Review: MUA Undress Me Too Palette

I’ve seen so many bloggers talking about this one I have to admit, it sparked my interest and I bought it. First time in ages I’ve been convinced enough by blog reviews to make a purchase and I was not disapointed!

“Made up of 12 warm and timeless shades, this palette will suit all skin tones and any occasion”

I have tried some of the old MUA palettes in the past and found them very chalky and sheer, they really seem to have improved since then! More pigment, less chalky and nicer packaging.

Every other blog I’ve read seems to be comparing this palette to Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette, since I don’t have it or intend to own it any time soon I can’t make the comparison.


  • £4.00
  • 12 shades
  • Cruelty-free
  • 9  Pearlescent shades 
  • 3 matte shades: Naked, Lavish and Corrupt
Bellow you can see the eyeshadows and the swatches, I only applied them with one swipe and without primer as I feel this shows better the quality of the eyeshadow.

While it looks like the paler colours such as Naked aren’t that pigmented they actually are, unfortunantly it’s such a close colour match to my own skin tone that it got lost in the background a bit. The only shades which were a little lacking were Lavish, Obsessed and Corroupt.

I was so impressed with the quality of these eyeshadows!

Lavish and Obsessed weren’t bad, a little lacking on the pigment side compared to the others but can easily be layered, Corrupt on the other had was entirely useless. It seems to have a thick hard shell over the surface and no mater how I rubbed at it the faint smudge you see above was the only colour I was able to get out of it.

But then agin you all know how much I adore their single eyeshadow in shade 20 (black) which is only £1, so really I don’t have any complaints over this pallet! The perfect affordable pallet for anyone starting out with makeup or anyone who just prefers neutrals.

You can buy this in Superdrug or online

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DIY Lashes: Black Tears

Think I’m going to have to think of more ways to make weird lashes, it was so fun making these and I’d really like to push myself further and see what other crazy designs I could come up with. I have a few idea bouncing around in my head but going to let them marinate a little bit before using them in a tutorial.

“Allergic to Latex? Maybe use sculpt gell instead?”

If you’re allergic to latex you could use sculpt gell, unfortunantly this isn’t the cheapest material to use but it would be re-usable (provided you remove and handle it carefully). You could also use lash glue too, except if you’re allergic to latex you probably have an allergy to most lash glues as latex is one of the prime ingredients :/

Hope you like the tutorial :)

Review: MUA Nail Quakes


The MUA Nail Quakes were sent to me for review purposes.

It seems like every nail varnish company is jumping onto the crackle nail varnish bandwagon so it was only a matter of time till MUA decided to join in on the fun.

So far they have six shades; Broken Arrow, Jailbreak, Shockwave, Shiver, Quiver and Shattered Ice.

My first impression was that the name choices were slightly odd, as neither of them made me think of the colour they represented.


  • Six shades
  • £2.99 each
  • 10 ml
  • Not thick or gloopy.
  • Cruelty-Free

They go on very easily, the packaging is simple and sturdy. I like that they dry quite quickly and don’t crack into lumpy bumps.

One thing to note with all crackle nail varnishes is that you need to be generous and quick with your application.

Don’t try and slowly drag it over your nails, load the brush with a good amount of product and quickly apply it with two quick strokes.


A good crackle nail varnish. Personally I prefer it to the Barry M version as it tends to really gloopy and dries out very fast, not to mention it’s almost double the price so a winning product for MUA!

Quick Tip: If you apply them without a nail varnish under it they wont crack and you can use them a ordinary nail varnish :)

You can get these in store at Superdrug or online:

Review: MUA Lipsticks

First off apologies for the dodgy lighting, I have to remember to take pictures on days where it’s not raining (which in England is rare!)

I have quite a few of the MUA lipsticks, not all of them as not all of them suite me or are my style, but hopefully I can show a good selection of the MUA range.

Anyway, I’ve had these for about 3 months now so I have a pretty good idea of their pros and cons.

None of these lipsticks have names which for me is a bit of a pain in the neck as I find it very difficult to remembers numbers, heck I’ve had the same mobile since I was 15 and I still can’t remember my own number!

The shades above are the most pigmented, the ones bellow are quite sheer.

Personally I like all the shades minus shade eleven as it tends to apply in a slightly patchy manner and dose not really suit the super pale like me.

I wish I could tell you more about the smell but I have a really bad sense of smell so all I can say about it really is I quite like the smell and don’t find it particularly offensive.

As far at the taste goes, again, I have a bad sense of taste, but don’t mind the taste at all. Some lipsticks tend to have a horrible tar-like taste, not the case with these.

All of them are extremely creamy, they just glide on! But the downside to this is that they do have a tendency to bleed so you will need a lip liner.

One thing I especially like is that you can see the shade on the base. I hate, hate, hate having to open up all my lipsticks when I’m looking for the shade I want.

This way I just have to glance at where I keep my lipsticks, see it and pull it out. Simple and practical. Love!


  • 3.8g
  • 13 different shades sold presently
  • £1 each
  • Presently sold only in Superdrug
  • Basic but sleek packaging


  • Excellent price
  • Extremely pigmented
  • Cruelty Free!
  • Good range
  • Very creamy


  • A few of them are sheer
  • Tend to bleed, use a lip liner
  • A few of them have a tendency to stain

You can get the MUA products in pretty much any Superdrug store or online:

I hope the review helped :)