Review: Funky Soap Solid Shampoo

Funky Soap Unwrapped

When I picked the daisies to use for this photo I was a bit of a plonker and decided to wait till the evening before I used them to photograph this product since I wanted to get some face charts done first. Needless to say as soon as it got dark the daisies closed up so I spent a good 15 minutes trying to blow the petals open and then wondered why I felt light headed. Sometimes I really do amaze myself at how dim I can be!

I’ve been using the Lush solid shampoos for well over two years now

I love the lush shampoos, but they do have SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) which is something I’m trying to eradicate completely from my skincare/haircare. This one does not so I was quite excited to see how well (or badly it worked!)

Funky Soap

When you cut out SLS from your shampoo it can make your hair go a little berserk for a week or two as your hair adjusts and get’s rid of the chemical build up. I was expecting my hair to go full on rebel on me, but it didn’t! I did notice it took about a week for my scalp to feel perfectly clear from any build up, but my actual  hair felt fantastic.

Basics: Hand made . Cruelty Free . SLS free . £4.50 . Travel Friendly

It does lather slightly less than the lush shampoos, but it’s such a tiny difference you hardly notice. One thing you do have to be careful of is to rinse out your hair properly, especially at the back of your head or you you get an residue left over that looks like you never washed your hair in the first place.


The only downside to this product, and it’s a small one, is that is doesn’t last as long as the Lush shampoos which normally laat me two or three months. I think because of the high amount of oils in this bar it has a tendency to melt a little in the shower.

But so far I’ve been using it for a month and I’m only half way through the bar so it really isn’t that much of a problem. It’s really easy to cut too, no crumbling, so if you wanted to cut it into little blocks you wont have any problems.

You can get this here (**)

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Review: Savon de Marseille Soap


When it comes to organic and (mostly) chemical free soaps I think the first brand everyone thinks of is Lush. Now don’t get me wrong, Lush are great and you all know how much I love their face masks, but there are many other brands out there!

You can use this brand for everything from washing your hair/face to the dishes 

I’ve stopped using fairy liquid because I notice it makes my hands swell up like something crazy and this soap is just as good. Though to be fair I use mostly ceramic dishes for my cooking and they’re a dream to cook with and clean anyway. So it might be a little more problematic for normal dishes.

Soap Mimosa

My sister uses this soap for her hair and skin and loves it! I have gotten her to write me a guest post all about the products that she used since she has severe eeczema (so many thing drive her skin crazy, even aloe vera!) but I’ll only be posting that in the next few weeks.

The ingredients vary from soap to soap, you can see the full list of ingredients here

Unfortunately this one does have sodium lauryl sulfate which is something I’m trying to avoid all together, but the other two which I bought (and will be reviewing later) are SLS free so this one I’ve been using just for washing the dishes.

As far as using this soap as a shampoo, though it leaves my hair feeling really thick and strong, I’m not to fond of the texture my hair has after so I don’t use it as a shampoo. Since my hair is already pretty thick I don’t really need a product which makes it even thicker and more unmanageable.

You can get this here (**)

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Review: Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic

I don’t know if i’ve mentioned this before but this is hands down my FAVORITE face mask! While there are many other masks that I love to use this one is the one that I can be sure will help my skin no mater what the problem is. While garlic is the primary ingredient in this, thankfully it does not smell of it.

Primarily this mask is fantastic for acne break outs, but it’s also great for dry or irritated skin

As much as I love garlic for how quickly it kicks acne’s butt, I would rather not smell of it. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not the best one with description when it comes to smells, but I would describe this as a creamy smell. The smell reminded me so much of creamy oats I was surprised there wasn’t any in the ingredients.

One of my favorite things about this mask, apart from the fact its amazing for my skin, is the texture. I HATE those thick drying cement texture some masks have where you have to scrape it over your skin. The texture for this is a bit like porridge.

Ingredients: Kaolin, Fresh Green Grapes, Fresh Free Range Eggs, Honey, Cornstarch, Glycerine, Fresh Garlic,Tea Tree Oil, Limonene, Perfume

But what I normally do with any of the Lush face masks is first spray my face with mineral water, and then apply the mask. That way I use less of the product and I really do enjoy massaging it into my skin, personally I’ve always found the mask to be more effective that way.

I think if you have an allergy to tee tree (or essential oils in general) then this might not be the mask for you. My skin can change at the flipp of a hat depending on my mood from oily to super dry, and no matter what state my skin is it always leves my skin feeling moisturised, refreshed and with slightly less redness and acne.

You can get this mask at any Lush shop or here

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Review: Tropic Organic Elixir Oil

Disclaimer: Items provided for review.

Anything made in the UK, especially beauty products, is practically an endagered species so when Tropic Skincare wrote to me asking if I wanted to review this product I very enthusiastically said yes, and…I’ll admit it. The bottle design was also a huge factor for me. I mean look at it! It’s so beautiful!

“The ‘hero ingredient’ is Moringa Oil, derived from the ‘Miracle Tree’. Boasting 1,700 antioxidants and enriched with natural Vitamin C”

When I opened the bottle, even though I have a horrific sense of smell, the smell reminded me so much of the smell of oil paints. Definitely not the best smell for a facial oil. Since it contains Pomegranate oil (one of my favorite smells) I was hoping it would smell like that, but it wasn’t the case.

They recommend to use this just before you sleep, which is the only time you could use it really owing to the smell. The oil is also surprisingly thick, for some reason I expected the oil to be runnier, but it turned out to be a good thing as the cap doesn’t have a rubber band between the glass bottle and the metal lid so it does leak a little unless it’s kept upright.


  • £30.00
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Make in the UK

The lid is so small it’t not really possible for it to pour out easily and the oil is quite unusual, feels like a ‘dry’ oil if that makes any sense. If you store it upright the slightly leaky lid is not a problem, but when it arrived obviously it was lying down flat and when I took it out of the packet I could feel oil around the edge of the cap.

The claim of this oil is to “improve skin elasticity, giving noticeably smoother, more supple and youthful skin in just 4 weeks”. Given I’m only 21 the youthful thing wasn’t really going to show up on me, but I did try it out over 4 weeks to really test it’s claims and see if it made a difference.

 Ingredients: Kiwi Seed Oil, Organic Rosehip Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Natural Vitamin E and Moringa Oil.

To be perfectly honest I didn’t really notice a difference with this oil other than being moisturising.  It didn’t really do anything remarkably different (or at least nothing that I could notice for my skin) and though I have a dreadful sense of smell the oil paint smell of this is one that I really cannot stand.

Would I recommend this product? No not really. I didn’t find it really made any significant difference to my skin, the expensive price and slightly faulty lid (though admitedly a beautifully designed bottle) would not make me purchase this. It’s a decent mosturiser if you like oils like myself, but frankly I didn’t find it to be worth the money.

For the website here

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Review: Napiers Red Lip Tint

Disclaimer: Item provided for review.

I think most of you know how much I love lip stains, my favorite being The Body Shop Lip Stain, so today I’ll be reviewing this really cute lip stain from Napiers. 


  • £5
  • 15 ml
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Supossedly gives a red tint to the lips
The packaging of this one is very similar to the Lush Lip Tints, but while the Lush one is extremely pigmented but a little drying, this one is moisturising but with practially no tint to it which was very disapointing.

To be honest plain old vasaline is just as effective as this, not to mention you get more for less. It has a lighter consistency than vasaline but for me it just sat on my lips, didn’t moisturise and disappeared after 20 minutes. Cute packaging, but expensive for being not much more than Vasaline. Dissapointing :(

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Review: Lush BB Seaweed

I’m so used to typing ‘cream’ after BB that I nearly typed the title wrong several times. Thankfully I’ve never seen a BB cream like this! My sister Nicky de Lys was absolutely lovely and got this for me the other day which was just perfect has my skin really needed some TLC from being sick.

“For softening, cooling and reducing redness”

I have tried this mask before (I think it was some time last year) and as some of you have heard/read me mention Cosmetic Warrior is my favorite lush face mask but this one come in close second.

It’s funny cause this mask has my favorite and least favorite ingredients, honey (my favorite) and rose (well, rose petals). Normally anything with rose in it will make my skin go bright red and itch like crazy,  but oddly enough it’s not the case with this mask, my personal theory on that is because it’s using rose petals and not rose water.

“A mask made with men in mind, but without excluding women”

Even though it’s a clay mask I love that this mask doesn’t dry your skin out. Clay masks are great for pulling the rubbish out of your skin but I hate how some of them pull out the last bit of remaining moisture in your skin too. Not the case with this mask.

The Packaging:

For cream products like Enzymion and Dream Cream (Enzymion more than any other) I can’t stand these kinds of pots. The cream ends up in the screw thread of the lid and it’s a nightmare to get out, not to mention messy. With the face masks since they’re so thick you don’t really have that problem fortunately so I don’t mind the pot packaging.

One thing I would like to see Lush do is sell these in smaller pots aswell

I’ve gone through quite a few of the Lush face masks and on at least two occasions I forgot about them and opened them a few weeks past their expiery date to find a dried up tablet left (they have a shelf life of approximately a month). Also I think it would be a introduction for people who maybe are just trying the face masks and don’t want to drop £5-6 on the current sized pot.

The chunks of seaweed will annoy some people, personally I would prefer it it they were ground up into thiner chunks but overall it doesn’t bother me too much. Because this (well most Lush face masks) are quite thick I like to spray my face with Breath of Fresh Air (or just plain water) and then apply the mask.


  • £5.95
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • 4 week life span
  • Preservative-free
  • Mildly exfoliating
  • Needs to be kept in the fridge
I find that way it’s easier to apply, you end up using less of it and it feels quite lovely to massage it into your skin too. Without doing that this mask can be really thick and difficult to apply, especially when it’s nearing the end of it’s best-before-end date.

Like all Lush products the smell of this (a herbal with a slight floral sea water smell) you will either love or hate. I love how soft this mask leaves my skin (especially if you massage it in). For me personally it does a little for redness, nothing that will blow your mind but it does help. I also find it quite brightening.

Although it’s apparently for all skin types clay based masks can be a bit rough on dry skin so if you have dry skin bear in mind this may not agree with your skin.

You can get this online or at your local Lush

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Review: Masker-Aid Face Masks

(Disclaimer: Items sent for review)

How cute is that box? And not it didn’t go in the bin after I’d review the face masks, in fact it now houses all the dried rose petals that I use for my blog pictures…gone a bit off track there. Where was I? Oh yes, face masks :)

 “MaskerAide has launched our first line of 6 superhydrating facial sheet masks that target the skin concerns of fabulous women everywhere”

Since these are from a Canadian brand it only took a bit longer to arrive than usual, but they still arrived for me within two weeks which was quite impressive. Hopefully at some point they will have an online store in the UK but for the moment it’s just Canada.

These face masks are free from: parabens, harsh dyes & pigments, mineral oils, artificial fragrances, benzophenone and glycerins.  I wanted to review these face masks in two sections, starting with Weather Warrior, Beauty Rest’ore and Pre Party Prep and then do a second blog post on I Don’t Wanna Grow Up, All Nighter and Detox Diva, but after trying out mask no.2 I decided my skin couldn’t risk trying out another one.


  • $4.99= £3.14
  • Made in Canada
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free

I was absolutely shocked when I opened these, most mask like this are very moist but there was so much product in these that I was able to scrape out half and apply it just like that on my face the next day. Absolutely loaded with product!

Weather Warrior: When I first put this on I got this cool moisturising feeling which changed into a warm tingly feeling. When I removed it the skin felt plump and moisturised, but for some reason the skin on my forehead and temple reacted to it and went really red. Not one I’d try again for that reason.

Beauty Rest’ore: After the last mask I wanted to see if I’d get the same reaction. When I first put it on it was very moisturizing,cooling with quite a heavy smell of what I think was Lavander. Felt fine, but this time when I took it off just like the last mask my forehead really didn’t like it and neither did my cheeks or temples. Humm….

Pre Party Prep: This time I let my sister try out the mask to see how she reacted to it. While I have combination and sensitive skin she has normal to dry skin. For her there were no problems at all. No redness, her skin felt plum and firm and she found the mask quite nice.

After my experiences with the first two masks I think I’m not going to review the remaining three masks as my skin is currently sending my brain death-threats for the previous abuse.

After the second mask my whole face felt irritated for the next 24 hours. I can’t for the life of me pin point what exactly my skin didn’t like, my only conclusion is that sensitive skin types should avoid these masks but normal to dry skin types, like my sister, might like these.

You can get there here.

Review: Lush Dark Angels

And another Lush review! I got a sample for this one around the same as I got the Lush Herbalism cleanser and after using the tester up I liked it enough to get the full sized product.

It’s described as a facial cleanser but to be honest I think it’s more of a face scrub. There is no way I’d use this daily,however it is absolutely perfect for a face scrub.

“Rhassoul mud, charcoal and black sugar combine to create a very absorbent and exfoliating cleanser”

I’ve noticed that depending on the pot you buy some have a topping of black sugar lying on the top, and some have the black sugar evenly mixed in the product. If you get one with a topping grind that up and mix it back into the product or you might find that it is a bit on the face shredding side of a scrub.

This, like a lot of Lush products, isn’t the neatest product to use. It’s much more suited to using in the shower than over the skin because of the mess it leaves behind, but so long as you don’t mind giving the sink a quick wipe after using it’s not too bad.


  • 100g
  • £6.25
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free

The first time I used this I got a whole load of spots along my cheeks, but since I’d been able to feel those spots under my skin for a good few weeks previously I was pretty sure it was just Dark Angels bringing all the rubbish to the surface. After a few weeks my skin had cleared up and the spots were gone.

I really like using this one as a face mask too. The charcoal in this product I’ve found is fantastic for reducing my blackheads and ensuring that no dirt gets to creep into my skin. One strange thing that happens with this product I’ve noticed is that it tends to cling to dead skin cells or dry skin.

“We invented this as an alternative to Angels on Bare Skin for people with oilier skins”

If my skin is very dehydrated Dark Angels leaves a dark grey stain on the skin, and if there’s an area where I haven’t scrubbed off the dead skin the charcoal sticks to it.

I suppose that’s a good thing if you want to make sure that you haven’t missed any areas on your face but if you have dry skin you might want to give this product a wide berth.

As much as this is fantastic for keeping my skin clear I wouldn’t recommend this for someone who has severe breakouts as it would just irritate the heck out of your skin. This is the kind of face scrub you would use if your skin is in pretty good condition, maybe one or two break outs, and you have oily skin to normal skin.

You can get this at a Lush store or online.

My Favorite Make Up and Beauty Books (Part 1)

Little fact about about me. I ADORE books! There is nothing more relaxing than snuggling up on the couch with a good or interesting book and a cup of tea. Over the years I’ve collected a little library of various books so I want to talk about my favorites.

I’ve had this book for years, before I went ahead and bought it I borrowed it countless times from my local library till I could save up the money to buy it.

This is the book that kicked off my obsession with makeup, beauty and skincare. I have bought many, MANY books all about makeup, skincare exc. but none of them cover such a wide variety of topics such as this book.

“Each chapter covers a different aspect of well-being and shows us how to make life-enhancing changes to improve health, diet, appearance, physical fitness, and emotional harmony”

Also the topics that it does cover it doesn’t just offer a few tips and just move on. For example the section on physical health it had many different exercises for Pilates, not just four or five, explained what muscles exactly it worked on all the while demonstrating and illustrating the moves clearly and beautifully.

Sometimes with books like this the makeup tips can be quite out dated but it’s not the case with this book. There are one or two looks that I think are a bit hideous (the makeup for red hair skin tones and Asian skin tones I think are completely unimaginative), but in general it covers all the different types of makeup and explains well what they are for and how to use them (or not use them).

And as for the looks in the book that I’m not fond of, well, that’s what You Tube is for :)

The last thing I love about this book is that it doesn’t just focus on Caucasian hair, skin and makeup. It uses many different models in the pictures and has sections on black hair (though a small section), which most beauty books completely overlook.

One downside is, while it has a few picture tutorials makeup for very pale skin, red hair complexions and Asian skin tones it has nothing for black skin tones which is the one big drawback .

This book is perfect for anyone who is a budding beauty enthusiast, loves DIY beauty, or just wants a pretty thorough book covering a wide range of beauty topics.

You can buy this book here

Review: Organic Manuka Honey Rescue Cream

I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite moisturisers for Winter skin care. No I haven’t stopped using Enzimion, I am still utterly in love with that moisturizer, but in the winter I like to alternate between a heavier moisturizer that protects my skin from the cold and the wind more.

“Thanks to its great emollient, restorative and soothing action the formula is safe to use on dry damaged skin, sun exposed skin, sensitive and irritated skin, leaving it intensely moisturized”

I went through a pot of this last winter, well…I went through half of it then I accidentally dropped it and the glass jar kinda broke, I was a little bit shattered about it to be honest (no pun intended).

I’m sure some of you have experienced that feeling when the weather starts to turn cold and the wind just tears at your face and your normal “light” summer moisturizer just doesn’t seem to provide enough protection. This was an absolute God-send last winter and I liked it enough to re-purchase it this year and just had to do a review on it before I completely finished it.


  • Cruelty-Free
  • £8.69
  • 50ml
  • Cruelty Free
  • No GM Ingredients
  • Bioactive and Organic ingredients

Lets start off with the smell (yes I know, me and my nose) but ugh this smells sooooo good! If Dr. Organic ever made a perfume of this oh boy would I be first in line! Think a lovely honey smell that makes you feel warm and lovely, not sticky sweet.

While quite heavy it’s not the kind of heavy cream that just sits on the surface of your skin, once it sinks in your skin feels so soft and supple! You need just a tiny, tiny amount though. If you over apply this you’ll look like an oil slick.

“An intensive hypoallergenic formulation containing a rich blend of key functional ingredients including Organic Manuka Honey, Hyaluronic acid, Aloe Vera and many more”

Also if you’re thinking of getting this something you should bear in mind is that some people really don’t react well to honey on their face even though they can eat it without any problem. Just because something is “Organic” does not mean you can’t have a natural reaction to it.

My favorite time to apply this is either right before bed or when I know I’ll be going outside for the day other wise I use my Enzimion face cream, I also like to apply it all over my décolletage, your face isn’t the only thing that needs moisture, especially in the winter.

And unless you’re very liberal with this or apply on more than your face it’ll take you a long, loong time to get through this pot :)

You can either get this at at any Holland and Barret store or online HERE.