The Best Suncream Ever?

(Disclaimer: The SPF 10 was sent to me by MelanSol)

I’m no good with the sun, as much as I love it, and as rare as it is to get any sun in England, I got my dad’s skin instead of my mums and my skin just does not agree with it, I always get burnt and end up looking like a lobster.

Part of me should be quite impressed with myself because getting sun burn in England is an achievement in itself. I actually took these pictures over 6 months ago after I’d come back from holiday in August (2012). There didn’t seem much point in blogging about a sun cream with winter coming up, so I decided to wait till now to write about it. 

Since the weather is finally getting nicer now seemed like the perfect time to blog about suncream

I came across this brand around 2 years ago. I’ve tried quite a lot of sun cream brands, but I always end up not using them because there is something in them that always irritates my skin like crazy and makes me break out like mad.

The big selling point at least for me, personally, was that this this is a natural suncream. I’m convinced that the reason most regular sun creams make be break out is because of the sheer amount of chemical crap in them, not to mention the safe for eyes and lips part.


  • Cruelty Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Reef Safe
  • Biodegradable
  • Made in the USA
  • Safe for application around eyes and on lips

In the past when ever I’d put regular brands of sun cream remotely near my eyes they’d always gotten swollen and irritated, I have had absolutely no problem with this cream.

Also if something is not “safe” to put around the eyes or lips I’d rather not slather it all over my face. The eyes and the lips are some of the first places that are likely to wrinkle and be severely damaged by sunburn, so why not protect them along with the rest of the face?

How long did it take to arrive?

It was shockingly fast to arrive! Normally I have some quite bad experiences when I order products from the States but I this arrived in exactly a week. I’ve bought things in England which have taken longer to arrive so I was very impressed, and I was really happy that I didn’t get slapped with Import tax, but I might have just been lucky.

The consistency reminds me a bit of the Skin 79 BB creams a bit (if any of you have tried it you know what I mean). It has quite an odd light beige/yellowy colour, once you’ve blended it in it leaves a slight white tinge which disappears after about 20 minutes.

I really got to try this out thoroughly when I was on holiday

Everywhere that I applied it held up marvelously, except like a genius I missed a small spot on my forehead and got horrifically burnt, and by horrifically I mean sunstroke, blisters the whole nasty package. Memo to self…next time cover every little spot and wear a hat!

The packaging is not exactly the most glamorous packaging ever but to be honest in this case I’m not really bothered, I’m just happy I’ve finally found a sun cream which I didn’t react to.

When I bought these I got the SPF 30, 20. I’d written to MelanSol asking if their products were cruelty free and they were kind enough to offer sending me the SPF 10. Normally I use the SPF 10 if I’m going outside and for England that protects my skin just fine, but the 30 holds up perfectly in more extreme sunny conditions and quite a few times I’ve used it as moisturiser as well.

You can get this product HERE

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D.I.Y Face Mask: Skin Saver

Currently this face mask is my absolute favorite for when my skin has absolutely had it and needs some serious life pumped back into it fast.

What do the ingredients do?

Green Clay

This little power powder is fantastic for drawing….no drawing sounds too gentle….forcefully pulling the rubbish out of your skin, improving the circulation, tones and strenghthens your skin. Some people can apply this directly to the skin but just a little warning, it will leave your skin red for the next 20-30 minutes if you just apply a green clay mixture on your skin.


You would be amazed at how much oil is in this nut and I love this one for putting the moisture back in my skin. Obviously DO NOT use this in the recipe if you are alergic to nuts.


Most people eat this without realising how increadible it is for the skin! It is anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, has mild cleansing properties and it is fantastic for acne, eczema, rosacea and rashes. You know those days where your skin is just red, inflamed and blotchy? Try an oat and honey face mask…lifesaver!


I just Salicylic acid (BHA, beta hydroxy acid) which is great for getting down into the skin and un-cloging pores and chemically removing the dead skin cells. One thing I do have to say is don’t overuse this, overuse makes your skin so sensitive.

Lavender Oil

This is one of the few oils that can be directly applied on the skin and it really is a beauty for skin care. It is antiseptic, relaxing and like oats it is fantastic for acne, eczema, rosacea and rashes.

Mineral Water

Not enterly neccessary, water strait from the tap is FULL of bacteria which will make the mask go off faster. If you are just making one batch tap water if fine, but if you’re making some to use over the next week or two use Mineral water or it will only last a week.

Why type of skin would you recommend this for?

I use this mask for when my skin is feeling congested and irritated, like you have something sitting under your skin which is just itching to get out. Anyone with oily and normal skin can use this but if you have very dry skin I would recommend that you only use a fourth of the green clay I used. Green clay in the amounts I used I think would be too rough for something with dry to very dry skin.

I hope you like the video :)

Video Review: Sirius Sonic (Clarisonic Dupe)

If the is one thing in my entire skin care routine that I absolutely cannot do without it is my Sirius Sonic, or as I like to call it Skinsonic.

I had the skin sonic for exactly a year before it died (and I say in the video why I think it died). I also recently found out that they’ve started selling this in Boots in the UK, which is great because as much as I love this think Sirius are hands down the worst company I have ever had for taking their sweet time for the product to arrive. I’m talking 3-4 months here, a lot worse than the first time I bought it.

In Boots however they are selling it for £65 while if you buy it direct from Sirius it’s only £43.


  • £43 including postage (£65 if you buy it from Boots)
  • 3-4 months to arrive
  • 5 different brush heads
  • Skin is SO much cleaner and clearer
One thing that seems to annoy a lot of people is the fact that it had batteries and not a built in charger, for me personally I prefer it this way. All my batteries are re-chargable anyway and I HATE having to wait for something to charge up so I can use it. I’d much rather just pop in some new batteries and go.

(*)You can get the Sirius Sonic HERE 

Hope you enjoy the video review :)

Review: Bee Lovely Hand Cream

Disclaimer: Item provided for review

I don’t think I could have been sent this hand cream at a better time really.

I had recently found out that my favorite hand cream which I’d been using for years, Yves Rocher Arnica hand cream, had recently changed it’s animal testing policy and so was no longer cruelty-free, and I was on the hunt for a new favorite.


  • Cruelty free
  • 50ml
  • 5% of the RRP will be donated to charity
  • Costs £10
  • Paraben and SLS free

I was able to test this cream out while I was on holiday and it really did a fantastic job. For a hand cream that’s branded around honey it really doesn’t smell of honey, rather of orange blossom and I end up constantly smelling my hands when I use it, even though the smell only really lasts about an hour.

It has quite a thick consistency but it’s not a heavy cream.

I found it took around 5 minutes to sink into my skin, but once it was there it really didn’t budge and kept my hands feeling moisturized and smooth all day.

Is it the most amazing hand cream I have ever tried? No. Is it a very good hand cream? Yes.

I was really impressed with how well it protected my hands on holiday from all the salt and sun, so I can quite confidently say that unless I find an other cruelty-free brand that makes a better hand cream this is my firm favorite.

You don’t need much, just a small 5p size will be sufficient for your whole hand so I suspect it’ll take me a few months to get through this bottle.

Also Neils Yard are also trying to raise awareness with this line of products for a petition which is hoping to encourage England to join France, Germany, Italy and Slovenia in these banning powerful pesticides.

“Neonicotinoid pesticides have been linked to the dramatic loss of honeybees around the world. British beekeepers have lost up to 80% of their hives in recent years, more than any other country in Europe”

If you want to find out more about the petition you can read about it here.

It’s a bit silly but I love the packaging for this product, I try my best to overlook packaging but I really do appreciate it when I feel that the graphic designers have taken their time to create a visually interesting and presentable product.

You can buy this product directly from Neal’s Yard or from Amazon.

Have you tried any products from Neal’s Yard?

Sirius Skin Sonic Review (Conclusion)

If you haven’t read my first opinions blog post on the Sirius Skin Sonic you can read it here.

Ignoring the cleaning the aspect of the Skinsonic , I love the massage brush head! Especially for massaging around the jawline and jaw bones, I think I’ll be using it a lot once I got back to Uni, its really relaxing.

I used the sensitive brush head to clean my skin, my first impression after washing my face was it felt so squeaky clean. It was weird, it felt clean inside.

The interesting thing is that in the morning when I washed it my skin felt rosy and clean, but later on in the evening my skin suddenly flared up.

It didn’t hurt at all, my skin still felt amazing, but I suddenly got all these red patches across my skin.

The reason I wasn’t worried was because the areas that flared up are areas that I’ve always struggled with blackheads and patchiness, it felt a little odd but not painful.

I figured I would try it out for longer and see if the redness was because my skin was finally pushing out all the rubbish deep-down in my skin or because it was genuinely irritated.

A few days after…

After the first use my skin didn’t flare up again, it’s only really happened on the first and second use. First impressions, my skin feels soooo soft!

After about a 1-2 weeks…

Ok I really really love this brush! I thought people were exaggerating when they said that now they couldn’t clean their skin without the skinsoninc/clarisonic but its really not an exaggeration!

Bellow is a picture I took after about a week or two of using the Skinsonic.

Now my skin still isn’t perfect, you can still see I suffer from black heads and redness on my cheekbones. But these are problems I’ve had issues with for YEARS, and if you compare it to a picture of my skin 2 years ago you can see that my skin has improved dramatically.

Of course it’s not all down to the Skinsonic. In the last 2 years I’ve learned not to stress out so much (a HUGE factor to bad skin is stress, it will take your skin through Hell and back), I drink more water and I’ve improved my diet.

The main problem with the Skinsonic is I can’t really show you what it dose to my skin because it just feels amazing! Like it’s clean deep inside. Even then you can still see from the pictures that now my skin looks a lot much clearer and “fresh”.

Before this I used to use a muslin cloth, it was good but it could be a little bit rough on my skin. It only cleaned the surface and especially with all the makeup I put on my skin because of tutorials at times I felt like I wasn’t cleaning my skin properly and it felt congested.

This really does clean my skin deep down, my skin feels really clean and fresh after I wash it, even after a really heavy makeup tutorial. It’s helped with my blackheads, it’s has not completely removed them, but it is slowly helping.


  • Foundation goes on SO much better

  • Skin feels fresh and clean

  • Cleans more thoroughly

  • Blackheads are slowly disappearing

  • Relaxing to use

  • Affordable


  • For me there are no cons. (well minus how long it took to arrive) I’m really glad I took the plunge and decided to invest in this product. My skin is thanking me for it :)

The main brush heads I use are the sensitive and normal. I normally use the sensitive head and the normal every 4-5 days. To be honest I haven’t used the other brush heads much (except for the massager).


I can’t compare it to the Clarisonic because I have never tried it, but either way I highly recommend this product to anyone who is considering shelling out the £150-200 for the Clarisonic.

So far as I know you can only buy this product at which is where I bought it :)

Clarisionic Dupe? Sirius Skin Sonic Review

Disclaimer: I purchased this item myself

So about a month and a bit ago I was buying some props for some upcoming videos on Amazon and I saw this advert for a brush which looked like the famous Clarisonic.

Now, if you don’t know what the Clarisonic is it is a brush which is meant to:

  • Removes 6x more makeup than manual cleansing
  • Leaves skin feeling and looking smoother
  • Cleanses so well that products absorb better
  • Gentle enough for twice daily use
  • Helps reduce oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes
  • Helps reduce the appearance of visible pores
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Now here is the thing….the Clarisonic cost’s a whopping £179-£150 depending on which version you buy. Not cheap!

So when I saw this other company (Sirius Skin Sonic) had a similar brush for a fraction of the price (£43 including postage) I was intrigued.

Before I bought it I did a fair bit of research, checking out blogs and online reviews to see what people’s opinion of it was. The overwhelming response seemed to be that people (some of whom had used the Clarisonic in the past) loved it and thought it worked just as well.

Decided to risk it and bough it.

I figured that even if it didn’t work I could review it, and if it did work hopefully it would transform my skin.

After buying it it took around a month and a week to arrive. Seeing as it was from the US I’m not that surprised to took so long, but I won’t lie, when if finally did arrive I was hopping around like a kid in a candy shop. I think the postman thinks I’m mad now…

It came with the handle, five different brush heads and a holder. Unlike the Clarisonic you need to use batteries for this one instead of re-charging it.

Some people wont like that, personally I prefer it that way. I hate it when the battery is flat and you have to wait for it to re-charge instead of just slipping in  a pair of new batteries.

How does it work?

For those of you who are not aware how the Clarisonic works what it essentialy dose is is vibrates, bouncing the rubbish out and off your skin instead of roughly scrubbing your skin. Because of this it is much more gentle than other skin cleaning systems, and is able to deep clean the skin more effectively.

It feels like a little brush massaging your skin, it doesn’t rub the skin at all. But you have to be careful not to get too relaxed and over clean your skin because it’s so relaxing.

Skinsonic Skincare System includes:

Sonic Device . Brush Head for Normal Skin . Brush Head for Sensitive Skin . Exfoliation Applicator . Hydration Applicator . Toning Attachment . Storage Cradle . 2 Duracell Batteries

Sounds a bid sad but I really liked the fact that I could just take the Sonic Device out and turn it on, batteries already in, up and running instantly.

Something else which surprised me was how easy it was to put on and take off the brush heads. It literally just snaps on and off. It doesn’t wobble around when it’s on, just “click” on “click” off. Easy.

So far I’m happy, but I will be trying it out for the next two/three weeks, taking pictures each week to see if there is an improvement in my skin. I really hope it works, I’ve struggled for years with blackheads and if this get’s rid of them I will be over the moon!

…and now to shatter any illusions my subscribers/readers have of my “perfect” skin. Ahhhh….lighting and makeup…the difference you make :)