DIY: Cocoa Face Mask

Cocolate face mask

You might have to resist eating this one after applying it on your face but given it’s ingredients you might actually enjoy it! This face mask is mainly good for getting your skin to look that extra bit better though because of the honey and oats it’s very good for when your skin is feeling a little sensitive.

Funny thing is the ingredients aren’t that far off from what I use to make coconut cookies!

Honey tends to bump up the shelf-life of any home made face mask since it’s antibacterial, but I still wouldn’t recommend keeping a DIY face mask for longer than one/two weeks.

Hope you like it :)

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DIY: Scented/Tinted Bath Salts

Bath Salts

It’s simple but I absolutely love my bath salts and thought I would show you how I like to make them a little more fun to use. Two things I have to point out: Be careful with essential oils! Just because it’s natural does not mean you can’t have a reaction to some of them. For example, cinnamon makes me blow up like a balloon!

Another thing you can do is add Lemon or Orange zest to the bath salts, also Lavender and mint leaves work too

Also make sure what ever food colouring you use doesn’t stain, reds tend to be the guilty party in that department but some brands don’t have that problem as much as others.

Hope you like the video :)

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DIY: Owl Jar

Owl Jat

This little chap has been nicknamed Mamá Búho by my sister because it reminded her of a slightly grumpier version of the owl from The Fox and the Hound. Personally it reminds me more of the owl from Bambi a little more but Mamá Búho sounds nicer so I’m going with that.

I finally got a replacement for my poor dead glue gun, so obviously I had to do a project using it right away 

One thing which I was considering doing but didn’t in the end was making the owl with clay so that it actually popped out of the jar rather than just being a flat image on the jar, but that’s something I can always do an extension tutorial on later and for this one I wanted to just keep it simple.

I Hope you like the tutorial :) 

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DIY Beauty: Avomask

I think avocado is one of those ingredients that a lot of people think of when facemasks are mentioned but aren’t used nearly enough. They are so increadible for your skin! Personally I can find it a bit of a moisture overload (so it’s perfect for dry/very dry skin) so I like to mix it with garlic and asprin, both which are fantastic for spots.

The garlic and mint can disagree with very sensitive skin types 

Garlic in particular can be quite strong, that goes for the smell too, which is why I’m only using one small clove for this mask. Too much of it can make your eyes water, and just because it’s natural does not mean you can’t have a natural reaction to the ingredient. So if you’re not sure check on your neck or arm before applying it to your face.

Hope you like the tutorial :)