Review: Japanese Cherry Blossom Perfume Oil

My Lily Lolo obssession doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon, but I thought I’d least attempt to experiment with other brands and the other day when I was passing through Paddington I thought I’d give this a try. As you’d imagine it smells of cherry blossom, a sweet floral smell without smelling like…

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My Skincare: Makeup Removal Brush

Normally anything new takes a while to wriggle it’s way into my bathroom cupboard. I’m not a fan of clutter, in fact I hate it. If it’s not being used it’s  thrown out or given to friends/family who will use it. This one made it into the cupboard within a week. That’s how much I…

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Review: Graftobian HD Cream Foundations

Though they’re labeld as foundations really I consider these as concealers. One little pot could quite literally last you a whole year if you used it every single day as a foundation. Also unlike a lot of brands they cover a huge range of skin tones  I get a lot of people asking me where…

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Review: Meze 66 Classics | Wooden Headphones?

 Disclaimer: Items provided for review Yes, you read the title correctly, wooden headphones! When Meze wrote to me asking if I wanted to try out their headphones, that was the first thing that caught my eye; the second being that they were exactly like the headphones I used to wear in my old videos. When…

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Klaire’s Wardrobe | Nina Ricci Ricci

I have to hand it to Nina Ricci, their perfumes bottles are almost as nice as their perfumes and a huge factor for when I’m sniffing around for a new one. There’s something so exciting and luxury about looking at your perfume bottles laid out on your desk before picking your scent for the day….

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Review: Beauty UK Posh Palette | no. 2 Masquerade

With all the neutrall palettes and Naked palettes craze which has been going on in the blogging world for the past few months, well the last year or two really, I wanted to review something on the cheaper side of the spectrum. I did a review on the MUA Undress me palette a few months…

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Review: Lush The Sacred Truth

While I think the whole anti-aging thing is a little bit of a gimmick this face mask is a beauty. I’ve tried all the lush facemasks now, I just haven’t reviewed all of them, and truth be told I like all of them. Just depending on your skin type and the season certain masks work better….

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Review: Blood Eye Drops

Just in case you ever what to look like you’re bleeding from your eyes then I thought I should do a review on the Kryolan blood eyedrops. As scary as they look they’re not painful in the slightest. If anything they’re really quite moisturizing! The consistency is quite odd, like normal eyedrops but with a…

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Klaire’s Wardrobe | Nina Ricci – Love in Paris

So part of me should be very disappointed that I gave in and bought this. I said in my last perfume purchase (which got used up in about 3 months) that I would treat myself with a new perfume for each song I wrote and recorded for Fenix. Well…the album is completely written now but not…

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Review: Stargazer Neon Eyeshadows

When I was at IMATS, don’t ask me why, but I was under the impression that the Sleek acid palette was being discontinued. So I thought I’d get my hands on some neon eyeshadows and try these from Stargazer. So now I just need to move it and try and get a cyber-punk look planned…

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