Review: Lush The Sacred Truth

While I think the whole anti-aging thing is a little bit of a gimmick this face mask is a beauty. I’ve tried all the lush facemasks now, I just haven’t reviewed all of them, and truth be told I like all of them. Just depending on your skin type and the season certain masks work better….

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Review: Lush Cupcake Facemask

Might not be the best face mask to have if you’re craving chocolate, you might end up licking your face, but this is one of the Lush face masks that I consistently forget how good it is. Being a bit of a chocolate addict it’s pretty hard to put this on my face without wanting…

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Review: Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic

I don’t know if i’ve mentioned this before but this is hands down my FAVORITE face mask! While there are many other masks that I love to use this one is the one that I can be sure will help my skin no mater what the problem is. While garlic is the primary ingredient in this,…

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Review: Lush Sex Bomb

If they’d called this one Gun’s and Roses I’d get it, but Sex Bomb? For something that looks and smells like this it seems like a bit of a gimmick. Oh Lush, you and your product names! Not quite on the level of NARS though (thank goodness!) Lush don’t you dare get any ideas! “This ballistic…

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Review: Lush BB Seaweed

I’m so used to typing ‘cream’ after BB that I nearly typed the title wrong several times. Thankfully I’ve never seen a BB cream like this! My sister Nicky de Lys was absolutely lovely and got this for me the other day which was just perfect has my skin really needed some TLC from being…

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Review: Lush Floating Island

This one kind of looks a bit like a cheese doesn’t it? Thankfully it doesn’t smell like one (could you imagine?) but it was funny how many of you though I was going to do a blog post on cheese when I posted a picture of this on my Instagram.  “Ride the tide of skin softening…

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Review: Lush Dream Cream

I should have written a review on this one ages ago but for some reason I kept forgetting about it even though it’s an essential on my skin-care routine. Though it’s described as a hand and body lotion I also use it on my face from time to time. “A soothing and cooling cream that…

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Review: Lush Avobath Bath Bomb

I think out of all the Lush bath bombs I’ve tried this is one of my favorites, I’ve probably already bought around 3 of these, possibly four if you include this one. The main reason I like this one so much is the smell. A citrus and lemongrass smell with avocado and olive oil to moisturise….

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My Skincare Favorites: Breath of Fresh Air

It’s quite funny that before trying this product I’ve always thought that toners were a bit of a con, when I first started getting into skin care a few years ago the first toner I tried out dried my skin out something chronic. I don’t know what on earth possessed me to buy this a…

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Recent Empties

Really this should be titled a every-six-months empties because I really don’t go through products fast enough for it to be monthly. Quite a few of these are gong to be re-purchases, especially the Body Shot Pomegranate and Raspberry room spray (which personally I use as a body spray). Lush: Breath of Fresh Air Toner…

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