Besame Retro Lipsticks

If you’ve seen my IMATS haul video you’ve seen me gushing about this, and now I’ve tried it out a little longer I’m utterly besotted! Hands down my favourite buy from IMATS, though the puss and blister gel did come close… The packaging is gorgeous, the colours beautiful and the formula very long lasting One thing…

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Review: Funky Soap Solid Shampoo

When I picked the daisies to use for this photo I was a bit of a plonker and decided to wait till the evening before I used them to photograph this product since I wanted to get some face charts done first. Needless to say as soon as it got dark the daisies closed up…

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Review: Napiers Starflower Sensitive Skin Cream

Disclaimer: Item provided for review  This one I’ve had for months and really I should have done a review for it a while ago but kept using it and so it was never in my review pile which I was taking photographs. Not only have I used it for myself but I’ve also used it…

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Klaire’s Wardrobe: Zara Rose Gold eau de toilette

I don’t think I would ever have gone for the smell of this eau de toilette if it hadn’t reminded me of the holiday I took to the Virgin Islands a year or two ago. It’s got what I can only really describe as a an intense dusty floral smell, a little overpowering for an eau de…

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Review: Savon de Marseille Soap

When it comes to organic and (mostly) chemical free soaps I think the first brand everyone thinks of is Lush. Now don’t get me wrong, Lush are great and you all know how much I love their face masks, but there are many other brands out there! You can use this brand for everything from…

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Review: Japanese Cherry Blossom Perfume Oil

My Lily Lolo obssession doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon, but I thought I’d least attempt to experiment with other brands and the other day when I was passing through Paddington I thought I’d give this a try. As you’d imagine it smells of cherry blossom, a sweet floral smell without smelling like…

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My Skincare: Makeup Removal Brush

Normally anything new takes a while to wriggle it’s way into my bathroom cupboard. I’m not a fan of clutter, in fact I hate it. If it’s not being used it’s  thrown out or given to friends/family who will use it. This one made it into the cupboard within a week. That’s how much I…

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Review: Graftobian HD Cream Foundations

Though they’re labeld as foundations really I consider these as concealers. One little pot could quite literally last you a whole year if you used it every single day as a foundation. Also unlike a lot of brands they cover a huge range of skin tones  I get a lot of people asking me where…

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Review: Meze 66 Classics | Wooden Headphones?

 Disclaimer: Items provided for review Yes, you read the title correctly, wooden headphones! When Meze wrote to me asking if I wanted to try out their headphones, that was the first thing that caught my eye; the second being that they were exactly like the headphones I used to wear in my old videos. When…

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Klaire’s Wardrobe | Nina Ricci Ricci

I have to hand it to Nina Ricci, their perfumes bottles are almost as nice as their perfumes and a huge factor for when I’m sniffing around for a new one. There’s something so exciting and luxury about looking at your perfume bottles laid out on your desk before picking your scent for the day….

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