TAD: Nail Wrap Designs

TAD: The Art Diaries

Over the past few months I’ve been hired as a consultant for a company called Lazy Nails to help them develop their ideas for their, logo, packaging, UV nail varnishes and nail wraps, and on a side note I’m so proud of how the nail wrap packaging turned out!

Once I’ve finally finished making the armour for Conquest I’d like to have nails that go with it, so I started drawing these

Recently they released a nail wrap product where you can have what ever design you want printed as nails wraps, which I thought I’d take advantage of. I thought, while I’m at it, I might as well do a few more designs and then possibly do a mini giveaway giving away the ones you guys liked the most. Would be quite a nice way to giveaway something a little more personal.

The first thing I did is draw out the nails shape. I drew them much bigger than your actual nail size would be so I had more space to work with, and so the final wrap would be more detailed.

Once I’d drawn out the shape of the nails, I sketched out the designs on tracing paper before transferring them onto the card

As usual I used my trusty automatic pencil(**) to sketch out the design. Once I’d traced the original design I changed a few things, especially for the butterfly nails, but overall they stayed the same.

Here’s a little tip: If your trying to bend out inks a wet cotton bud is amazing!

Note that it shouldn’t be dripping wet or you’ll risk too much water making the design bleed. It’s also really great for ‘lifting’ areas where you might have applied too much of a colour and want to remove some ink, except in that case the the bud should be slightly damp to allow it to absorb ink.

The main thing I used for these are the Winsdor and Newton inks (**), Staedtler fine liners (**) and a black fine tip liner (**). If you want to see more about my art collection here is my video about it since I always get tones of questions about it.

Even though they’re so small in total these took me about 5 hours to do 

Quite excited to see what they look like once I get them printed. Though I drew the sword nail wrap with Conquest in mind I think I’m going to use the black and gold design instead, personally I think it looks much more striking and ornate, which is exactly what I’m going for.

So those are the finished desings! :D Not sure when I’ll be doing the min giveaway for them, but either way as soon as they’re printed I think I’ll be selling the original card I drew them on as soon as I’ve found a A6  fame for them.

Which is your favourite?

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NOTW: Copper

NOTW: Nails Of The Week

My favourite nail varnish! If there was one animal (well…bird) that described my personality it would be a Magpie. I loooove shiny things! And this nail varnish is my favorite. The only draw back is it is slightly hard to remove, a little bit like a glitter nail varnish, but not as tough.

I like that this colour has a few “sub-colours” red, purple and even a bit of green.

I’m not normally very fond of gold, as far as jewellry goes I don’t own any gold coloured jewlery because I fid it a very garish and a flat colour, but this one I absolutely love. The many flecks of colour make it so fascinating to flash in the sunlight.

I love wearing this colour in the summer, especially if the weather is nice. I could spend ages just staring at the sun reflecting of all the becautiful colours in this. Sad I know, but it’s so pretty!

Copper from Barry M 

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NOTW: Racing Green

NOTW: Nails Of The Week

I’m generally pretty lazy when it comes to my nails. Since I do a lot of DIY I don’t generally let them grow long since it’s just a right pain in the neck to keep them clean. But while I’m working on my big project (which I’ll finally be able to share with you at the end of July!) I’ve been letting my nails grow long.

I figured a good way to make me keep them neat would be to blog about a new colour each week.

Pretty much all (appart from 2) of my nail varnishes are from Barry M. So this little series is pretty much going to be a Barry M display session, but they have so many beautiful colours which are seriously underrated, this one being no exception.

In the dark or normal daylight it just looks like a emerald colour but when you put it in the light it’s like the colours from a peacock feather. I originally bought this one at Christmas last year since it was the perfect Christmas colour but it’s also so beautiful in the summer!

Racing Green from Barry M

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