DIY: Cave Painting Jar


It looks like my Historical jars series has officially started. I had quite a few suggestions from you guys on themes you wanted me to do, Greek, Japanese, Medieval and Celtic were suggested, and I think I’m going to add a graffiti (banksy) inspired jar to that list.

This week I’m doing a jar inspired by the cave paintings at Lauscaux

If you have any requests, suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments. As you probably know by now I have a lot of jars, so I won’t be running out any time soon. So suggest away!

I hope you like the tutorial :)

Review: Smith Makeup Brushes

Disclaimer: I was given these brushes at IMATS NY.
Smith Makeup Brushes

While I was at IMATS NY I found a new brand of brushes which I had not seen before along with quite a few other amazing brands. It was actually quite funny how I saw them, I literally stopped in my tracks and turned around like someone had grabbed me.

I love how much these brushed feel and look like traditional art brushes

They’re study, lovely to use and feel so soft on the skin. Some of the brushes have natural hair and others are synthetic, so I’ll be mentioning with each brush what exactly they are made of and what their uses are.

Smith 113

Brush #118

A large powder brush with a 50/50 split of synthetic and real goat hair. I’ve used this brush for stippling foundation, applying blush and contour.

Brush #115

A smaller denser version of the #118, also with a 50/50 synthetic and real goat hair blend. My favourite use for this brush is contouring, especially contouring with colours which need to be worked into the skin a little more.

Brush #112

A large blending brush for contouring made from pure black goat hair. If you use the #115 for working contour into the skin then this one is perfect if you want to apply it with a lighter touch or to highlight.

Smith 202Brush #202

A micro liner brush made of synthetic sable. I LOVE this brush, it works exactly like some of my smaller detail art brushes, perfect for neat detailed eyeliner.

Brush #124

A small contour brush made from pony hair. I haven’t used this one much to be honest, but it’s one of those brushes that come in handy if you want to re-sculpt the shape of someones face and not have the softer effect a large fluffy blush brush would have.

Brush #122

Also made from packed pony, this brush is meant for highlighting (or strobing as everyone seems to be calling it now). If you’re doing something like drag makeup this one is also really good for applying eyeshadow on large areas.

Smith 214

Brush #214

A long angled spooly brush. For me I personally prefer disposable spoolies, especially if I’m working on clients, but then depending on your preferences this might be the kind of brush for you.

Brush #212

A tight-liner brush made out of synthetic sable. It’s dense, easy to clean and leaves a perfectly neat line. It’s one of those brushes I wish more brush companies would include in their kits. I can’t even count how many times I’ve used art/nail art brushes in my kit to get the kind of lines this one does.

Brush #211

A eyebrow brush made of soft and hard nylon fibres. Personally this is the one brush that is really not my thing since I prefer either a thin art brush (like the #202) or a very small blending brush for a softer look.

Smith Brushes236

Brush #232

A large goat hair blending brush. One thing I will say about this one (and the #230) is I wish that there had been a blend of synthetic and real goat hair like they did with the #118 and #115. Goat hair is one of those natural fibers which are very soft, pick up eyeshadow beautifully, but you need to be very careful with them after you’ve washed them. Unless you re-shape them after they’re wet, or use a brush guard while they’re drying they tend to splay out and loose their shape very easily. With other blending brushes I’ve used in the past, having a blend of natural and synthetic fibres made that less of an issue. It also helps to make the bristles a little more firm by having a mixture.

Brush #230:

A small goat hair crease brush, the baby sis of the #232.

Brush #220:

A finishing brush made of synthetic mongoose hair. I love this one if I need to apply more theatrical makeup and need large clean lines.

Smith 304

Brush #304

A small detailed lip brush made of synthetic sable. And here I was applying my lipstick with a rounded small nail art brush for years, again, I wish more companies included brushes like this in their kits. I also love this one for eyeliner, the curved edges make it a lot easier to get around the shape of the eye.

Brush #302

Another lip brush made of synthetic sable, except this one is angled and longer. I didn’t really know what to think of this brush at first, I’d never seen a lip art brush with this kind of shape before. But oh my gosh is it amazing! Much easier to apply lipstick on other people with

Brush #235

A goat hair, large pointed eyeshadow brush.  It’s a little too floppy for my tastes, I prefer eyeshadow brushes to be a little firmer. Not my favourite.

All the brushes have an antibacterial coating (silver nitrate powder) so you can use them like spatulas if you need to mix any makeup

My overall verdict is that I love most of these brushes, not all of them have ended up in my kit (the #235 and the #214 were not included) but most the rest of them are happily in my brush belt. They’re easy to clean, I’ve experienced very little shedding when I washed them, they didn’t skimp on the smaller detail brushes and they feel and work just like art brushes.

You can get them here

Review: Milani Colour Statement Lipsticks

Sangria Naturally Chic Dulce Caramelo

With Milani Cosmetics I’d mainly heard about the Milani blushes, but since I was picking up their blushes at the same time while I was in the States I thought I would give their lipsticks a shot too. They all come in standard lipstick packaging with colour swatches at the bottom and I picked up three colours, Sangria, Naturally Chic and Dulce Caramelo.

Basics: 3.97 g • Cruelty Free • Made in the USA • £3.69

All of the lipsticks are scented, I can’t place the smell exactly, but if I had to take a wild guess I would say a synthetic watermelon smell. It’s not the nicest smell but it’s not terrible either.

Milani Lipstick


A beautiful matte colour but very dry. It’s a bit of a pain in the neck to apply actually because it is so dry. On the plus side it lasts a little longer than the other two, between 3-4 hours (if you don’t eat or drink) and can be uses a little like a lip stain if dappled on lightly. But it’s not my favourite just because it’s so dry and tricky to apply evenly.

Naturally Chick:

A peachy beige colour with a little bit of subtle shimmer that is barely noticeable when applied. It applies evenly, has a creamy texture, is moisturising, but doesn’t last much longer that 2-3 hours before you need to re-apply.

Dulce Caramelo:

A pearl finish neutral lipstick. It feels a little ‘gritty’ while you apply it but once it’s on your lips it feels the same as any other lipstick. Also quite moisturising and with a staying power of about 2-3 hours without food or drink.


Overall they’re nice lipsticks. I can’t really say much else other than they’re just nice. Sangria I didn’t like, the colour was beautiful but the dryness was really off-putting.. The other colours are lovely though. They don’t beat the MUA lipsticks which are my favourites, so they won’t be replacing any colours in my kit any time soon, but if you’re looking for a nice affordable lipstick, especially if you’re in the US, these are pretty good.

You can get them here (**)

Evil Forest Fairy

Horror Forest Fairy

It’s been a while since I did a collab, and todays collab is with four other awesome you tubers, Angie, Bethany, Lex and Heather. The theme, horror fairies, isn’t something I’d seen on You Tube before so I was very excited to do my own take on the theme and see everyone’s versions.

You can find my tutorial on how I made the horns here

I wanted to make this makeup look be subtly bug like. Personally I hate wasps, they freak me out along with spiders , so I decided to include aspects of both creatures into this look. The black pattern of a wasp on my face and then long spider-like fingers.

Come Little Children

The idea I had behind this look is that she’s a forest fairy who waits for humans to wander from the forest paths and then pounces on her new meal. The kind of creature you might see when you look up at a tree and see it peering back at you from the branches.

What Creeps in the Shadows

The fingers are easy to make, a little bit of masking tape wrapped around your fingers and then paint it black. As for the teeth, all you need is two pairs of modified scarecrow teeth. One thing I have to point out though, depending on the teeth, if you use food colouring as blood it can stain them a lovely shade of cheese yellow. So if you can use a ingestible fake blood rather than food colouring.

I hope you like the tutorial :)

Review: Milani Rose Powder Blush

Milani Pressed Blushes

Milani was one of the those brands that I knew I would kick myself if I didn’t try out some of their products while I was in New York. Their baked blushes were the ones I had in mind when I went into CVS, but when I saw these stunning little beauties I decided to pick them up as well. I picked up three different colours, Tea Rose, Coral Cove and Romantic Rose.

Basics: Made in Italy • 17g  • Cruelty Free • £5.99

The pigmentation for these are very good, not Sugarpill or Sleek level, but still very good. I would give them a solid four of out of five stars for pigmentation. They’re a little on the powdery side but easy to build up. I’ve seen people complain that they apply patchily, personally I’ve only found that was the case if I didn’t exfoliate, otherwise I’ve had no problem.

Milani Blush Swatch

I really should de-pot these since two of them (Coral Cover and Tea Rose) are in my kit, but I can’t really bring myself to do it incase I crack the pattern and have to re-press them.

The packaging is very sturdy (on the heavier side for blush packaging) and they’re a little tricky to open. For me Romantic Rose is the perfect contour shade for very pale skin tones, so it’s found a permanent home in the small kit of make I keep just for myself.

You can get the blush here(**)

DIY: Fossil Jar

Fossil Jar DIY

This tutorial I think will be very much a marmite type of thing, you’ll either love it or you’ll hate it. While I was making it I thought of a cool way to do a Lascaux cave paintings jar which I’m going to do soon. In fact, now that I think of it, a historical jarls series would be quite cool. I could do Egyptian, Greek, Japanese, so many options!

Anyway, before I get carried away with ideas, I hope you like this tutorial :)

Stars Fly Music Video Makeup

Klaire Makeup

If you didn’t already know my band Malumi released our new single Stars fly this week, we’ve been working on our new (and first) album this year, and Stars Fly is our first single release from what will be the Monsters and Fireflies album.

You can see the music video here

If you’ve been following our vlogs then you’ve seen snippets of this song there, we will be releasing 3 singles before the full album is released in April next year. This song, When the Lion Comes (September release), Dark Queen (January release) and then, the song the album is named after, Monsters and Fireflies in April along with the album.

Alices Makeup:

I wanted Alice’s makeup to do two things, keep the skin looking as fresh and natural as possible, but also make her eye makeup a little weird and quirky without being heavy. I also didn’t want anything to clash with Alice’s amazing red hair, so I went for a little bit of green on the outer corners of her eyes, a little finely milled cosmetic glitter, gold eyeliner and some mascara.

Sara’s Makeup:

You know I have a thing for rhinestones, well Sara has a thing for glitter. I added the glitter onto Sara’s lashes before I applied them so I didn’t have too much of a problem with fall out. I didn’t add anything to Sara’s lips except for a little lip balm. With her pink hair, the flower background and the glitter lashes I felt like anything else would have been too much.

My Makeup:

And then I said, let there be rhinestones! Of course I had to have a few rhinestones is this, heck even when I’m going out in real life I still wear a rhinestone or two with my winged eyeliner.

Annnnd that should be all the makeup tutorials! Next week I’ll be uploading my regular videos but if you haven’t seen the music video or been following our vlogs on the Malumi channel you can see them here.

I hope you like the videos :)

DIY: Marbled Jar


This video is very simple to do, but very messy. If you can do try and wear some kind of gloves for this because trust me, getting spray paint off your skin is an absolutely nightmare to get off.

One spray paint combination which would look stunning is terracotta red, gold and navy blue

There are so many different variations you can use. You could even improvise and use whatever colours you have to hand. The beauty of marbling is that you really don’t have to do much other than spray the colours in the order you want and dip the jar in.


If you do get spray paint on your hand one thing that would get it off is nail varnish remover. Obviously it’s not great for your skin, but it’s the only thing the average person has in their house which would do the job. So, if you can, wear gloves and avoid the whole messy job of getting the paint off your skin.

I hope you like the tutorial :)

Alien Priestess

The Alien Priestess

I’ve had that glowing torch in the picture on my dest for over a month now ready to do this look. If you’re wondering what the heck it it it’s just a regular torch with red and orange sweet wrapped over the end covered in tissue. Anyone can make it, it’s cheap and looks so cool. Especially if you cover the handle in an elaborate binding.

This week I wanted to add to my Alien looks and get to use my amazing new red wig

The reason I used so much blue, apart from how beautifully it clashes with red is that any blue  pigment used to be incredibly rare and expensive. It was normally made from the semi precious stone lapis lazuli, so the idea I had was that this other alien word blue is even more rare and a symbol of a higher status.

Alien Makeuo

I was really tempted to make my teeth blue, I actually started colouring them with my Illustrator palette, but in the end it didn’t really work out so I brushed it off. At some point I might do a more special effects heavy look, but for today I thought I would just still to using regular makeup.

Space Religion

And that’s my Alien Priestess look. Next week I’ll be uploading two extra makeup tutorials on my channel, all of them for the makeup I did on the Stars Fly music video. I can’t wait for you to all hear Malumi’s new song, or better yet, the full album in a few months!

I hope you like the video :)

My Favourites: no. 5


I think this favourites I have a little less art based stuff than usual, but since it was my birthday a few weeks ago I went a little perfume crazy.

My favourites:

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law – Dreamscapes:

Like I mention in the video the artist )step) uploads a lot of pictures of her work on her facebook and instagram (feel free to say I said hi) and that’s how I found her work originally. This is the first book of her’s which I own but I absolutely intend to add more to my collection.

Nina Richi – L’extase

I won’t write too much about this here since I’ve already done a blog post all about it here.

Nina Richi – Les Delices

I love the smell, hate the bottle. I am not a pink kind of girl, but I love sweet floral smells, so I think somewhere someone wanted to troll me a little and put possibly my favourite perfume so far in a bottle that could not be further from my tastes.

Nina Richi – Premier Jour

Yes, ok, I have a perfume addiction. In my defence this one was a birthday present so I’m not entirely guilty on this one.

Vintage Lipstick Tray

This one I can’t really link to since it is vintage, but if you like this kind of thing I highly suggest you have a little hunt on ebay for some. I’ve seen some absolutely beautiful ones floating around on there, one which I lost because like an idiot I forgot at what time the bidding ended.

Serenity and Scott Lipstick in Darling

My personal makeup kit is actually very small, I have three lipsticks in it, two from Besame and this one which is the perfect in the middle colour. It smells lovely, applies very easily and it’s one of those colours which you can wear in the daytime and night time.

Paint Brushes

I got three of these, the Sable Brush Pointed Round Size 5 the Watercolour Sable Pointed Round Brushno 8 and the Sceptre Gold Watercolour Round Brush Size 7. I picked these up at The Rage but I found links for amazon as well.


I got two of these, the Grolier Ornamentali Mini Notebook and the Ventaglio Rosso Mini, they’re both lined, with a ribbon marker and with a pouch at the back for loose notes and drawings. 

I hope you like the video :)