Outsider: Astrid Final Drawing

It’s probably not the best idea to title this the final Astrid drawing since I’m probably going to dozens more for the rest of the book series (yes, I’m writing the next one!) but this in the portrait drawing I did of her that I was the most happy with. The first drawing, while I…

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Outsider: Astrid Vârcolac Concept Sketch

I had so many different ways I wanted to draw this one! The Vârcolac skin was not something I had originally planned for when I was writing Outsider. It started out as just a simple wolf skin with nothing particularly special about it.  I used (**): Pro-markers, Mechanical Pencil, Paper Blender, Water Colours, 0.1 Black Pen and…

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Special Effects Giveaway + News

And we’re back to the monthly giveaways! I asked you on Twitter what prizes you wanted me to give a way and Special Effects was the one you asked for so here it is! The rules are simple:  The giveaway is international (as always). Leave me a comment saying what your favourite special effects tutorial…

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DIY: Gold Leaf Jar

Gold and rhinestones…this one made me far too happy! It was pretty much everything I love which is shiny stuck onto the outsider of a jar. I know there are a few magpies among you, so I think most of you will like this tutorial. I also did something similar to a bracelet  You can…

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Besame Retro Lipsticks

If you’ve seen my IMATS haul video you’ve seen me gushing about this, and now I’ve tried it out a little longer I’m utterly besotted! Hands down my favourite buy from IMATS, though the puss and blister gel did come close… The packaging is gorgeous, the colours beautiful and the formula very long lasting One thing…

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Winged Rhinestone

Yes, I needed a rhinestone to this look! I mainly did this tutorial so that I could have a decent picture to put on the Author section for Outsider, I’d been looking through all my pictures and there was absolutely nothing that was appropriate. Pictures with boils, glitter and lashes all over my face sure….

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Outsider Book Trailer

I don’t know how many of you saw my announcement video on Monday, but I mentioned that I would be releasing the book trailer for my book Outsider on Friday, and this is it! Honestly, I think I’m more nervous about uploading this video than actually making the announcement video! I’ll have a vlog on my…

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Outsider: 1st Astrid Drawing

This was my first test run of drawing Astrid. I had a semi-clear image in my head of how she would look, but the drawings, appart from being fun to do, always help to really ‘see’ the character. For the whole drawing I used my favourite, a mechanical pen (**) When I was writing Outsider the main…

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Outsider: Making the Map of Ammasteinn

The map of Ammasteinn is one of the first things I did art-wise for Outsider. I didn’t want to start writing and not have a clear vision for this world Astrid would be traveling, not to mention I needed to plan everything which happened in the 40 year gap between Astrid leaving the Red Mountains and…

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I’ve Published a Book!

So…I’ve hinted at this for some time now on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and I’ve been working on it since September/October last year. Right now I feel absolutely over the moon and terrified at the same time! Writing is something I’ve don’t as long as art and drawing, but it’s something that’s been very…

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