The Zodiacs: Aries

Aires Zodiacs Makeup

Yes, I made another pair of horns. I think by this time next week, after I’ve uploaded the tutorial for this on my second channel, I’ll had done three different tutorials on how to make horns. This one has to be my strangest one yet though, I use old shopping bags and garden wire, yes, it’s an odd combination of materials, but you have to admit they look pretty awesome!

This weeks Zodiac was Aries

With this whole zodiac series I didn’t want to limit myself to the colours and personalities which are usually attributed to the various zodiacs. There is so much history and mythology with each Zodiac and I wanted that to be a source of inspiration too. Some of them will be more inspired by the animal assigned to the zodiac and others will be inspired more by the history and mythology behind it.

Close Up of Aires MakeupAires The Ram

Fire is the element usually attributed to Aires and the Golden Ram is where the symbol of the horns comes from for this star sign, so that is what I decided to use as the main inspiration for this look.

I would like to incorporate the symbol of each Zodiac into the eye makeup

I had been half tempted to go for more of a flame-like pattern around the eyes, a little like my Fire Makeup look I did a while ago, but in the end I decided to stick to my idea of working the symbol of each zodiac into the eye makeup a little and keep everything else around it reasonably simple.

The Ram

So this is the next look in my Zodiac’s series! I’m not sure which one I’ll be doing next, in theory Sagittarius since all the props are made for that, but I also have all the props for my Real Life Disney: Ariel look made as well, and that tutorial involves a webbed hand makeup tutorial. So I’m not sure, we’ll have to wait and see :)

I hope you like the tutorial! :D

Real Life Disney: Cruella de Vil

Cruella de Vil 101 Dalmations

I just had to make a few changes to this version of Cruella for my next addition to the Real Life Disney series. Apart from the fact that nothing is going to give me the kind of cheekbones Cruella sports in the cartoon, except for Malificent style prosthetics, I personally imagined Cruella with a little more of a 1920′s look.

And yes, that is a makeup brush in my hand. I had to improvise

I wanted to mix the films and the book up a little by doing the pictures so that they could have been of a socialite (the book) or fashion editor (the film). Originally I had planned to go completely black and white for the photography, since the look I’m going for is a little 1920′s. But I also wanted people to see the trademark red lipstick so, in the end not all of them were black and white, or at least not completely.

Cruella de Vil Magazine Cover Cruella de Vil Vouge Cruella de Vil Smoke

The lips aren’t strictly speaking very 1920′s, if they were they would have been more rounded and less arched. But I wanted to get across that harsh look, and outline the lips with a colour which was waaay to light and blatantly fake.  She’s a villain, so I didn’t want to the makeup to be too perfect, and she’s a little crazy, so all the more reason to do a makeup faux pas.

Which villain would you like to see next?

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Dia de los Muertos

Dia de Los Muertos

I know, if I was going to upload this for Dia de Los Muertos I should have uploaded it a few days ago, but I didn’t have time over Halloween to record a look for it and it’s a feast day I really love so I figured better late than never.

I love the idea of remembering passed loved ones in such a beautiful way

Today I asked Sébastien to collaborate with me and do a tutorial showing his own version. It was quite funny actually, I’d been following Sébastien’s work on Instagram for a while and he was one of the contestants who made it through to the Illamasqua Distinction in Makeup Awards a few weeks ago. We both had a bit of a “hang on…I know you” moment, and since we both are fans of each others work I thought we should do a collaboration.

Just Like Me

On a small side note, well, a BIG side note, the Malumi EP is almost finished! We (Sara and I) have been in the studio for the past few weeks and it’s almost done! We will be releasing Snow in December and then the whole EP in January.

The Malumi website is here

In total there are 5 songs, Snow, See You Around, Go, Unspoiled Ground and Lullaby. I can’t even go into how much I’m excited to share it with you all. Apart from the songs the music videos and the whole aesthetics around Malumi will be so beautiful! The makeup, the website (I’m so happy with the design I did) the music videos…yes, I’m excited! :D

One Day

Oh and what do you think of the glowing skull? No, it’s not photoshop, that skull is actually hollow (it’s a piggy bank) so held a torch under it with a red quality street wrapper over it to get that yellow/red glow and voila!

I hope you like the tutorial! :D

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Dying Elf (Elf Collaboration with Emma Pickles)


Emma Pickles and I have been talking about collaborating for quite literlaly years now! Two IMATS ago we decided we were going to do an elf collaboration and today (well…yesterday) we finally got around to it.

My idea for this look is that since elves live longer the process of dying would be longer too

Of course I went for a more morbid and depressing theme, I wanted the character to look like it was fading away slowly and knew nothing could be done. I know…I’m a happy and cheerful person!

Black and White

I was very very tempted to make all the pictures black and white, they looked so erie in black and white, but I felt it might be a little counterproductive applying all the greens and reds to only have the final photos in black and white.

You can see Emma’s look here

The ears I made myself, but there are still a few things I need to work on before I upload the tutorial on how to make and apply them. They still need a few more improvements.

Black and White Photography Dying Elf Black in White

Since it’s Halloween season my looks are not going to get cheerful in a hurry over the next few weeks, that being said, I hope you like this one :)

Hope you like the tutorial :)  

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Bird Queen

Owl Queen

I seem to have a thing for queens lately. Dragon Queen, Butterfly Queen, but queens are awesome so it’s ok! I came so close to using my black sclera lenses for this look. In the end it didn’t, and I’m quite happy I didn’t or it might have ended up looking a frightening.

I made the beak with some paper painted with nail varnish

Making the ‘tree’ for this was really quite fun! I had some old cardboard boxes lying around so I cut them up, glue gunned them together, and then used about twenty glue sticks on it to get that tree texture. After that I used up any old paints (and some nails varnishes) I was never going to use again. I think even a dried up gel eyeliner got used up on this…

I hope you like the tutorial :)

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Winged Rhinestone

Simple Makeup

Yes, I needed a rhinestone to this look! I mainly did this tutorial so that I could have a decent picture to put on the Author section for Outsider, I’d been looking through all my pictures and there was absolutely nothing that was appropriate. Pictures with boils, glitter and lashes all over my face sure. But something simple, nope!

Black and White

Since I’ve been on a bit of an Outsider overload I didn’t want to leave you guys without a tutorial.  It’s simple, I know, but I will have a dramatic makeup look for you next week.

I hope you like the tutorial :) 

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De-potting my Lipsticks


I’ve had these art and craft cases sitting around on my table for well over two months now. I kept meaning to sit down and de-pott all my lipsticks but between one thing and another I kept forgetting or putting it off for something more important.

I can see clearly exactly what I have and they’re easy to use for makeup jobs 

Not only are the cases (**) really cheap, you can easily see exactly what you have, and if you just want to switch the colours around you can. Or if you’re off on holiday and have a favourite colour you can just take the one pot and not have to drag the entire pot around. 

Nearly Empty

In the Pot


Cuting up the Lipstick

There are neater ways of de-potting lipsticks, but it’s quite time consuming and after you use the lipstick a few times it all looks the same anyhow, so I don’t really see the point in melting it down. And I kinda like the ‘scooped’ surface look too. In a weird way it tends to give me ideas for looks.

First thing I did is take a tissue over the surface of all my lipsticks and clean them

You can get a spray disinfectant for cleaning your lipsticks or wipes, but I’d finally run out of those so I just use a simple kitchen tissue to clean my lipsticks before de-potting them with a spatula.

Stickers Lipstick Names

When I moved all my blushes into my pro palette one of the things I did is remove the sticker on the back with the brand logo and name and re-stuck it onto the back of the pan. So when I run out of the colour I can buy a replacement (providing they still sell it).

I peeled/cut off the stickers from all the lipsticks and stuck them onto the back of the little pots

So just like my blushes, if I run out it’s easy enough to see what brand and colour it was. A few of them them didn’t have very neat looking sticker so I just wrote out the brand/name on a little piece of paper and stuck it to the back with a little strip of sellotape.

Empty Buletts Lipstick Palette

So there you have it! My de-potted lipsticks. Later on I ended up spraying the bottom part of the pallet black, I thought they looked a lot more professional that way (and I’m a sucker for black) but otherwise this is pretty much my new setup for lip sticks :)

I got the palettes from e-bay

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Real Life Disney: Ursula

Your Voice Little Mermaid

Man do I love doing the villains! They’re so fun to do! Dark and evil, and I get to wear my amazing Scelera lenses! This look is probably the most different from the original charactar so far in this series. I didn’t like the short white hair and for her eyes I wanted them to look more ‘fishy’.

I’ll be basing most of the villains on this series

One thing that I have to mention because I’m really too chuffed about it is products background (courtesy of my spare cooking tray) and the underwater effect with my mini fog machine. I was really worried that when I used the fog machine (I had the window open) that someone might see the smoke and think something was on fire. Thankfully that didn’t happen! Would have been quite difficult to answer the door dressed like this!


The necklace was easy, black thin ribbon an old shell and some stainless steel sculpting tools (**) to manually drill a hole into the shell. Takes a bit of time to get the ribbon through the shell and out the opposite hole, but it doesn’t take as long as you would think.

I hope you like the tutorial! :D

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Real Life Disney: Malificent


Probably should have done this one last week since now I’ll just be adding to the dozens of Malificent tutorials which will be up on you tube now but in my defence…this one is not meant to be a re-creation of the makeup in the film.

Since I’m having a little fun with how I interpret these looks I left out the Gaga cheekbones

Personally I thought the cheekbones were a bit too much for the Angelina Jolie version, I mean, the woman already has killer cheekbones! Any more and they just look…excessive I guess? Mal1


For those of you asking how I did the horns, I’m afraid there wont be a tutorial for them. I’ve had the week from hell and I needed to just sit down and make something without having a camera over my shoulder. Though I did find a very good video here on how to make some if you want.

I hope you like the tutorial :)

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Art Eyes: Crystalized

Arty Makeup

For me this time of year is where two things happen like clockwork, I get stressed out of my mind over absolutely ridiculous little things and I get horrifically board of whatever I’m doing regularly, and at the moment that’s the Disney Series which really is far to much on the ‘tame’ side for me at the moment.

Thanks to miawells_x  on my Instagram for suggesting the name! :) 

Don’t worry, I’m still doing the Real Life Disney series, but I absolutely have to start breaking it up with more random and challenging videos or I’m going to start pulling my hair out! So…yea…I need my more crazy video have to come back! So I’m proposing a micro series of ‘wearable’ arty looks a lot like my Lace Eyes Video

Makeup Tutorial

I know this look isn’t to everyone’s tastes but these are the kind of looks I like to wear on the rare occasion that I actually wear makeup of any sort outside. Personally I think if you’re going to wear makeup you might as well go all out and have fun with it!

I hope you like it :) 

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