Peacock Makeup

I’ve been asked to do a Peacock makeup look for a while now and so to break up my Dragon Slayer series I thought I upload this look to brighten things up a bit.

It’s very similar to my New Years Makeup look but while that was a relatively tame look this one is a bit of a colour explosion.

My eye colour?

Because this look is such a mash up of colours it really suits any eye colour, but if you want to personalize it to your eye colour all you have to do is change what colour eyeliner you use either to match it or use a contrasting colour to make your eyes pop.

Blue eyes: Blue, gold or a coppery red.

Grey eyes: Silver, gold (any colour really will compliment grey eyes except for redish tones)

Green Eyes: Green, blue, coppery red, gold or even a metalic dark purple if you can find one.

Hayzle Eyes: Avoid reds but you can use gold, green, blue and dark green.

And now for the tutorial:

Lace Eyes

I have been planing this one for so long so I’m over the moon that I’ve finally uploaded it! :D

I got the idea for this one around the end of August (last year) so I’m pretty happy to finally have it off the paper and into a tutorial :)

As you can see I’ve made some slight changes to the original design I had. I found that if I added the lace on the bottom lid all the way into the inner corner from a distance it looked too much like a dark circle or just a black eye.

(For those of you wondering the design on the right was the design idea I originally had for the valentines day look I uploaded a few weeks ago)

There isn’t really a tone of logic in showing this look in different eye colours seeing as it will suit any eye colour but seeing as I’ll probably still get people asking me to do it I will.

There are a few ways you can make this look less plain if simple rhinestones and liner isn’t glam enough for you.

How about using different kinds of rhinestones? Different colours or even studded rhinestones if you want a “lace and studs” look.

There’s no reason why you have to use black eyeliner.

If your skin is very dark an absolutely stunning alternative to using black eyeliner is any kind of metallic eye liner, especially gold!

And my final suggestion would be why not use some kind of colour on the water line? I know I partly lined the out corner of the waterline but there is no reason why the rest cant be filled.

Green, blue, turquoise eyeliner? Gold? The options are endless :)

Enjoy the tutorial!

2012 New Year Makeup

I was thinking of doing a “normal’ new years look and then I thought…nahh….lets start the year a bit crazy! :D

Now obviously you don’t have to use the colour I used.

I used purple (even though it’s looks like pink) just because it’s my favorite colour, use what ever colour you want.

How it would look on your eye colour…

Personally I think this combination is gorgeous with blue eyes but if you want something more subtle go with a dark brown or even a dark blue. You could even use different coloured rhinestones!

Again, I love this look on green eyes!

If you want a complimentary shade you can use any shade of green, neon green if you’re daring, and a dark green if you want something more subtle :)

For Hazel eyes if you don’t like the purple/pink colour use a brown, if you can find a brown with gold shimmer even better!

And finally grey eyes. Something which would look really beautiful with these eyes is a dark navy blue but going for more of an indigo colour would also look stunning :)

Hope you like the tutorial :)