Seven Deadly Sins: Envy

Like with all my looks where I try and plan them out, I plan one thing and end up doing something completely different. For this one I had originally planned to have a snake skin effect all over the eye, but when I tried it out I didn’t like it and just decided to improvise….

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Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath

True story? I LOVE doing looks like this, just pure messines and geting to go all ugly in the pictures, no focus on pretty or presentable. Just pure crazy! It was really nice to not wear any kind of foundation or BB Cream. Another true story, one of my soft box lights (well be bulb)…

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Seven Deadly Sins: Pride

You know what I love about black and white photography? It makes your skin look flawless! This look is going to be the most ‘borring’ out of all my seven deadly sins looks, but I didn’t feel something heavy was really appropriate for this character. I wanted to slightly tie this look in with vanity …

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Seven Deadly Sins: Greed

When I was thinking of how to portray greed the first words that poped into my head was politicial and banker, hence the white shirt, blazer and hat. With this look I really wanted to take more of a theatrical approach to the makeup For the actual makeup I wanted to incorperate the traditional animal asossiation…

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Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath Nails

I was hoping by this point to have at least one of my Seven Deadly Sins looks up. But thanks to an incredibly slow postal service several props still haven’t arrived, which is incredibly annoying given I ordered all the props weeks in advance.  Wrath: love of justice perverted to revenge and spite My idea for these was…

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