DIY: Leaf Masquerade Mask

Forest Masquerade

I know I use glue guns a lot, but when you can make masks like this quickly (and cheaply) can you honestly blame me? Next week I’ll be showing you how to make a masquerade mask with just a glue gun and paint, but this week we’ll be including one extra item into the tutorial. A silicone cake decoration mould.

I managed to resist the temptation this week, but if you’re a magpie like me feel free to add a couple of rhinestones to the mask. Especially around the edges

Also with autumn coming up you could also make a mask like this, but paint it different colours, reds, yellows, golds. There are hundreds of combinations you could do! Maybe even go for a psychedelic neon combination if you want something a bit unusual.

I hope you like the tutorial :)

DIY Horns

Horns DIY

I did tutorials on how to make horns about a year ago, but I thought I’d make another one showing a completely different way of making them, it’s simpler and a lot less time consuming.

One of the music videos for Malumi is quite prop heavy, so I’m having to make some of the props now 

In one of the music videos (it’s called Lullaby) we’re going to have quite a selection of mythilogical creatures, fauns specifically, so I needed to make another set of horns. Also since Halloween in only in a few days time this tutorial might be perfect for a few last minute costume ideas.

Hope you like the tutorial! :D

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DIY: Gems and Swirls Jar


This one is so simple I very nearly didn’t upload it. Most of you have probably already guessed what it is made of (no prizes for guessing correctly) but since so many of you wanted a tutorial when I posted a look at it on my Instagram I decided to do it anyway.

Bear it mind there are a million and one different things you can do with this method

The pattern I did was ridiculously simple. But you could make it follow a van Gogh starry night pattern if you wanted to make it look a little more interesting. New week I’ll be posting a new video instead of my normal every-two-weeks schedule to make up for how easy this one was.

I hope you like the tutorial :) 

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DIY: Cocoa Face Mask

Cocolate face mask

You might have to resist eating this one after applying it on your face but given it’s ingredients you might actually enjoy it! This face mask is mainly good for getting your skin to look that extra bit better though because of the honey and oats it’s very good for when your skin is feeling a little sensitive.

Funny thing is the ingredients aren’t that far off from what I use to make coconut cookies!

Honey tends to bump up the shelf-life of any home made face mask since it’s antibacterial, but I still wouldn’t recommend keeping a DIY face mask for longer than one/two weeks.

Hope you like it :)

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DIY: Scented/Tinted Bath Salts

Bath Salts

It’s simple but I absolutely love my bath salts and thought I would show you how I like to make them a little more fun to use. Two things I have to point out: Be careful with essential oils! Just because it’s natural does not mean you can’t have a reaction to some of them. For example, cinnamon makes me blow up like a balloon!

Another thing you can do is add Lemon or Orange zest to the bath salts, also Lavender and mint leaves work too

Also make sure what ever food colouring you use doesn’t stain, reds tend to be the guilty party in that department but some brands don’t have that problem as much as others.

Hope you like the video :)

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DIY Beauty: Porridge Face Scrub

Egg Oats

Ok porridge is probably not the best name for this scrub, but it was a tie between that and calling it an omelette face scrub, and quite frankly porridge just sounds less strange. One thing I will stress for this tutorial is really make sure the egg shells are ground extremely well!

The egg shells should be ground until it feels like finely ground sand

Do not cut corners when it comes to grinding the eggshells, they’re fantastic for exfoliation but it you don’t grind them up enough they can have a similar effect on your skin as apricot kernels, scratchy and too rough (at least for me they were).

Hope you like the video!:D 

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Thranduil Crown DIY

DIY Thranduils cROWN2

And it’s here! Sorry for the delay, believe it or not this is very easy to make, time consuming, but easy. All you need is wire, a glue gun (no surprises there), two cans of spray paint and a few pine branches.

I know, I know…I used a glue gun…again!

I hope you like it, oh and a quick note. For the second channel I’ve had to change my schedule, I’ve made a quick video about it here.

I hope you like the tutorial :)

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DIY: Jewellery Tree

jewellery tree DIYStarting on a side note I really, really hate the word jewellery. It’s one of those words I can never spell right till I type it out in google to check and then what do you know, I get it right! Absolutely infuriating!

I’ve wanted to have one of these for next to the kitchen sink for a while

I might end up making several of these because there are quite a few ways you can make them and so many different variations, but for the moment I’ll be using my good old glue gun.

Hope you like the tutorial :) 

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DIY: Cherry Blossom Headband


Can’t take the credit for this one, wish I could say I came up with the absolutely genius idea, but I saw the original idea on Pinterest. I was going to just wait till a few more flowers had blossomed outside and make a real cherry blossom crown, but I think I’ve done one too many flower/branches/berries crowns in my videos so far.

For my cherry blossom makeup look I wanted to make a theme matching headband

I ended up making way too many flowers but luckily I had three spare headbands so I’ll be selling one (here), giving one away on my twitter and saving the third for a giveaway I’m working towards.


Now that I’ve made the crown (and have about 10 meters of spare wire) I’m going to see if there isn’t something else I can apply this technique to. Possibly a wire stained glass window for a backdrop?

Hope you like the video :)

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DIY: Tea Box

Tea Box

A few months ago I made a tea box for my mum and I finally got around to making one for myself. A lot of of you asked me to do a tutorial on it so I did! I know, it’s not exactly the most groundbreaking tutorial I’ve ever done, but there should be a few tips/tricks you’ll like.

You DON’T have to use just what I use, use what you have to hand

If you don’t have promarkers then use a permanent marker (check before you use it on the bottom of the box, some woods have a tendency to bleed a little more than others). Acrylic, nail varnish, whatever you have to hand. Just have fun with it. Oh and I got the box here (**)

Enjoy! :D

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