£25 Challenge | Look no. 7: Dramatic Liner

Memo to self, never ever do a series this long again. Seven months since I started this look and I’m still only on look no. 7, was planning on being at least half way so far.

I would like the next few looks to be quite dramatic, getting mildly sick of the “safe” looks at the moment

I’ve also really been wanting to do another colour blocking series of photographs so this one was the perfect excuse! I really love black and white photography because I can seriously mess around with the contrasts and shadows.

I’m going to try and get a look done for Christmas and New Years for this series. Would be quite nice to have a look for each seasonal celebration :)

Hope you like the tutorial :)  

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£25 Challenge: Look no. 6 | Autumn

With Autumn coming up I thought it would be good to have a look for the £25 challenge which was on the autumnal side without just using browns. Next though I really should find a way to use the blue in the palette as it has been a little neglected.

 25 looks (foundation included) all from a set of makeup costing no more than £25 

I realised I’d forgotten to include pictures of how these looks would look with different eye colours so I included that for this blog post :)

Might sound like a bit of an odd combination but if you’re not using this exact colour pallet you can use a mint green in the inner corner of the eye instead of the yellow which also looks really nice and autumnal.

Hope you like the tutorial :)

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£25 Challenge | Look 4 | Summer Sunset

I know a lot of you are looking forward to the next Seven Deadly Sins look, but I’m going to be alternating these two series so that neither of them get too overexposed. So one week SDS and the next £25 Challenge.

This week I wanted to do something bright and summery before I move onto doing a few Arabic Makeup looks, which I can’t wait to do!

Hope you like the tutorial :) 

£25 Challenge | Look no. 3

I’m going to try and avoid doing too many smokey eyes for this series, but I had to do at least one warm smokey eye with this pallet, especially since it has that stunning copper/burgandy colour which is what caught my eye when I first bought it.

In this challenge my goal is to try and create 25 looks with ONE set which cost £25

For next week the aim is to create an Arabic Makeup look, either monochrome or something bright and colourful. But then again knowing me I’ll probably change my mind at the last minute and do something completely different.

Hope you like the tutorial :) 

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£25 Makeup Challenge: Look 2

Since last weeks look for this challenge was so simple I thought it would be nice to try something a little more colourful. Even though I didn’t mean to this look ended up matching my new glasses which I found quite funny. Obviously my brain was still obsessing over them a little bit.

In this challenge my goal is to try and create 25 looks with ONE set which cost £25

Now that I’m two looks in I think the majority of the looks I do with this series are going to be smokey eyes and “simple with a pop of colour” looks, which is good I suppose since that’s what you would be looking for in a £25 makeup set. So looks like I’ll have to keep the “arty/crazy” looks to other videos.

Also for those of you who are wondering what this would look like on your eye colour hopefully the pictures above will help with that, and let me know what kind of looks you want to see in this challenge? Heavy, wearable with a pop of colour or just simple looks?

Hope you like the video :)

£25 Challenge

Although I do my best to really stick to using affordable makeup sometimes when you actually add up all the products I use in one video it can amount to a surprisingly high amount and every so often I get a request to do a tag like the £20 makeup challenge.

In this challenge my goal is to try and create 25 looks with ONE set which cost £25

I’m not overly fond of the £20 challenge since it tends to be really boring makeup for starters, and it never includes things like the makeup brushes which often can be a minimum of £5 per brush. It was literally impossible to put together a set wich included the makeup brushes for £20 so I had to add £5 to the challenge to manage it.

As a lot of you know I HATE mascara and pretty much never use it in my tutorials, but if you prefer mascara over false lashes you could use the MUA Extreme Curl Mascara instead. If you take out the lashes and lash glue I listed bellow and use the e.l.f Natural Lash (it comes with glue) you would still be inside the £25 budget.

What I used:

It seemed appropriate to start of with a wearable look and then gradually build it up to more extreme looks (that includes smokey eyes, arty and arabic makeup). Strangely enough I’m quite excited for this series! It’s going to be quite challenging to create 25 looks with this kit and I quite looking forward to seeing how much I can push this.

Hope you like the video (and the series!) :D