Review: Sleek Makeup Lip 4

Disclaimer: Items provided for review

I’m not really the best person to review lip paletts given that usually I’m not a fan of them. There’s always that one colour you end up using before the others, and that one colour that you just don’t like, and it’s not exactly like you can buy individual re-fills.

Sleek really seem to have a thing for quads and trios lately

That being said, I’m going to try to keep my preferences to the side and review these as best I can, in their defence they really did pick some beautiful colours! Those reds especially!

A bit of an odd thing to comment on, but I’m really glad they decided to go with the full mirror. I hate it when compacts like this have this teeny-weeny mirror that could fit on your fingernail (an exageration I know but you get my point).


  • £8.99
  • 5.4g 
  • Cruelty-free
  • Stain a little
  • Some are slightly drying
I found all of the shades, though very pigmented, to be a little drying and they do stain. Each shade also has a slightly different texture. Most of them are creamy, but some  are drier than others and then there are two shades (the fushia bellow and the beige colour in the Havanna palette) which are extremely gloopy, almost lipgloss textures.

Lipstick quad in Showgirl

I had a little bit of a heart attack when I was swatching the havana pallet. I’d already swatched the dark red colour, and assuming that the beige colour would be the same consistency I almost drowned my finger in it.

It’s funny because this palette looks like it has very brown colours in real life, but when you actually swatch it and have it under any kind of bright lights you realise two of the shades have very red undertones.

Lipstick quad in Havana

The next palette (Siren) is a selection of a bright red, coral, beige-orange and a bright orange (which for some reason looks light a bright red in the picture bellow). The orange shade is a much drier texture than the rest of the colours in the pallet, the bright red colour being very creamy in comparision.

Lipstick quad in  Siren

As much as I am not fond of lipstick palettes I have to admit these are very pigmented, and I’m sure some people are the polar oposite to me and love lipstick palettes. The packaging is sturdy, and as I’ve already mentioned, I love the fact they have a full sized mirror.

Though one thing than I’m not too happy about, is it just me or are Sleek been raising their prices quite considerably over the last year and a half?

You can get these there

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Review: Sleek True Colour Lipsticks

Disclaimer: Items provided for review. 

My two favorites lipstick brands are MUA and Sleek as you’ve seen from me constantly pulling them out to use in my tutorials, Mulberry being the most used of all of them. About a week ago Sleek sent me these three shades so I was pretty excited to see how they held up.

“Get high impact lips with our vitamin E enriched lipstick in a selection of matte and sheen finishes”

I was sent three of the new additions to the True Colour range to try out. Tangerine Scream, Russian Roulette and Loved Up.

For all you lovers of matte lipstick there is Russian Roulette (the dark red). Like most matte lipsticks I’ve tried this one can be a bit thick and dry when applying. While Loved Up and Tangerine Scream are sheen lip glosses and extremely creamy,  Russian Roulette has a thicker and drier consistency.


  • £4.99
  • Matte and sheen finishes 
  • Cruelty-free
  • 3.5g
  • Contains Vitamin E
  • Lasts 4-6 hours if you’re not eating/drinking
Unlike the other two where one swipe covers everything,  Russian Roulette you have to swipe a few times to get perfect coverage because of the dryer consistency. It’s still extremely pigmented, (not to mention a gorgeous shade of deep red!) but you will have to work with it a bit more.
Once it’s on your lips though I didn’t really find it drying, I assume that was the vitamin e kicking in there. Cheers sleek! I HATE it when lipstick dries my lips out.

I don’t really have much to say about these lipsticks other than they’re a lovely new addition to the 20 shades Sleek Makeup already had in the True Colour range. The Orange colour I probably won’t be using any time soon as against my skin tone it makes me jaundiced but I might start trying to mix it with a few other lipsticks to get a new shade?…..hummm;)

You can get the lipsticks in store or online. 

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Queen of Hearts

It seemed a bit appropriate to do a Queen of Hearts look soon after St. Valentines day. I was planning on getting this one done for Valentines day but I had a red/swollen eye for the past 3 days (nobody want’s to see that up close in HD, so I had to film and edit everything today which is why this video is a little late. Sorry! :/

I will have a template for the mask soon

I will be doing a video (and have a down-loadable template here one the blog) for the mask at some point. I was thinking of including it in this video but I have one more mask I want to make before I give out the template.

I always seem to end up doing some kind of self critieque in these blog posts. Recently I seem to have taken a bit of a diary-esque approach to some of my blog posts but hey, that’s how you improve so I’m just going to say it. I really don’t like the pictures I took for this look.

Normally I take the pictures and edit them over 2-3 days, gives me time to look at the pictures, think of the theme I want to go for, the style I want to experiment with exc. but since I only had today I ended up going for, quite frankly, borring pictures. Not chuffed with the pictures :/

Hope you like the video :)

Butterfly Queen

So much colour! :D I’ve had a sketch of this in my sketchpad for well over a year now, so happy to have it off the paper and on film. There will be quite a few tutorials cloging your subscriptions over the next few days because I still need to upload the hairstyle tutorial and how I made the lashes.

“This collaboration was all about Queens, Queens of flowers, birds, aliens, sea, fire and the underworld”

Absolutely over the moon to be collaborating with the amazing Anna Aurthur, Vintage or Tacky, iwanted2c1videoPinkstylistMidnightVampage and BeautifulYouTV. After this tutorial you should have a huge amount of great tutorials to watch :D

Hope you like the video :)

DIY Lashes: Black Tears

Think I’m going to have to think of more ways to make weird lashes, it was so fun making these and I’d really like to push myself further and see what other crazy designs I could come up with. I have a few idea bouncing around in my head but going to let them marinate a little bit before using them in a tutorial.

“Allergic to Latex? Maybe use sculpt gell instead?”

If you’re allergic to latex you could use sculpt gell, unfortunantly this isn’t the cheapest material to use but it would be re-usable (provided you remove and handle it carefully). You could also use lash glue too, except if you’re allergic to latex you probably have an allergy to most lash glues as latex is one of the prime ingredients :/

Hope you like the tutorial :)

Banshee Makeup

And another one knocked off my “Mythical Creatures” list! :D Not entirely sure what creature I want to do next but for the moment here is a banshee.

The idea I had behind this look is I didn’t want a creature that looked pretty or terrifying but rather sad, it can’t be nice to tell people “hey your time is up!” so I decided to make the focus of this look the tears.

“A banshee is a fairy woman from Irish mythology who begins to wail if someone is about to die”

The lashes (or rather the tears) are seriously easy to make! The tutorial for them won’t be going up till Saturday/Sunday but as usual blog followers get a early viewing HERE.

I was seriously considering having black lips at first for this look but in the end I went for this mulberry look and deliberately didn’t really fill in the center of the lower lip so that the effect was similar to the fading you would get if you were biting your lips a lot.

Amazingly I managed to resist the temptation to include glitter in this tutorial. I’m so proud of myself! Haha just kidding ;)

Hope you like the tutorial :)

Review: Sleek Makeup Sparkle 2 Palette

Disclaimer: Item provided for review.

Tis the season to be sparkly so naturally a lot of makeup companies are releasing glitter loaded makeup palettes.  This year Sleek have released another limited edition Christmas palette, and in typical Christmass season fashion it’s glitter heavy.

“Sparkle 2 is the shiny new sequel to its sister Sparkle i-Divine”

It’s almost a shame to chuck the packaging for this one, absolutely love the out of focus shimmer design! (magpie instincts kicking in). As far as the actually palette packaging goes, it’s just the same classic Sleek palette packaging.

I’m not overly fond of glitter eyeshadows, they either tend to have glitter which is too chunky (and seriously uncomfortable) or glitter which either stays on your brush or just blows away the minute you apply it on your eyes. Some of these eyeshadows do have the second problem where the glitter just doesn’t seem to stick which is sad.


  • £7.99
  • Cruelty-free
  • 12 shades
  • Limited edition 

Also while some colours (like the bottom left hand corner color) are velvety I noticed some of the other colour are a bit hard and you have to work with them a bit more. The green shade had this problem which resulted in there being hardly any glitter left once I’d layered it enough.

(all swatches were applied without primer)

Oh yea, and I think I’m doing to try and display the swatches like this from now on, at least for palettes. What do you think of it?

My overall impression of this pallet? The pigmentation is great but the glitter not so great. If you like the look of the actual colours and aren’t looking to get it for the glitter aspect then you’ll love this pallet. If you’re looking for tones of glitter then I’d give this pallet a miss.

Bit of a side note, I’m not too fond of when a whole pallet is glittery since it doesn’t make for a very practical colour selection. I love it when there it’s a nice variety of glittery and mate shades, but then again, seeing as for half of these shades the glitter didn’t really stick anyway from that perspective it is quite a nice Christmas-y selection of colours.

What do you think of this Christmas pallet? Another tempting addition to the makeup collection or a miss?

You can get this pallet in Superdrug or online HERE

Review: Face Front Cosmetics Pressed Eyeshadows

Disclaimer: Items provided for review.

Back when Face Front wrote to me asking if I would like to review their products I did a little bit of research into their products, the main ones everyone seemed to love being the loose pigments.

Now that I think of it I do tend to favor makeup palettes more that single eye shadows, which I suppose dose have it’s drawbacks if I run out of my favorite colour.

I was sent six of the pressed eye shadows. Apricotta, Printed, Light Source (yellow), Silver Dolphin, Unknown Planet (blue/green) and Squeeze Me (Orange).


  • Cruelty Free
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Some are Vegan
  • $12.50 or £8

One gripe I do have is that the Face Front website really don’t take good photos of their products or they photo shop them to death (I suspect it’s the latter) because when I compared the colours they sent me to what they looked like on the website if it wasn’t for the names I would have thought that they were completely different colours.

(All swatches were without primer and in one swipe)

So above you can see my swatches. One thing I’ve noticed over the past few months is that depending on how you swatch something (for example with primer, without primer, with your fingers or a brush) really changes how the swatches look.

Really good makeup is picked up well by the brush and applies better so I though my new method of showing swatches would really put the makeup to the test.

I’m not too fond of the packaging for these eye shadows over all, the way the logo is stuck on a sticker is a minor detail but the thing that really bugged me is that the packaging makes you think you’re getting a large amount of product, when in fact you’re getting a regular sized pan.

That could be because aesthetically FaceFront wanted the packaging to look like the loose pigments but it feels a bit like cheating.

This kind of sounds a bit negative but it’s not meant to, the eye shadows aren’t bad at all, some (like the Silver shade) are bad but the other sades are quite nice. Some, like the eye shadows above, I do like, the black is quite nicely pigmented and the apricot colour is perfect for a bridal look so those two might sneak their way into one of my videos.

You can but these (in the US) here

And in the UK here

Gothic Doll

I was asked to do a Gothic Doll look ages ago and several times, I wanted to one without the eye-enlargening lenses (I’ll do one of those later) and something which was slightly cartoonish without being too over the top.

My main insperation came from this photo:

I think it was almost a year ago one of you asked me to do this look so I’m happy that I finally got one requested look done (one down a couple o’ hundred to go).

Enjoy the tutorial :)

Review: Sleek and PPQ Shangri-La Collection

Disclaimer: Items provided for review.

I was quite happy to see an Autumn pallet wasn’t the usual hash of dark colours and browns, just because it’s autum/winter doesn’t mean we can’t have some bright cheerful colours too. This year Sleek Makeup have teamed up with PPQ again to release to palettes, Respect (the one I’m reviewing) and Supreme.

“Inspired by classic Motown sound, the collection echoes a retro, urban vibe, channelling glamorous 60’s style”

This time the collaboration collection includes two pallets and a lip gloss with each pallet. With the “Respect” pallet you get a pillar box matte red lipgloss in a 5ml bottle.

Just a little something I noticed, Sleek have been slowly raising their prices haven’t they? Last year their pallets were only £6/£6.50…why the sudden price just in just a year?


  • Limited edition
  • £7.99 for the palettes
  • £4.99 for the lip glosses
  • Cruelty-Free

I realize that companies need to make money but I like to believe that Sleek Makeup is associated with quality AND affordability, at this rate they’re getting dangerously close to moving out of the affordable section.

Lets start with the lip gloss in Truly Mattely Deeply. Brilliantly bright red colour but it’s more drying than the Sahara desert! Bellow  you can see the swatches, on the left after it has just been applied and on the right after 3 minutes and rubbing it.

Overall not impressed. Sure you can apply 3 inches of lip gloss over it so your lips don’t shrivel off your face, but no lip gloss should need your lips needing moisture injections after using it.

While the lip gloss what disappointing the palette was a winner as usual for sleek. All the swatches bellow are done in one swipe, without primer so you really can see how pigmented these beauties are. All of them have a creamy texture, the only colour I didn’t like was the black shade on the bottom left.

Normally the black eyeshadow in Sleek pallets are the closest thing I have found which comes close to Sugarpill’s “Bulletproof”, this one is very different to the shades in other Sleek pallets, it wasn’t creamy, instead rather hard and instead of a remotely black colour produced a weak grey colour.

Other than the black though I loved all the other colours, all of them pigmented with a creamy texture and the four colours on the right side of the palette are just beautiful!

The one drawback with limited edition palettes is that it you fall in love with it you’re going to have to buy backups or risk loosing it forever (sounds like the plot of a cheesy romance).

If you liked the look of the products you can buy them HERE.