NOTW: Copper

NOTW: Nails Of The Week

My favourite nail varnish! If there was one animal (well…bird) that described my personality it would be a Magpie. I loooove shiny things! And this nail varnish is my favorite. The only draw back is it is slightly hard to remove, a little bit like a glitter nail varnish, but not as tough.

I like that this colour has a few “sub-colours” red, purple and even a bit of green.

I’m not normally very fond of gold, as far as jewellry goes I don’t own any gold coloured jewlery because I fid it a very garish and a flat colour, but this one I absolutely love. The many flecks of colour make it so fascinating to flash in the sunlight.

I love wearing this colour in the summer, especially if the weather is nice. I could spend ages just staring at the sun reflecting of all the becautiful colours in this. Sad I know, but it’s so pretty!

Copper from Barry M 

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NOTW: Racing Green

NOTW: Nails Of The Week

I’m generally pretty lazy when it comes to my nails. Since I do a lot of DIY I don’t generally let them grow long since it’s just a right pain in the neck to keep them clean. But while I’m working on my big project (which I’ll finally be able to share with you at the end of July!) I’ve been letting my nails grow long.

I figured a good way to make me keep them neat would be to blog about a new colour each week.

Pretty much all (appart from 2) of my nail varnishes are from Barry M. So this little series is pretty much going to be a Barry M display session, but they have so many beautiful colours which are seriously underrated, this one being no exception.

In the dark or normal daylight it just looks like a emerald colour but when you put it in the light it’s like the colours from a peacock feather. I originally bought this one at Christmas last year since it was the perfect Christmas colour but it’s also so beautiful in the summer!

Racing Green from Barry M

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Butterfly Lashes

If any of you remember my old Paper Butterfly tutorial this probably looks quite familiar. Same thing for the Butterfly makeup tutorial, I got SO many questions about the little butterfly lash I had on my lower lid so todays video is sort of a 3 in one video.

“Obviously please be careful with the craft knife, and don’t do this if you’re underage”

Oh and I should mention too that I finally set up an Instagram account! :D Yes this one is the real me, the KlairedelysArt account is a fake.

And just a little warning, I’ve become obsessed with it so if you follow me you may or may not get inundated with pictures of props and up coming tutorial sneak peaks :)

Banshee Makeup

And another one knocked off my “Mythical Creatures” list! :D Not entirely sure what creature I want to do next but for the moment here is a banshee.

The idea I had behind this look is I didn’t want a creature that looked pretty or terrifying but rather sad, it can’t be nice to tell people “hey your time is up!” so I decided to make the focus of this look the tears.

“A banshee is a fairy woman from Irish mythology who begins to wail if someone is about to die”

The lashes (or rather the tears) are seriously easy to make! The tutorial for them won’t be going up till Saturday/Sunday but as usual blog followers get a early viewing HERE.

I was seriously considering having black lips at first for this look but in the end I went for this mulberry look and deliberately didn’t really fill in the center of the lower lip so that the effect was similar to the fading you would get if you were biting your lips a lot.

Amazingly I managed to resist the temptation to include glitter in this tutorial. I’m so proud of myself! Haha just kidding ;)

Hope you like the tutorial :)

Christmas Nails

I wanted to do something simple, elegant but slightly edgy this year for Christmas, so instead of using the typical colour that gets used at this time of year (red’s and burgundies I’m looking at you) I thought I’d make the main colour black.

This one is really easy to do and I decided to use a technique called “masking” which hopefully will give you a few ideas.

Hope you like the video :)

Gothic Doll

I was asked to do a Gothic Doll look ages ago and several times, I wanted to one without the eye-enlargening lenses (I’ll do one of those later) and something which was slightly cartoonish without being too over the top.

My main insperation came from this photo:

I think it was almost a year ago one of you asked me to do this look so I’m happy that I finally got one requested look done (one down a couple o’ hundred to go).

Enjoy the tutorial :)

DIY Brush Holder: Nail Varnished

I go through candles quite fast, really fast!

I’m obssesive about always having a candle burning in the bathroom when I’m at home so as you can imagine I have quite a few candle jars, but so far I haven’t thrown away a single one because I have found so many uses for them.

Today I wanted to show you what I do to the candle jars I use for my makeup brushes. This one will be the first of a series of candle jar decorations but for the moment I’m going to start off with this simple one.

What I used:

  • Latex
  • Nail Varnish
  • Candle Jar
  • Nail Dotting Tools

These are really easy to do, and what I like about it is you can be quite messy (as demontrated by the one on the right) and it still looks fun and interesting.

I got the idea for this one after reading MakeUpSavvy’s blog post about how she decorated her candle jars, i figured if it looks good on the inside of the jar how will it look on the outside? :)

Hope you enjoy the tutorial :)

Tag: Six Favorite Nail Varnishes

I’ve never really done any tags on my main channel, mainly because they tend to end up talking about more and more personal stuff which is something I just don’t want to do on any of my channels.

But now that I have my second channel I think I will start doing more of these kinds of tags as they are quite fun to do. My favorite out of these six is Copper from Bary M. Obsessed with this colour!

It’s so sparkly and pretty and just ugh! Love, love it!

What are your six favorite nail varnishes?


Dragon Eyeliner

When I first did this look  I had planned it to look more tribal tattoo-sh, but then like most of my plans I ended up doing something completely different.

This looks is a bit of a tricky one because I can’t really think of alternatives for the different eye colours.

But then again I think this look should suit any eye colour so I’ll just be showing you today how these look on different eye colours today.

I suppose if you really want it to be specific to your eye colour you could use a different colour eyeliner instead of the gold eyeliner.

I’m a little bit sad now that I’ve finished this series to be honest. I was really enjoying making the props and painting the background, but I’ve already started planing my next big tutorial series and right now I’m thinking Zombies….

Any way…Enjoy the video! :D

Eyeliner Review: Barry M Wink vs. Collection 2000 Extreme

Disclaimer: The Barry M Wink eyeliner was given to me at an event.

I’ve been really getting into comparision reviews lately so here are another two I thought it would be interesting to compare.


  • Collection 2000 £2.99 vs. Barry M £4.59
  • BOTH brands are cruelty free
  • BOTH UK brands

I’ve been a huge fan of the Collection 2000 eyeliner but I was recently given the Barry M one at an event and though it would be the perfect product to compare.

I won’t go into too much detail as I’ve linked my video review bellow but one thing I’ve noticed with any type of liquid eyeliner is that if you wear it daily it can drive the skin around your eyes a little nuts.

It’s probably something to do with the fact that most pen eyeliners have alcohol in them (that’s what makes them fast drying) so if you already have dry and sensitive skin around the eyes a gel or cream eyeliner might be a better alternative for you.

Here is the video review:

If you’re not from the UK and want to try out either of the brands Barry M dose do worldwide shipping (I think) however I’m fairly sure that Collection 2000 dose not have that option, but if you keep an eye out on e-Bay and Amazon I’m sure you’ll be able to catch them there :)

You can get the Barry M eyeliner here

And you can get the Collection 2000 eyeliner here

What type of eyeliner do you use/prefer?