, on my KlairedelysArt channel it will be once a week on a Friday and then pretty much randomly on my Klairedelysdotcom channel but generally for that channel I’d like to keep it to the beginning of the week.


Yes I have a second channel! What’s it for? Mainly for reviews (I’m not a fan of mixing tutorials with reviews in my channel as they tend to appeal to different people), How-I-Made/Painted-That videos, tutorials which are not makeup related such as DIY beauty and just random stuff.

Keep an eye out on that channel cause you know that present I’ve mentioned a few times that I was making for ALL of you? Well the video for that will be uploaded on that channel.

As I’m sure I’m going to get flooded with questions about THOSE wing earrings these are the gorgeous pair of earrings I bought from the lovely Aranwen. You can buy them here.

Oh and Aranwen was kind enough to give me a code to get a 10% discount for you guys, so if you any of you are planning on buying one of her pieces don’t forget to use the code KLAIRE10 at the checkout.

And I hope you like the video :D


Review: MUA Eyeshadows

As I’m sure a lot of you know a new line of cosmetics were released in Superdrug a few months ago.

I bought some of the MUA (Make Up Academy) cosmetics pretty much a few days after they first came out as there was quite a lot of hype about them and I can happily say they live up to the hype.


  • Any product from MUA only costs £1
  • VERY pigmented
  • Good range of colours

These eye shadows are very, very pigmented.

Are they they as pigmented as the Surgarpill eye shadows? No they are not, but they are a lot more pigmented than other brands I’ve tried. To give you an idea of how pigmented they are I’d say they almost tie with the Sleek eye shadows which are very close to Sugarpill quality.

They have a satin feel to them, they’re not powdery at all.

One problem with them is that they’re very loosely pressed, if you drop these they will pop but because of the shape it’s easy enough to mend.

And sorry to bring up the comparison to Sugarpill again but in terms of size they are pretty much the same size as Sugarpil.

All the swatches above were done with one swipe (except for the black which was two swipes).

The colours I chose were the more matte but they do have pearlescent colours, I personally prefer more matte colours but some off you might prefer the pearl ones. They are slightly more sheer than the matte colours but still very pigmented.


  • Very good quality
  • Excellent price!
  • Good range of colours
  • Cruelty free


  • Loosely pressed
  • The pearlescent colours can be quite sheer

You can get the MUA eye shadows in Superdrug or online at :