Real Life Disney: Cruella de Vil

I just had to make a few changes to this version of Cruella for my next addition to the Real Life Disney series. Apart from the fact that nothing is going to give me the kind of cheekbones Cruella sports in the cartoon, except for Malificent style prosthetics, I personally imagined Cruella with a little…

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Dia de los Muertos

I know, if I was going to upload this for Dia de Los Muertos I should have uploaded it a few days ago, but I didn’t have time over Halloween to record a look for it and it’s a feast day I really love so I figured better late than never. I love the idea…

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Dying Elf (Elf Collaboration with Emma Pickles)

Emma Pickles and I have been talking about collaborating for quite literlaly years now! Two IMATS ago we decided we were going to do an elf collaboration and today (well…yesterday) we finally got around to it. My idea for this look is that since elves live longer the process of dying would be longer too…

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Bird Queen

I seem to have a thing for queens lately. Dragon Queen, Butterfly Queen, but queens are awesome so it’s ok! I came so close to using my black sclera lenses for this look. In the end it didn’t, and I’m quite happy I didn’t or it might have ended up looking a frightening. I made the beak…

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Winged Rhinestone

Yes, I needed a rhinestone to this look! I mainly did this tutorial so that I could have a decent picture to put on the Author section for Outsider, I’d been looking through all my pictures and there was absolutely nothing that was appropriate. Pictures with boils, glitter and lashes all over my face sure….

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De-potting my Lipsticks

I’ve had these art and craft cases sitting around on my table for well over two months now. I kept meaning to sit down and de-pott all my lipsticks but between one thing and another I kept forgetting or putting it off for something more important. I can see clearly exactly what I have and…

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Real Life Disney: Ursula

Man do I love doing the villains! They’re so fun to do! Dark and evil, and I get to wear my amazing Scelera lenses! This look is probably the most different from the original charactar so far in this series. I didn’t like the short white hair and for her eyes I wanted them to…

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Real Life Disney: Malificent

Probably should have done this one last week since now I’ll just be adding to the dozens of Malificent tutorials which will be up on you tube now but in my defence…this one is not meant to be a re-creation of the makeup in the film. Since I’m having a little fun with how I…

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Art Eyes: Crystalized

For me this time of year is where two things happen like clockwork, I get stressed out of my mind over absolutely ridiculous little things and I get horrifically board of whatever I’m doing regularly, and at the moment that’s the Disney Series which really is far to much on the ‘tame’ side for me…

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Real Life Disney: Mother Gothel

And my first villain of the series! I had been planning to do Ursula first but I ended up doing Mother Gothel instead. In some cases (like Ursula) I’ll be making some major changes. But this look I decided to keep pretty close to the original. I’ll be doing all the villains slightly younger Oh and…

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