Seven Deadly Sins: Pride

You know what I love about black and white photography? It makes your skin look flawless! This look is going to be the most ‘borring’ out of all my seven deadly sins looks, but I didn’t feel something heavy was really appropriate for this character.

I wanted to slightly tie this look in with vanity 

My concept for this look was trying to look perfect. When I think of ‘perfect’ makeup I think old Holliwood, Maralin Monroe/Marlene Dietrich, so I wanted to take elements of that and put it in the makeup, but mainly in the photography.

Little bit of a side note but I can’t wait to do some more Graphic Eyeliner looks so I can go crazy with completely black and white photography. Though I did include some purple in this look, (the colour traditionally associate with Pride) I’m not going to be too pedantic about including the traditional colours in this series.

Why an apple? 

Yea the apple is a reference to the forbidden fruit from the garden of Eden, and is often used as a symbol of pride and something you want badly, but is not terribly good for you. I suppose I could have used a Mac Donalds happy meal too then, but an apple is a little easier to explain.

I had taken a few shots with mirrors, which would have been perfect to show that vanity/pride theme, that’s the annoying thing sometimes about taking pictures, some days the image you have in your head just doesn’t translate well through the camera.

Hope you like the tutorial :)

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Seven Deadly Sins: Lust

So glad to finally be filming these after weeks of making props and planning! I will be starting this series off with Lust, and for each tutorial I thought I’d put a little definition at the beginning of each tutorial, so it’s clear the character I’m trying to convey.

This weeks tutorial is Lust 

The funny thing is that half the makeup I used was very appropriately named for this. Illamasqua’s ‘Throb” nail varnish, or the ‘Scandalous’ blush from Sleek.

And before I get people asking where I bought the lace ears, I already have a tutorial for them here. The rest of the outfit was pretty simple, lace bolero, feather boa, a black wig and then the longest fake nails you can get your hands on and paint them a bright red.


The concept for this is probably the simplest out of all the looks I’m going to do. Red is a colour that is associated with Lust quite a lot so it really was a no-brainer to use a lot of that colour. For all of these looks I’m going to have a different colour glow in the background, each colour representing a different sin. So red for Lust, gold/yellow for Greed exc.

Oh and before I forget…I’ve put all the full sized images of these up on my Deviant Art. A few people have been asking me to make my pictures available as prints, so for those of you who are interested I have made prints available for them on my Deviant Art :)

Hope you like the tutorial :)

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Review: Superdrug Superfruits Exfoliating Mask

Recently I finally finished all the sheet masks I’d bought during the last few months of Uni last year, so obviously the logical thing to do when that happens is so go out and get another year’s supply of face masks.

“Raspberry, Cranberry and Blueberry fruit extracts deeply purifies pores and smoothes skin”

I had already tried Superdrug’s Cucumber Cooling Mask before and loved it so I took the opportunity to get all the face masks Superdrug currently offer so I could review them all on by one.

The annoying thing is when I was doing my research I realised the only one I didn’t have was the yogourt and honey version, but since I already have a DIY Face Mask for that I don’t feel like I’m missing out so much.


  • 99p
  • Cruelty-free 
  • BVUA Approved
  • Make in the UK 
  • Paraben Free 

Oh my gosh this face mask smells SO good! Like raspberry yogurt with a few sweets thrown in. The texture is pretty amazing as well. Sometime exfoliating masks have granules that could have been the gizzard stones of a t-rex (or crushed glass) but this one has really fine granules that softy exfoliate your skin.

Absolutely loved this one! The smell is just amazing! The smell lingers on your skin for around 3 hours, the tiny exfoliation granules are just perfect. Not too rough to grate your skin, but just fine enough for you to really be able to scrub your face, especially those pesky ares like around the nose.  Left my face feeling thoroughly cleansed and brighter and, even though it’s only meant for one application I’ve got 3 uses out of this packet. 

You can buy this mask in Superdrug or HERE

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Review: Sleek True Colour Lipsticks

Disclaimer: Items provided for review. 

My two favorites lipstick brands are MUA and Sleek as you’ve seen from me constantly pulling them out to use in my tutorials, Mulberry being the most used of all of them. About a week ago Sleek sent me these three shades so I was pretty excited to see how they held up.

“Get high impact lips with our vitamin E enriched lipstick in a selection of matte and sheen finishes”

I was sent three of the new additions to the True Colour range to try out. Tangerine Scream, Russian Roulette and Loved Up.

For all you lovers of matte lipstick there is Russian Roulette (the dark red). Like most matte lipsticks I’ve tried this one can be a bit thick and dry when applying. While Loved Up and Tangerine Scream are sheen lip glosses and extremely creamy,  Russian Roulette has a thicker and drier consistency.


  • £4.99
  • Matte and sheen finishes 
  • Cruelty-free
  • 3.5g
  • Contains Vitamin E
  • Lasts 4-6 hours if you’re not eating/drinking
Unlike the other two where one swipe covers everything,  Russian Roulette you have to swipe a few times to get perfect coverage because of the dryer consistency. It’s still extremely pigmented, (not to mention a gorgeous shade of deep red!) but you will have to work with it a bit more.
Once it’s on your lips though I didn’t really find it drying, I assume that was the vitamin e kicking in there. Cheers sleek! I HATE it when lipstick dries my lips out.

I don’t really have much to say about these lipsticks other than they’re a lovely new addition to the 20 shades Sleek Makeup already had in the True Colour range. The Orange colour I probably won’t be using any time soon as against my skin tone it makes me jaundiced but I might start trying to mix it with a few other lipsticks to get a new shade?…..hummm;)

You can get the lipsticks in store or online. 

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Review: MUA Undress Me Too Palette

I’ve seen so many bloggers talking about this one I have to admit, it sparked my interest and I bought it. First time in ages I’ve been convinced enough by blog reviews to make a purchase and I was not disapointed!

“Made up of 12 warm and timeless shades, this palette will suit all skin tones and any occasion”

I have tried some of the old MUA palettes in the past and found them very chalky and sheer, they really seem to have improved since then! More pigment, less chalky and nicer packaging.

Every other blog I’ve read seems to be comparing this palette to Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette, since I don’t have it or intend to own it any time soon I can’t make the comparison.


  • £4.00
  • 12 shades
  • Cruelty-free
  • 9  Pearlescent shades 
  • 3 matte shades: Naked, Lavish and Corrupt
Bellow you can see the eyeshadows and the swatches, I only applied them with one swipe and without primer as I feel this shows better the quality of the eyeshadow.

While it looks like the paler colours such as Naked aren’t that pigmented they actually are, unfortunantly it’s such a close colour match to my own skin tone that it got lost in the background a bit. The only shades which were a little lacking were Lavish, Obsessed and Corroupt.

I was so impressed with the quality of these eyeshadows!

Lavish and Obsessed weren’t bad, a little lacking on the pigment side compared to the others but can easily be layered, Corrupt on the other had was entirely useless. It seems to have a thick hard shell over the surface and no mater how I rubbed at it the faint smudge you see above was the only colour I was able to get out of it.

But then agin you all know how much I adore their single eyeshadow in shade 20 (black) which is only £1, so really I don’t have any complaints over this pallet! The perfect affordable pallet for anyone starting out with makeup or anyone who just prefers neutrals.

You can buy this in Superdrug or online

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Review: Kiko Shadow Sticks

If any of you remember my Toxic Glow Goth look you’ll remember me using the the metallic grey colour I used (Anthracite), I’d only spotted Kiko Cosmetics at Westfield a few weeks earlier and Anthracite and Golden Beige were the first two I tried and the first ones that got me hooked on Kiko cosmetics.

“Once set, the colour remains uniform and radiant for up to 8 hours, without streaking or smudging”

Since then I’ve collected a few more of their shadow sticks, hoping to use them quite a bit over the next few tutorials so it’s about time I reviewed them.

I absolutely love using these as a base to apply other colours on top, when you layer eyeshadow over eyeshadow sometimes you really have to pile it on. But when I use these as a base after primer what ever I apply on top just pops like crazy.


  • £4.90
  • Cruelty-Free
  • 20 shades
As far as their claims that they’re smudge proof for up to 8 hours I wouldn’t say that’s entirely true, after 8 hours your you will start to notice a few lines but it’s the kind of thing you’d notice it you were looking for it. 

All of them (or at least the ones I’ve tried) are all highly pigmented and creamy, Violet is slightly less thick than the others, Black is an ever so slightly drier consistency and Anthracite is very thick, to the point where you can get small lumps when applying it. The easy way to fix this is just blending it out with a blending blush.

Under warmer lighting you also get these lovely yellow and light blue flecks of colour that under cooler light you don’t pick up. The Kiko website is actually one of those rare companies that actually have accurate swatches, my lens can’t quite pick up all the lovely little flecks of colour these have in them, so if you want a more accurate idea you you can check out the website.

I really need to lean how to make gifs, I would love to be able to show how these look when you hold them under warmer light.

You can get these at a Kiko store or online

Review: e.l.f Lip Stains

Disclaimer: Items provided for review

You all know how much I love my Body Shop Lip stain, so I was quite interested to see how these would compare, e.l.f actually sell four of these, Cheery Blush a dark burgandy red is the shade I don’t have.

“The pen-like tip lets you draw on color easily for a streak & smudge free professional look”

Well I had it, but it arrived pretty much dry (when I shook it you could hear the inside was loose and rattling around) and I was trying to figure out a way to make them moist again. It didn’t work sadly so I can’t review it with the rest of the lips stains.

On the e.l.f uk website they say these lip stains are “infused with nourishing Vitamin E to hydrate and moisturise lips”, it’s not really that effective. With most lip stains they tend to be drying but these are really, really drying. To be fair I’ve always had really dry lips so for someone how had naturally moist lips this might not be an issue.


  • 4 shades
  • £2.50
  • Cruelty-Free
I won’t be swatching these on my lips today, I’ve been ill for the last week and my lips are not in a state to show on camera so I’ve swatched them on my arm instead. Nude Nectar (top shade) and Pixi Pink (Middle shades) won’t show up too well on anyone who already has quite red lips, you get a subtle tint but you wont get to the exact shade of the lip stain.

Crimson crush is probably my favorite of the lot. On my lips it turns out a lot darker than the swatch above, a lovely retro red colour. One drawback to these (other than they’re crazy drying) is that when you actually want to take it of it is not easy. I’ve tried to use makeup remover to get these off (Bioderma) and nothing, removed a little of it but not all of it. The only thing I’ve found that get’s these off is a little bit of vodka applied to a cotton ball and then wipe it off. So they’re pretty “smudge proof!”


  • Streaky application
  • Drying
  • Dry (as in not enough moisture in the actual product)
  • Best ones are the two darker shades

Overall I don’t think these will replace my Body Shop lip stains. While the stain does last for an age and a half they wear away slowly after about 2-3 hours in the middle of your lips and you’re left with a red outline . Also they’re just too dry, that goes for my lips and the actual nib. Sorry e.l.f.

You can get these online here


Review: Sleek Makeup Sparkle 2 Palette

Disclaimer: Item provided for review.

Tis the season to be sparkly so naturally a lot of makeup companies are releasing glitter loaded makeup palettes.  This year Sleek have released another limited edition Christmas palette, and in typical Christmass season fashion it’s glitter heavy.

“Sparkle 2 is the shiny new sequel to its sister Sparkle i-Divine”

It’s almost a shame to chuck the packaging for this one, absolutely love the out of focus shimmer design! (magpie instincts kicking in). As far as the actually palette packaging goes, it’s just the same classic Sleek palette packaging.

I’m not overly fond of glitter eyeshadows, they either tend to have glitter which is too chunky (and seriously uncomfortable) or glitter which either stays on your brush or just blows away the minute you apply it on your eyes. Some of these eyeshadows do have the second problem where the glitter just doesn’t seem to stick which is sad.


  • £7.99
  • Cruelty-free
  • 12 shades
  • Limited edition 

Also while some colours (like the bottom left hand corner color) are velvety I noticed some of the other colour are a bit hard and you have to work with them a bit more. The green shade had this problem which resulted in there being hardly any glitter left once I’d layered it enough.

(all swatches were applied without primer)

Oh yea, and I think I’m doing to try and display the swatches like this from now on, at least for palettes. What do you think of it?

My overall impression of this pallet? The pigmentation is great but the glitter not so great. If you like the look of the actual colours and aren’t looking to get it for the glitter aspect then you’ll love this pallet. If you’re looking for tones of glitter then I’d give this pallet a miss.

Bit of a side note, I’m not too fond of when a whole pallet is glittery since it doesn’t make for a very practical colour selection. I love it when there it’s a nice variety of glittery and mate shades, but then again, seeing as for half of these shades the glitter didn’t really stick anyway from that perspective it is quite a nice Christmas-y selection of colours.

What do you think of this Christmas pallet? Another tempting addition to the makeup collection or a miss?

You can get this pallet in Superdrug or online HERE

Gothic Doll

I was asked to do a Gothic Doll look ages ago and several times, I wanted to one without the eye-enlargening lenses (I’ll do one of those later) and something which was slightly cartoonish without being too over the top.

My main insperation came from this photo:

I think it was almost a year ago one of you asked me to do this look so I’m happy that I finally got one requested look done (one down a couple o’ hundred to go).

Enjoy the tutorial :)

Dupe: Lush Tins

Seeing as I did my review of the Lush shampoos recently I though I should mention an alternative to the Lush shampoo tins that I found recently. While I do love Lush there are some things, such as the tins, which I think are a tad bit overpriced.

Around a week ago I was hunting around on e-bay and came across a seller that was selling tins which were just perfect for some of my upcoming DIY beauty tutorials and just so happened to be a perfect replacement to the Lush tins.


  • Lush tins cost £2.50 (for 1)
  • Alternatives cost £2.99 (for 3) plus £2.20 shipping = £1.73 per tin

To be honest I prefer the dupe over the Lush tin, as I mentioned in in my video review the Lush tin was just a tad bit too small when the sampoo bar was new, while the dupe is a bit larger and fits it no problem.

You can buy the dupe here