Beauty Boxes: September Starlooks Box

Disclaimer: Item provided for review.

One beauty, two beauty box, three beauty box more! And here we have an other beauty box to add to the ever growing list of companies doing beauty boxes.

“What’s so different about this box then?”

I’ve only eve tried one beauty box, but I wasn’t too impressed with it. The reason I said yes to trying out this one is for one, all the products in this box are cruelty free, and instead of samples you get full sized products.

Something else that was very interesting is that you can also buy the products individually from their site, which I thought was a brilliant idea as you effectively get to sample their products at a cheaper rate. It would be quite interesting if companies like Lush or Inglot started up doing a beauty box system like this….humm now that’s an idea….


  • Monthly subscription box
  • $15 – £10 per month
  • Only Cruelty-free products
  • Full Sized Products

And one last little interesting bit of trivia for you, the company that makes these products is the same one that used to make MAC cosmetics before they were bough out by Estee Lauder, changed their supplier and ceased being cruelty-free.

In this months Starlooks box you get a five eyeshadow palette, an eye primer two crystels and some rhinestones. The rhinestones and the crystals felt like a bit of a gimmicky addition to this beauty box, but the palette has some beautiful colours and the primer is quite a werid and interesting texture.

What was in the box?

  • A ‘monographic’ palette (so technically 5 eye shadows)
  • Eye primer
  • 2 crystals
  • Small tube of rhinestones

The primer “i-prime” is quite weird (and I mean that in a good way) it’s a gel consistency but once it’s applied is quite a dry formula. The skin around my eyes is quite dry so this one is not one which will make its way into my kit but for people who complain of oily lids and primers that doesn’t stick this would be perfect for you.

Now as for the palette, I love this one! It’s very, very similar to the e.l.f eye transformer palette so maybe I’ll do a comparison on them at some point. I have to try and use this one in a bridal look!

It would be so perfect for something subtle but striking. Bellow I’ve swatched the many different variations you can achieve with this palette. Note: the two bottom swatches are done with one stripe and the top row is done with around 3 swipes.

Overall I like this beauty box.

The palette is just beautiful and it’s definitely going to make it’s way into a bridal look.

I still feel like the addition of the crystals and rhinestones is a bit gimmicky but hey, lets have a wait and see what the future Starlooks boxes bring first before passing final judgement :)

If you like the look of starlooks you can check them out here

Have you tried any beauty boxes?

I’m back! :D New video and plans…

*Happy dance* I’m back!

I was hoping to do a much more dramatic video for my first upload in over two months but it’s taking me a lot more time than I planned to make all the props I need for that tutorial so I had to upload a far less spectacular tutorial.

But don’t worry, that tutorial will still be uploaded!

Seeing as everyone liked it so much in my previous blog posts when I showed how the makeup would look with different eye colours I’ll still be doing that.

And the lovely thing about this look is that if the mint green dosn’t work with your eye colour you can just swap it with a colour that does!

So what are my plans for videos now?

Well…I will be uploading regularly now, on my KlairedelysArt channel it will be once a week on a Friday and then pretty much randomly on my Klairedelysdotcom channel but generally for that channel I’d like to keep it to the beginning of the week.


Yes I have a second channel! What’s it for? Mainly for reviews (I’m not a fan of mixing tutorials with reviews in my channel as they tend to appeal to different people), How-I-Made/Painted-That videos, tutorials which are not makeup related such as DIY beauty and just random stuff.

Keep an eye out on that channel cause you know that present I’ve mentioned a few times that I was making for ALL of you? Well the video for that will be uploaded on that channel.

As I’m sure I’m going to get flooded with questions about THOSE wing earrings these are the gorgeous pair of earrings I bought from the lovely Aranwen. You can buy them here.

Oh and Aranwen was kind enough to give me a code to get a 10% discount for you guys, so if you any of you are planning on buying one of her pieces don’t forget to use the code KLAIRE10 at the checkout.

And I hope you like the video :D


Makeup Palettes: Where I get mine

In my recent how-to tutorials you probably saw that I like to keep my eye shadows and blushes in palettes.

If there in one thing I hate it’s having to open up a million different blushes/eye shadows to find that one colour I want (and typically it’s always the one at the bottom of the pile) so I’ve gotten into the habit of de-potting everything and keeping it in palettes.

I buy all my palettes from Celia Makeup, it’s so affordable its insane!

When they arrive they all look like the picture above but I always rip out that inside packading so that I can fit more makeup in.

So first thing I do is rip everything out.

As you can see the glue used to stick the tray down is left on the base, my favorite method to remove this is to dab Surgical Spirit all over it, leave it to sink in for about a minute, and then peel it all off.

Obviously you can use your fingers or a sponge/cotton ball, but if you’re planning on doing this to several pallets one after another try to scrape it off without using your fingers.

After trying to use your nails for a few pallets your nails start to hate you.

Once all the glue is gone I like to pad my palettes, a tip I learned from this video. For those of you who are wondering where I bought the padding, I bought it in a shop called Tiger in Ealing.

This trick is a lifesaver!! (well…makeup saver). I’ve put my kit through some pretty rough traveling and I’m yet to have an eyeshadow pop on me….famous last words.

I hope those tips helped :)

Review- Beauty Encyclopedia: Everyday Eyes

Quite a few people have asked me what eye shadows from e.l.f are the best and the answer is the beauty encyclopedias. The quads are good but you tend to get tones of fallout with them, and the studio line are not very pigmented.

All the eye shadows in this pallet are well pigmented and have a satin-like texture to them, it comes with 12 eye shadows, 2 cream eye shadows and and eyeliner and applicator.

Are they the most pigmented eye shadows I have ever tried? No, for the moment Sugarpill are the only shadows that have blown my mind as far as pigmentation goes, but the e.l.f eyeshadows are still very good.

All the swatches bellow were from one swipe so you can see they’re quite pigmented. One thing I have noticed though is that the shades with glitter in them tend the lose the glitter a little bit when you apply them to the eyes.

As for the eyeliner and applicator in the set I never use them, I normally end up using the applicator for pastel drawings. The eyeliner looks great in the swatches but on the waterline ends up being a weak greyish colour.


  • Good pigmentation
  • Super affordable
  • Good range of colours
  • Shipping is VERY fast!
  • Excellent customer service
  • Cruelty Free


  • Prone to fallout
  • They can arrive a little battered
  • Are very prone to “popping” as they are loosely pressed. Do not drop these! They will explode!

To note:

  • With the cream eye shadows you will need to set them with a primer or a powder and apply them lightly or they will crease in seconds. You can use them as a primer but you have to apply them extremely thinly or again they will crease.

I was going to list the fact that I’m not too fond of the packaging in the “cons” section, but seeing as it’s more a personal preference to have all my eye shadows in pallets it’s not too fair to put it in that section.

Overall this one is much better than the “Sparkle Eyes” encyclopedia, I found with that one that the glittery eyeshadows tented to just blow off my eyelids while these eye shadows have much more staying power.

I hope this review was helpful to some of you and feel free to leave requests of other e.l.f products you want me to review :)