Klaire’s Wardrobe: New Additions

Sainsburies Rings

So, I have a ring addiction and I’m absolutely fine with that! Heck, I think I’m probably going to have to ask for a small ring display box for my birthday so I can organise them properly. The more rings the better!

Today I popped into Sainsburies and like any good jewellery addict headed strait to their jewellery section to check it out

Recently I’ve really been getting into sterling silver jewellery. Sure it costs a little more but I don’t really mind, I hate getting that horrible green ring on my skin or have my skin itching like crazy, and I’m in love with these new finds. The large leaf ring in particular is my favourite. Fit’s perfectly on my middle finger.


And on a little side note, please ignore how swollen my hands look. I was an absolute idiot and had some croissants to celebrate my friends wedding a few days ago, figured (like a plonker) that a little wheat wouldn’t hurt. So right now I’m paying for it with swollen joins and hands. Lovely, I know!

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Klaire’s Wardrobe: Gemstone Necklaces

Items provided for review

Gemstone Necklaces

I blame pinterest for this post, it got me completely addicted to small gemstone necklaces and I can’t wait till the summer when I can finally wear some loose cotton shirts, a strappy and a few of these beauties layered on top of each other.

 I made a few tweeks to the necklaces, they were all the same length and I want to be able to layer them

After I bought my acorn necklace a few months ago the owner actually wrote to me asking if they could send me some pieces from their store, given that I had already made a list about the length of my arm of pieces I wanted to get I was not about to say no.

Adjusting My Necklace

I might make a few extension clip-on’s  for these necklaces so I don’t have to permanently change them. Typically the moment I change the chain length I’m going to want to wear one longer or shorter.

You can get these here (**)

Little fact about me, my favourite gemstone is tigers eye, but out of all of these the one I’ve been wearing the most is Rock crystal. It goes with pretty much anything I wear and I love it!


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Klaire’s Wardrobe: Second Piercing Studs

Second Piercing Studs

I think I was about 8 years old when I decided I would get a second piercing, I remember seeing this Indian lady in this beautiful red sari with red chandelier earrings and one simple red stud on her second piercing. Ever since then I’ve wanted to get a second piercing and a few months ago I finally did.

I didn’t want anything big, just a few small studs to match with whatever other earrings I’d be wearing 

My two favourites are the red and clear studs, I have two of the clear studs since they’re the colours I tend to wear the most, and as usual like all my jewellery, I bought it from e-bay here.

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Klaire’s Wardrobe | Nina Richi L’Elixir

Nina Richi

The last of my purchases (so far) from Nina Richi, and my favourite of the three perfumes I bought. My tastes in perfumes might be considered slightly immatures since I adore sweet fruity smells, but hey, that’s what I like, along with beautiful perfume bottles.

Top note: Calabrese Lemon, Lime Caipirinha | Heart: Red Berries, Jasmine | Base: Amber

I made the mistake of going for a small perfume bottle with my first perfume so this time (for all three perfumes I bought) I went for the 50ml, hopefully this one will last me a little longer than 3 months.

Nina Perfume

I’d describe the smell as fresh and fruity with a kick. Perfect for the winter, or if it’s really hot and you want a smell that at least makes you feel like it’s cooler. My absolute favourite current perfume!

You can get this here

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Klaire’s Wardrobe | Masquerade Rings

Masquerade Rings

No, they’re not masquerade masks, they’re actually rings! I’m very seriously considering making a (two) maksquerade mask videos based on these, with a few slight changes of course but instead of being masks using makeup.

I got these here: Left(**) Right(**)

I’m in a bit of a theatrical mood lately and I’m slightly itching to do something fancy and ornate. What do you think? Which one wold you like to see as a makeup tutorial or a DIY Masquerade mask tutorial?

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Klaire’s Wardrobe | Red Jewellery

Earrings and Ring

My favourite colour tends to shift with the seasons. In the summer I favour fuschia, in autumn purples and in winter I fall in love with red all over again. Apart from wanting some red jewellery these were also perfect for a fairy look I had planned.

Since I was going to wear a berry crown this was the perfect excuse to buy the ring and earrings to match

I’d also had a cocktail ring on my 100′ items list, and I wanted something which looked old and fantasy-ish. Since I bought them separately they’re slightly different shades of red, not that I really mind, but if you’re looking to get exactly the same shade then Siam is closer in colour than Padparadscha which is what I got.

Ring | Earrings 

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Klaire’s Wardrobe: Fake Gauge Earrings

I don’t know how many of you remember my old gauge earrings, I’d worn them in quite a few of my videos and they were hands down my favourite earrings. Believe it or not these kinds of earrings are seriously lightweight and comfortable!

I lost one of them a few weeks ago when I was walking across a park and didn’t hear it fall off my ear

I’d had my eyes on these for a while and figured I’d take losing the others as a motivation and get them. My mum still thinks they look like curtain hooks though haha! :)

Personally I’m quite a fickle person when it comes to things that I like tattoos, colours and styles that I like. So for me to get real gauges is out of the question. I change my mind far too quickly! But these are the perfect compromise for me, the aesthetic without the commitment of stretching your ears :)

I got mine here  

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Klaire’s Wardrobe DIY: Sequin Shoulders

A few days ago in my Charity shop haul I showed you this cashmere jumper and mentioned I was thinking of bling-ing it up a bit. I’d actually bought some sequins for a separate project but I over-orderd just a little and the sequins were just perfect for sewing on this jumper.

I’ve become a little addicted to cashmere recently. It’s just so comfortable!

I ordered these little pots of champaign coloured sequins (I am not generally fond of gold or silver sequins) and in the end exactly one pot is what I used for both sleeves.

I borrowed my sister’s dress manikin for this one, I didn’t want to stitch it without having it over a manikin incase they didn’t sit right once I was actually wearing the top.

In total it took me about 5-6 hours to sew on all the sequins

I might sew on a few more at a later date, I wanted the majority of the sequin clusters to be along the top of my shoulders and they ended up being a little more towards the back part of my shoulders.

And there you go! The finished top! Absoloutly love it! Got a few more things more things I need to sequin-ify, a pair of shoes and a skirt, so you might see a few more posts like this :)

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Klaire’s Wardrobe: Vintage Perfume Atomiser

For my last perfume post (and my first ever perfume purchase) I’d set myself the goal of for each new song I recorded with Fenix  to get myself a new perfume. Over the past few weeks we’ve gotten 3, almost 4 new songs demo’d, though not recorded, so I gave myself a little leeway and got myself a retro perfume bottle.

I wanted to experiment with making my own perfumes and I absolutely adore retro-perfume bottles

I’m quite looking forward to experimenting with this one! :D One of my favourite things to collect is essential oils, and I have quite a collection! My favourites being pine, jasmine, lime and pomegranate.

I absolutely adore retro perfume bottles, and I know it sounds silly but I was literally squeezing the balloon pump (that’s what the squeezy thing is called) for about five minute because it made me laugh so much.

I think my first mix will be using pine, peach and jasmine

The bottle also came with a spare plain lid and funnel, and it’s easy to take the top off. So if a mixture ends a little strangely I can just use it as room spray and try again.

The first few tries are probably going to be on the far end of terrible. But hopefully after a while I’ll get the swing of it, and if I end up getting quite good at it I think I’m going to end up slowly collecting more of these.

I bought mine here (**)

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Klaire’s Wardrobe: Charity Shop Haul

Any of you following me on Instagram know that I get 99% of my jewelry and clothes from ebay. But another place I absolutely love hunting around in is charity shops.

Might sound silly, but I always get excited in charity shops, you never know what you’re going to find!

Sure most of the time you find absolutely nothing. But sometimes you find some absolute bargains! Though I haven’t included it in this post only last week I found the most beautiful trench coat from Topshop for £4. I was over the moon!

Before people ask why on earth I bought a straw table mat, I actually got that for my blog pictures. Over the last two months I’ve been collecting bits and bobs that can make the background of my review pictures a little more interesting. Tissues, straw, a bamboo cutting board etc.

My main plan is to use them for the background of any products which are for organic skincare or jewellery. 

I got a few funny looks when I said I wanted just one table mat (it came in a set of four) and just the deer decoration (which also came in a set). I thought the deer would be perfect to have next to the sink to hold any jewellery I was wearing while I’m doing the washing.

Recently, well…about 3 months ago, I bought a grey cashmere polo-neck at a second-hand bazar in Oxford. I’d never worn cashmere before and this one was brand new (it even had the tag still on it) and since then I’ve been keeping an eye out for more chashmere bargains.

In total everything came down to £6 

I do want to sew a few champaign sequins on this top though to make it a little more lively. I’m very fond of blacks and reds for my wardrobe (though I am trying to step out of my comfort zone for that) and beige for me is a little bit of a dull colour, but a few sequins trailing off the shoulders should fix that.

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