Review: Funky Soap Solid Shampoo

When I picked the daisies to use for this photo I was a bit of a plonker and decided to wait till the evening before I used them to photograph this product since I wanted to get some face charts done first. Needless to say as soon as it got dark the daisies closed up…

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Review: Savon de Marseille Soap

When it comes to organic and (mostly) chemical free soaps I think the first brand everyone thinks of is Lush. Now don’t get me wrong, Lush are great and you all know how much I love their face masks, but there are many other brands out there! You can use this brand for everything from…

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Review: Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic

I don’t know if i’ve mentioned this before but this is hands down my FAVORITE face mask! While there are many other masks that I love to use this one is the one that I can be sure will help my skin no mater what the problem is. While garlic is the primary ingredient in this,…

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Review: Tropic Organic Elixir Oil

Disclaimer: Items provided for review. Anything made in the UK, especially beauty products, is practically an endagered species so when Tropic Skincare wrote to me asking if I wanted to review this product I very enthusiastically said yes, and…I’ll admit it. The bottle design was also a huge factor for me. I mean look at it! It’s…

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Review: Napiers Red Lip Tint

Disclaimer: Item provided for review. I think most of you know how much I love lip stains, my favorite being The Body Shop Lip Stain, so today I’ll be reviewing this really cute lip stain from Napiers.  Basics: £5 15 ml Cruelty-Free Supossedly gives a red tint to the lips The packaging of this one…

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Review: Lush BB Seaweed

I’m so used to typing ‘cream’ after BB that I nearly typed the title wrong several times. Thankfully I’ve never seen a BB cream like this! My sister Nicky de Lys was absolutely lovely and got this for me the other day which was just perfect has my skin really needed some TLC from being…

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Review: Masker-Aid Face Masks

(Disclaimer: Items sent for review) How cute is that box? And not it didn’t go in the bin after I’d review the face masks, in fact it now houses all the dried rose petals that I use for my blog pictures…gone a bit off track there. Where was I? Oh yes, face masks :)  ”MaskerAide…

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Review: Lush Dark Angels

And another Lush review! I got a sample for this one around the same as I got the Lush Herbalism cleanser and after using the tester up I liked it enough to get the full sized product. It’s described as a facial cleanser but to be honest I think it’s more of a face scrub….

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My Favorite Make Up and Beauty Books (Part 1)

Little fact about about me. I ADORE books! There is nothing more relaxing than snuggling up on the couch with a good or interesting book and a cup of tea. Over the years I’ve collected a little library of various books so I want to talk about my favorites. I’ve had this book for years,…

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Review: Organic Manuka Honey Rescue Cream

I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite moisturisers for Winter skin care. No I haven’t stopped using Enzimion, I am still utterly in love with that moisturizer, but in the winter I like to alternate between a heavier moisturizer that protects my skin from the cold and the wind more. “Thanks…

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