Seven Deadly Sins: Pride

You know what I love about black and white photography? It makes your skin look flawless! This look is going to be the most ‘borring’ out of all my seven deadly sins looks, but I didn’t feel something heavy was really appropriate for this character.

I wanted to slightly tie this look in with vanity 

My concept for this look was trying to look perfect. When I think of ‘perfect’ makeup I think old Holliwood, Maralin Monroe/Marlene Dietrich, so I wanted to take elements of that and put it in the makeup, but mainly in the photography.

Little bit of a side note but I can’t wait to do some more Graphic Eyeliner looks so I can go crazy with completely black and white photography. Though I did include some purple in this look, (the colour traditionally associate with Pride) I’m not going to be too pedantic about including the traditional colours in this series.

Why an apple? 

Yea the apple is a reference to the forbidden fruit from the garden of Eden, and is often used as a symbol of pride and something you want badly, but is not terribly good for you. I suppose I could have used a Mac Donalds happy meal too then, but an apple is a little easier to explain.

I had taken a few shots with mirrors, which would have been perfect to show that vanity/pride theme, that’s the annoying thing sometimes about taking pictures, some days the image you have in your head just doesn’t translate well through the camera.

Hope you like the tutorial :)

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Seven Deadly Sins: Greed

When I was thinking of how to portray greed the first words that poped into my head was politicial and banker, hence the white shirt, blazer and hat.

With this look I really wanted to take more of a theatrical approach to the makeup

For the actual makeup I wanted to incorperate the traditional animal asossiation (toad) with more obvious things like gold, diamonds (rhinestones) pearls exc.

The lips is probably the part that a lot of people are going to think “why?”. But you know that expression “paying through the nose”? Which on a side note apparently comes from tax collectors who would slit your nose if you didn’t pay (lovely I know).

Paying through the nose? Or bleeding gold, oil and rhinestones?

I had find a way to show that without involving blood (I’m saving that for Wrath) and this is what I came up with.

Once I’ve finished this series I’m thinking of doing the exact same series except for masquerade masks on my second channel. Would be quite a fun project to do and would be great to have masks that could go along with these looks.

Hope you like the tutorial :)

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Seven Deadly Sins: Lust

So glad to finally be filming these after weeks of making props and planning! I will be starting this series off with Lust, and for each tutorial I thought I’d put a little definition at the beginning of each tutorial, so it’s clear the character I’m trying to convey.

This weeks tutorial is Lust 

The funny thing is that half the makeup I used was very appropriately named for this. Illamasqua’s ‘Throb” nail varnish, or the ‘Scandalous’ blush from Sleek.

And before I get people asking where I bought the lace ears, I already have a tutorial for them here. The rest of the outfit was pretty simple, lace bolero, feather boa, a black wig and then the longest fake nails you can get your hands on and paint them a bright red.


The concept for this is probably the simplest out of all the looks I’m going to do. Red is a colour that is associated with Lust quite a lot so it really was a no-brainer to use a lot of that colour. For all of these looks I’m going to have a different colour glow in the background, each colour representing a different sin. So red for Lust, gold/yellow for Greed exc.

Oh and before I forget…I’ve put all the full sized images of these up on my Deviant Art. A few people have been asking me to make my pictures available as prints, so for those of you who are interested I have made prints available for them on my Deviant Art :)

Hope you like the tutorial :)

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Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath Nails

I was hoping by this point to have at least one of my Seven Deadly Sins looks up. But thanks to an incredibly slow postal service several props still haven’t arrived, which is incredibly annoying given I ordered all the props weeks in advance.

 Wrath: love of justice perverted to revenge and spite

My idea for these was to portray something cold and spiteful, so the salt to imitate ice and the clay to make the scorpian’s stinger.

And of course because I’m a rhinestone nut I just had to put a red rhinestone underneath to make it a little more interesting.

I had originally hoped to make the nails actually look like a scorpian’s tail, but about 3 melted nails later I realised I couldn’t do it, so I went for this idea instead.

Hope you like the video :) 

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TAD: Lace Face Masks

(*TAD= The Art Diaries)

I didn’t take photos from the first mask I did so I’ll just be showing how I made the second mask. If you wanted to make you own mask it’s really, REALLY easy and the following steps will show how to do it.

“The sketching stage will take about 2 hours”

First thing I did is sketch out the left side of the mask. This mask I wanted to be based on Mehindi designs, where as the last one was based on one of my favorite butterfly patterns from a Chinese patten book.

To get the right side exactly the same I took tracing paper and flipped the design over. Once I’d done that I made a few changed to the center of the design, added a few more flowers and more twirls.

What I used:

Once I’d finished drawing the mask and was sure I’d gotten all the details I wanted I started to cut it out. Just a small warning, if you’re doing this part it will take a while, (AND BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR FINGERS!)

I think in total for me it took about 3 hours to cut it out, so if you’re doing this you might want to consider having a few films lined up. Oh and one tip, take your time! It’s so easy for your hand to slip and to cut through a pattern you’ve just spent the last hour painstakingly cutting out.

Don’t try and cut this out in one stroke. It’s better to cut it in little strokes since that way the knife is less likely to slip.

To make this easier for anyone who wanted to make these I’ve put some downloadable templates bellow. They’re so simple to use, just download, print on the paper you want, cut it out and decorate it. Also I’ve made a DIY video bellow showing you a few ways to decorate your maks and wear them.

Hope you like the video :)  

You can download the template for both masks Here

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Butterfly Lashes

If any of you remember my old Paper Butterfly tutorial this probably looks quite familiar. Same thing for the Butterfly makeup tutorial, I got SO many questions about the little butterfly lash I had on my lower lid so todays video is sort of a 3 in one video.

“Obviously please be careful with the craft knife, and don’t do this if you’re underage”

Oh and I should mention too that I finally set up an Instagram account! :D Yes this one is the real me, the KlairedelysArt account is a fake.

And just a little warning, I’ve become obsessed with it so if you follow me you may or may not get inundated with pictures of props and up coming tutorial sneak peaks :)

Butterfly Queen

So much colour! :D I’ve had a sketch of this in my sketchpad for well over a year now, so happy to have it off the paper and on film. There will be quite a few tutorials cloging your subscriptions over the next few days because I still need to upload the hairstyle tutorial and how I made the lashes.

“This collaboration was all about Queens, Queens of flowers, birds, aliens, sea, fire and the underworld”

Absolutely over the moon to be collaborating with the amazing Anna Aurthur, Vintage or Tacky, iwanted2c1videoPinkstylistMidnightVampage and BeautifulYouTV. After this tutorial you should have a huge amount of great tutorials to watch :D

Hope you like the video :)

DIY Lashes: Black Tears

Think I’m going to have to think of more ways to make weird lashes, it was so fun making these and I’d really like to push myself further and see what other crazy designs I could come up with. I have a few idea bouncing around in my head but going to let them marinate a little bit before using them in a tutorial.

“Allergic to Latex? Maybe use sculpt gell instead?”

If you’re allergic to latex you could use sculpt gell, unfortunantly this isn’t the cheapest material to use but it would be re-usable (provided you remove and handle it carefully). You could also use lash glue too, except if you’re allergic to latex you probably have an allergy to most lash glues as latex is one of the prime ingredients :/

Hope you like the tutorial :)

Banshee Makeup

And another one knocked off my “Mythical Creatures” list! :D Not entirely sure what creature I want to do next but for the moment here is a banshee.

The idea I had behind this look is I didn’t want a creature that looked pretty or terrifying but rather sad, it can’t be nice to tell people “hey your time is up!” so I decided to make the focus of this look the tears.

“A banshee is a fairy woman from Irish mythology who begins to wail if someone is about to die”

The lashes (or rather the tears) are seriously easy to make! The tutorial for them won’t be going up till Saturday/Sunday but as usual blog followers get a early viewing HERE.

I was seriously considering having black lips at first for this look but in the end I went for this mulberry look and deliberately didn’t really fill in the center of the lower lip so that the effect was similar to the fading you would get if you were biting your lips a lot.

Amazingly I managed to resist the temptation to include glitter in this tutorial. I’m so proud of myself! Haha just kidding ;)

Hope you like the tutorial :)

Girl on Fire

I’ve had a drawing of this look in my sketchbook for over a year now, originally I was going to make it a lot less structured, more like flicks of colour swirling around the eye. But then I decided I wanted it have a bit of a tattoo vibe to it and went for this version instead.

Little bit of a side note, but when I read The Hunger Games this is kind of how I imagined Katniss’s makeup to look at the parade.

Of course there’s no reason to copy exactly what I do in this tutorial. Want something a little bit more sparkly? Use red, yellow and orange glitter liners instead of eyeshadows (this would look AWESOME for a concert!)

Or maybe even have it more like a tattoo and have it as strong black lines with one or two red rhinestones at the end of the flames?

Hope you like the tutorial :)