Thranduil Crown DIY

And it’s here! Sorry for the delay, believe it or not this is very easy to make, time consuming, but easy. All you need is wire, a glue gun (no surprises there), two cans of spray paint and a few pine branches. I know, I know…I used a glue gun…again! I hope you like it,…

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DIY: Jewellery Tree

Starting on a side note I really, really hate the word jewellery. It’s one of those words I can never spell right till I type it out in google to check and then what do you know, I get it right! Absolutely infuriating! I’ve wanted to have one of these for next to the kitchen sink…

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DIY: Cherry Blossom Headband

Can’t take the credit for this one, wish I could say I came up with the absolutely genius idea, but I saw the original idea on Pinterest. I was going to just wait till a few more flowers had blossomed outside and make a real cherry blossom crown, but I think I’ve done one too…

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DIY: Tea Box

A few months ago I made a tea box for my mum and I finally got around to making one for myself. A lot of of you asked me to do a tutorial on it so I did! I know, it’s not exactly the most groundbreaking tutorial I’ve ever done, but there should be a…

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DIY: Mehndi Hairbrush

I was looking at my hairbrush the other day and thinking how utterly dull it looked so I decided to doodle a little bit and make it a tad more interesting. If this hadn’t been a spur of the moment thing the Mehindi design would probably have been a lot neater/more ellaborate, but for the…

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DIY: Owl Jar

This little chap has been nicknamed Mamá Búho by my sister because it reminded her of a slightly grumpier version of the owl from The Fox and the Hound. Personally it reminds me more of the owl from Bambi a little more but Mamá Búho sounds nicer so I’m going with that. I finally got a replacement…

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DIY Beauty: Coconut Cleanser

I’m trying not to inundate you all with coconut related video’s, but since I made my How To Make Coconut Milk video last week I thought that now would be a good time to show you one of my favourite DIY beauty tricks. A mild cleanser and fantastic for a bit of TLC and moisture…

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DIY: Aztec Earrings

For Christmas my sister got me these beautiful earring and as much as I love them, I thought I would add a little colour to them. I wasn’t sure wether to take coloured thread and wrap it around the bands, but in the end I stuck to using nail varnish. I’ve pretty much switched to…

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How to Make: Coconut Milk

In my new years resolutions update post I mentioned I’d made the switch from drinking milk, which as it turns out I was allergic to, and moved over to the coconut milk club. Not only has it been amazing on my overall healthy I could rave for days on the huge benefits for the skin….

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DIY: Candle Crown

No, the candles are not really on fire, my hair has only just started growing enough, I don’t intend to start burning it off. Of course I will be using my trusty glue gun, and about two packets of glue sticks but hey, it’s very quick and easy to do. If you don’t have a…

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