Klaire’s Wardrobe: Gold Scissor Earrings

I know, it’s a little weird but I love weird! Weird makes me laugh. I saw these on e-bay a few weeks ago and completely fell in love, I figured I already had key, cog and bolt earrings so scissor earrings aren’t that odd compared.

The seller also had these in silver too

Recently I’ve really been getting into pale gold jewellery which is quite funny for me since I’ve hated that dark gold jewellery colour for years, but pale gold I’ve started to really like!

Normally I’m a firm fan of silver and bronze, but I think pale gold is my new obsession. And considering that it looks great against black, which is the colour I wear the most, maybe that’s not a bad thing :D

You can get these here 

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Photoshoot at the Prince Rupert Hotel

I was contacted by photographer Steve Jetley over a year ago asking for me to model for him and we finally got to work together this week. Long overdue but better late than never right?

To say I was nervous about this is an understatement.

I was absolutely terrified! I’m fine in front of my own camera but when someone else is behind it I freeze and clam up like something crazy, so I was quite impressed that despite my horrible posture and nervousness Steve still managed to take some beautiful pictures!

The photos were taken at the Prince Rupert Hotel in Shrewsbury, it really was beautiful!

It was an old Tudor building turned hotel and since (in typical English fashion) it was raining all day we were only able to take photos in the hotel. The ones above were taken in the cellar, and the one bellow was a quick one I took for the first look.

And yes, I will be doing tutorials on the looks I did (minus the one I wore above, not too fond of that look, it just does not really work with the lashes).

My favorite look was hands down the more gothy/tribal look. Did a face chart of that one years ago and this photo shoot was the perfect time to use it.

It was quite creepy though for the second shoots, the cellar was meant to be haunted and Steve’s dog kept barking at this dark corner, found out I’m quite a scaredy-cat, kept looking behind me expecting to see a pair of red eyes. Nearly died of fright at one point when I saw these white silver eyes staring at me from a dark corner, and then Steve’s dog walked out of the corner like “what…you scared of me?!”

I know…guts of steel.

For the second night I stayed at the Lucroft Hotel and it was absolutely lovely! All the basics and in the attic.

I love attics, they’ve have always made me feel really comfortable and relaxed and the hotel was absolutely lovely, cozy and simple. Not to mention you could see all the beautiful old buildings from the window, another bonus I love about attics. (lol this is turning into a bit of a attic-appreciation blog post).

I won’t be putting all the photos on this blog post as I’m sure that Steve will want to show them on his facebook so you can see the rest if you like


I’m back! :D New video and plans…

*Happy dance* I’m back!

I was hoping to do a much more dramatic video for my first upload in over two months but it’s taking me a lot more time than I planned to make all the props I need for that tutorial so I had to upload a far less spectacular tutorial.

But don’t worry, that tutorial will still be uploaded!

Seeing as everyone liked it so much in my previous blog posts when I showed how the makeup would look with different eye colours I’ll still be doing that.

And the lovely thing about this look is that if the mint green dosn’t work with your eye colour you can just swap it with a colour that does!

So what are my plans for videos now?

Well…I will be uploading regularly now, on my KlairedelysArt channel it will be once a week on a Friday and then pretty much randomly on my Klairedelysdotcom channel but generally for that channel I’d like to keep it to the beginning of the week.


Yes I have a second channel! What’s it for? Mainly for reviews (I’m not a fan of mixing tutorials with reviews in my channel as they tend to appeal to different people), How-I-Made/Painted-That videos, tutorials which are not makeup related such as DIY beauty and just random stuff.

Keep an eye out on that channel cause you know that present I’ve mentioned a few times that I was making for ALL of you? Well the video for that will be uploaded on that channel.

As I’m sure I’m going to get flooded with questions about THOSE wing earrings these are the gorgeous pair of earrings I bought from the lovely Aranwen. You can buy them here.

Oh and Aranwen was kind enough to give me a code to get a 10% discount for you guys, so if you any of you are planning on buying one of her pieces don’t forget to use the code KLAIRE10 at the checkout.

And I hope you like the video :D


My Favorite Alternative Jewlery (Rings)

A few months ago I did a blog about all my ear cuffs (link), after I did that one I started getting requests to done one for my rings, so here it is :)

The first one is this key ring:

This one is a more recent addition to my collection, lol, just like most of my stuff I bought it from E-Bay (link).

The seller I bought mine from seems to be no longer selling this exact one but I found one which is close enough for those of you who were asking :)

This one is my favorite! It was the only armour ring I could find at the time that didn’t have a skull on it, plus it’s dead handy for opening letters and parcels.

Again this one was from e-bay. I couldn’t find the seller but if you type down “Goth Armour Ring” I’m sure you’ll find something similar :)

And last but not least is this one. I ended up getting two of these because I liked wearing one on each index finger. I bought mine here (link).

Sorry this blog post is so short :/ I’m just a little pressed for time at the moment, I probably wont have time to write any good blog posts for the next few months (Uni has started again) but I will do my best to keep my blog up and running :)

Worst case scenario any updates will be for the monthly giveaways…but then again that’s not so bad is it ;)

Making Arwens’ Crown

I’ve been planning to do a tutorial for Arwen for ages and I’m finally getting around to it! :D

So far I have the costume and the evenstar, but the crown was a little bit more tricky.

I’d been searching around e-bay for a while to find something that worked but they were either accurate (with a price tag to match) or just horribly inaccurate.

Finally I found a crown which was close enough from a seller called unfauxgettabledesigns.

While not completely accurate I knew I could fiddle with it to make it more accurate, so I went ahead and bought it and went to hobby craft to buy some chains and crystals.

What I bought:

  • 3 one meter low nickel chains (two thin and one thicker)
  • 5mm Jump Ring (silver hoops)
  • Swarovski Crystals 6mm (roughly 10)

What I used:

  • Pliers (try and use the rounded tipped ones so you don’t scratch the jewellry)
  • Old broken crystal necklace
  • Unused earring hooks

You do not have to buy what I did to re-create this. If you have any silver necklaces that you don’t like anymore lying around use those up.

Any glass or crystal broken necklaces? Use those on the crown :)

The main thing with this crown (if you decide to re-create it) is to have a few chains hanging down the sides with crystal or glass beads on the end, and then have several chains hanging down the back of your head.

So long as you stick to the basic structure of the original crown you will still get that elven look to it :)


Makeup Palettes: Where I get mine

In my recent how-to tutorials you probably saw that I like to keep my eye shadows and blushes in palettes.

If there in one thing I hate it’s having to open up a million different blushes/eye shadows to find that one colour I want (and typically it’s always the one at the bottom of the pile) so I’ve gotten into the habit of de-potting everything and keeping it in palettes.

I buy all my palettes from Celia Makeup, it’s so affordable its insane!

When they arrive they all look like the picture above but I always rip out that inside packading so that I can fit more makeup in.

So first thing I do is rip everything out.

As you can see the glue used to stick the tray down is left on the base, my favorite method to remove this is to dab Surgical Spirit all over it, leave it to sink in for about a minute, and then peel it all off.

Obviously you can use your fingers or a sponge/cotton ball, but if you’re planning on doing this to several pallets one after another try to scrape it off without using your fingers.

After trying to use your nails for a few pallets your nails start to hate you.

Once all the glue is gone I like to pad my palettes, a tip I learned from this video. For those of you who are wondering where I bought the padding, I bought it in a shop called Tiger in Ealing.

This trick is a lifesaver!! (well…makeup saver). I’ve put my kit through some pretty rough traveling and I’m yet to have an eyeshadow pop on me….famous last words.

I hope those tips helped :)