Queen of Hearts

It seemed a bit appropriate to do a Queen of Hearts look soon after St. Valentines day. I was planning on getting this one done for Valentines day but I had a red/swollen eye for the past 3 days (nobody want’s to see that up close in HD, so I had to film and edit everything today which is why this video is a little late. Sorry! :/

I will have a template for the mask soon

I will be doing a video (and have a down-loadable template here one the blog) for the mask at some point. I was thinking of including it in this video but I have one more mask I want to make before I give out the template.

I always seem to end up doing some kind of self critieque in these blog posts. Recently I seem to have taken a bit of a diary-esque approach to some of my blog posts but hey, that’s how you improve so I’m just going to say it. I really don’t like the pictures I took for this look.

Normally I take the pictures and edit them over 2-3 days, gives me time to look at the pictures, think of the theme I want to go for, the style I want to experiment with exc. but since I only had today I ended up going for, quite frankly, borring pictures. Not chuffed with the pictures :/

Hope you like the video :)

DIY Lashes: Black Tears

Think I’m going to have to think of more ways to make weird lashes, it was so fun making these and I’d really like to push myself further and see what other crazy designs I could come up with. I have a few idea bouncing around in my head but going to let them marinate a little bit before using them in a tutorial.

“Allergic to Latex? Maybe use sculpt gell instead?”

If you’re allergic to latex you could use sculpt gell, unfortunantly this isn’t the cheapest material to use but it would be re-usable (provided you remove and handle it carefully). You could also use lash glue too, except if you’re allergic to latex you probably have an allergy to most lash glues as latex is one of the prime ingredients :/

Hope you like the tutorial :)

Gothic Doll

I was asked to do a Gothic Doll look ages ago and several times, I wanted to one without the eye-enlargening lenses (I’ll do one of those later) and something which was slightly cartoonish without being too over the top.

My main insperation came from this photo:

I think it was almost a year ago one of you asked me to do this look so I’m happy that I finally got one requested look done (one down a couple o’ hundred to go).

Enjoy the tutorial :)

Photoshoot at the Prince Rupert Hotel

I was contacted by photographer Steve Jetley over a year ago asking for me to model for him and we finally got to work together this week. Long overdue but better late than never right?

To say I was nervous about this is an understatement.

I was absolutely terrified! I’m fine in front of my own camera but when someone else is behind it I freeze and clam up like something crazy, so I was quite impressed that despite my horrible posture and nervousness Steve still managed to take some beautiful pictures!

The photos were taken at the Prince Rupert Hotel in Shrewsbury, it really was beautiful!

It was an old Tudor building turned hotel and since (in typical English fashion) it was raining all day we were only able to take photos in the hotel. The ones above were taken in the cellar, and the one bellow was a quick one I took for the first look.

And yes, I will be doing tutorials on the looks I did (minus the one I wore above, not too fond of that look, it just does not really work with the lashes).

My favorite look was hands down the more gothy/tribal look. Did a face chart of that one years ago and this photo shoot was the perfect time to use it.

It was quite creepy though for the second shoots, the cellar was meant to be haunted and Steve’s dog kept barking at this dark corner, found out I’m quite a scaredy-cat, kept looking behind me expecting to see a pair of red eyes. Nearly died of fright at one point when I saw these white silver eyes staring at me from a dark corner, and then Steve’s dog walked out of the corner like “what…you scared of me?!”

I know…guts of steel.

For the second night I stayed at the Lucroft Hotel and it was absolutely lovely! All the basics and in the attic.

I love attics, they’ve have always made me feel really comfortable and relaxed and the hotel was absolutely lovely, cozy and simple. Not to mention you could see all the beautiful old buildings from the window, another bonus I love about attics. (lol this is turning into a bit of a attic-appreciation blog post).

I won’t be putting all the photos on this blog post as I’m sure that Steve will want to show them on his facebook so you can see the rest if you like


Valentines Day Makeup

So today I’m going quite a girly look (I know…shocker!) I figured it wouldn’t hurt to do at least one girly look for St. Valentines day :)

I didn’t want it to be boring though so it’s still a little bit quirky with the heart and the rhinestone but if you’re not keen on these features you can just skip them.

Because of the pink this is quite an interesting look on any eye colour, though with some eye colours such as green and blue it’s particularly striking.

Grey Eyes

Personally I love this look on ANY eye colour but if you feel like the pink overpowers your eyes go for a lighter shade of pink.

Green Eyes

For this eye colour I’d almost be tempted to go greener on the lower lashline, Something like a lovely mossy green or even a dark holly green

Hazel Eyes

Honestly…I have no suggestions for how to adapt this look for this particular eye colour. I love it!

Blue Eyes

Hehe…I’d almost be tempted to use more of a redish shade for this eye colour. The contrast wold be stunning!

And here is the tutorial :) Enjoy!

Random Phtos: Autum

I’m going to start off this blog post with an excuse and and explanation, as some of you might know I am in my final year at University so I’m pretty bogged down.

I had hoped to be able to keep doing reviews on my blog but it’s just not going to be possible so from time to time I’m going to try and do quick blog post like this one so you guys know I haven’t totally forgotten about my blog and died :)

I might start doing one or two blog posts showing you the projects I’m doing at Uni, I’m not sure…would you guys be interested in that?

Anyway, the photos are just three of a bunch I took white I was at my cousins wedding a few weeks ago. I took more than these 3 but these were my personal favorites, especially the one above.

I’m hoping I can improve my photography over they next few months, so these are just my stabs at some landscape photography.

Random Photos: Egg Art

So some of you might have noticed that I’ve been completely inactive the last week, the reason for that is that I had to go to a wedding and so I had limited access to the Internet.

It was a bit weird at first, I’m so used to being on the internet that it felt strange to be cut off it, but it was also quite nice as I got to relax a bit.

White I was there I took a few pictures (no not of the wedding: ), just a few random stabs at food art and some landscape photography. Where we were staying was so nice! I don’t have any pictures of the house but it was an old barn that had been really simply restored, just the basics and it was lovely!

Its quite relaxing to be away from mobile, computers and just noise in general some times :)

Anyway, there were a few eggs in the kitchen when we left and seeing as I had time to kill I ended up doodling on them. If you google food art some people have done some really amazing/funny ones.

Something that’s quite fun is too do this to the eggs in the kitchen and then wait to see people’s reactions, haha it can be quite funny!

I did take some really pretty pictures of the surrounding landscape where we were staying but I’ll show you that in a few days :)