DIY: Hobbit House Jar

Hobbit House Jar

I’ve already made one house jar, but this time I wanted to make a Hobbit House jar instead of a Tudor Cottage, because why not? It’s pretty much exactly the same technique, the only difference is making the lid, and that part is so easy it’s ridiculous.

One thing I ended up doing later is painting the door with green nail varnish

I didn’t end up showing that step in the tutorial, and one last thing you can do is even add the rune Gandalf scratched on the door with a glow-in-the-dark paint if you want.

I hope you like the tutorial :)

EP Launch Today!

Malumi Cover

If you’ve been following the Malumi You Tube channel you know that Monday’s are normally vlog day, but today instead we released our EP! We’ve been working on this since August, so you can imagine the build up of nerves and excitement.

There are five songs on the EP in total, Snow (which I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing at this point) See you Around, Go, Unspoiled Ground and Lullaby.

We’ve made the songs available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon

Several of you asked if the songs would be available on Spotify and if we’ll be doing unplugged versions, the short answer is yes, we will. The music will probably be available on Spotify in a few weeks and we’ll be doing live recordings of all the songs soon. So feel free to leave requests of which song you would like to hear first. Oh and if you wanted to hear snippets of each songs there’s a short track list at the end of the video.

I hope you like it! :D

Review: Kiko Lipgloss Stick in Magenta

Kiko Pen

I haven’t tried the Clinique chubby stick but obviously this is a dupe for it, a considerably cheaper dupe at that.  It’s more of a pink-y colour than I usually go for but its so beautiful over a darker lipstick or lip liner that for once I don’t mind too much. If you’ve already seen my Zodiacs Virgo look then you exactly what I’m talking about.

 Basics: £6.90 . 2.84g . Magenta . Made in Italy . Cruelty Free

Lately I’ve been layering it over a beautiful lip liner called Bordeaux (also from Kiko) and the combination is just beautiful, not to mention quite moisturising. And, as far as I am aware, Kiko is still a cruelty-free company, so another two big thumbs up from me. Thankfully you don’t need to sharpen this product, just wind it up from the bottom like a lipstick and voilà.


Kiko Creamy Lipgloss

The size is perfect for me, small and practical. The only thing I’m not 100% happy with is the amount of actual product. If you roll up the entire stick up it’s only about half the size of the outside packaging, and personally I always feel a tiny bit conned when companies overcompensate on packaging to make it look like you get more product

But then again its so affordable I can’t really complain.

You can buy it here

The Zodiacs: Virgo


Incase you haven’t noticed already, I re-designed my blog! Isn’t it pretty? There are still a few thing left to tweek, but overall I’m so happy with how everything looks. A lot less cluttered and just more pleasant to look at in general I think.

Anyway, back on track, today I’m starting the first of my Zodiacs series!

I’m also using one of the Malumi songs from the EP called See You Around, if you want you can listen to thirty second clips of each song on Amazon, or you can pre-order it before Monday. I’m not sure what I’m more excited about, the Zodiac series or the fact we’ve finally finished the EP!

Zodiac Virgo

For Virgo I really, really wanted to avoid the horribly bland look Virgo is normally stuck with, and give her something more dramatic. Angels seem to be pared with Virgo quite a lot, and they also get stuck with the bland brush too, so it gave me a chance to finally do an angel-like took with a bit of drama.

I’ll have a blog post on how I made the helmet soon

I didn’t end up filming a tutorial for the helmet. At the time I just wanted to sit down and make something without having a camera over my shoulder, but I’ll explain how I made it in the blog post, which should be easy enough to follow.


So…that’s the first of my Zodiac series! I’m not sure which one will be next, and I don’t really want to made a prediction at this point since I still have a frighteningly large amount of props to make, but I hope you this one.

And before anyone asks, I’m a Taurus :)

Real Life Disney: Anna

Anna Frozen Cosplay

And the frozen duo are now ticked off my list, Elsa and now Anna both have tutorials, next I think it’s a few of the guys turn. Hook will probably be first, and then maybe Gaston, though now I’m kind of kicking myself for cutting my hair shorter again since I really could have used slightly longer hair for Gaston.

If everything goes to plan though next weeks upload will be the first of my Zodiac series 

I highly doubt I’ll be doing them in order since I still have a jug to paint for Aquarius which will take a while, and all the props for Virgo are made and ready. As wearable as some of my Real Life Disney series have been that’s how unwearable the Zodiacs series will be, I can’t wait! It’s going to be awesome!

Anna in Frozen

Of course you don’t have to do the frozen part of her face. If you want to just keep the makeup simple and avoid all the white foundation and glitter then you can absolutely do that too.

I hope you like the tutorial :)

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Outsider Art: Ragana

Almost Done

I recently added to my collection of Pan Pastels with several shades for darker skin tones. After testing out the blue, pink and cream shades for the drawings of Astrid and Knud I really wanted to get around to drawing Ragana.

Ragana was so very nearly in the first book (**), but in the end I cut her out because it just didn’t work at that point in the story

It wasn’t easy finding the right shades for Ragana, normally I find that any skin tone kits are either far too pink (or strait up white) for pale skin tones, and anything darker than a coffee tone is nearly impossible to find. In the end I bought a kit (**) which is actually sold for weathering model trains, and it was just perfect!

Basic Shading

I still need to draw Ragana with a much darker skin tone, it’s still a far too pale for how I envisioned her, but it’ll take a few more tries before I can perfect my technique.

 I used a fluffy c shaped makeup brush to apply the pan pastels 

The first thing I did is use the pan pastels to get the highlights and shades on the face. I wasn’t looking for anything detailed at this point, just laying down the primary undertones and shades. Three different shades of brown and then a very pale yellow as a highlighter on the top of her cheekbones and brow bone.

Lips pre blending Adding Details Eyelashed

For all of these drawings I like using a combination of art and makeup brushes to apply it. I’ve found with the fingers its far too easy to apply the colours heavily, not to mention with brushes you don’t risk leaving oil stains on the paper from your fingertips.

After I’d used the pan pastels I went ahead with my Polychromo pencils to add the smaller details to the skin, lips and eyes

For the lashes I love using a fine tip pen or a chinese caligraphy pen to draw each individual lash around the eyes. Sometimes I’ll use a pencil first to make sure I know where I want to go with it, but normally I just go ahead and use the pen.


I still need to finish drawing her hair and ears, but I’m really happy with this version compared to my first try. It’s a slightly different method to how I drew Knud, but with a bit more work I should be able to finally get the rich dark skin tone I’m trying to draw without completely ruining it like my first attempt. And yes, Ragana is meant to be an absolutely jaw-droppingly beautiful woman. A lot prettier than Astrid. Maybe now I should finally get around to drawing Jarl or Ragi…

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Review: Kiko Lipliner in Bordeaux

Kiko Lip Liner

And my love for anything dark red, purple of burgandy-ish  continues with this beauty from Kiko. A lot of the time I use my lipliners as lipsticks, the colour doesn’t tend to budge as quickly and it’s a heck of a lot easier to get a neater edge.

£4.20 . 1.14g . Made in Germany . Cruelty Free . Long Lasting

I applied it quite lightly in the photo underneath and layered the Kiko Lipgloss stick in Magenta over it for that beautiful pink-ish tint, but you can build it up to a darker burgundy colour if you apply it more liberally.

Swatch Lips burgady

Lip Liner Swatches

Without any lipstick or lipliner layered on top it’s completely matte, and maybe a teeny bit drying, which is why I prefer it with a lipgloss on top. You can blend it quite easily with either your finger or a lip brush, and unless you’re eating or drinking food it won’t go anywhere in a hurry. It’s just as good as any of the other lipliners I have used in the past (Barry M, OCC etc.) and its a a beautiful colour. I love it and I think you might too.

You can get it here

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Making the Malumi Snow Cover

Snow Single Cover Malumi

It’s been so long since I’ve been able to do any kind of design that by the time it came to make the Snow cover I was absurdly excited. Since I did the cover of Outsider there weren’t many/any projects I could do which really involved design and that part of my brain felt like it was beginning to melt.

Problem is once I started doing the cover I had no idea where to go with it

Snow is a song about being in love with that person who makes you feel like everything is going to be ok, no matter how bad things get. Even for the sound of the song we were sure we wanted the sound of wind and an icy undertone to the whole thing, but the lyrics are hopeful. So I wanted to visualise that on the cover.

Malumi Cover Ideas

Eventually I decided I would take the lyrics: “ Snowflakes land into our open hands” and use that for the cover. I didn’t think my hands looked elegant enough for the cover (not to mention it would have been a pain in the neck to photograph) so I got my sister to be a hand model for the cover.

 I made around 10 different covers till I finally settled on two which I thought were up to the standard I wanted

Originally I was going to have a hand covered in ice/glitter over a background on the cover, but it just looked dull, dark and bland. Normally when I get stuck on a project I spend about 40 minutes just messing around with settings and effects on Photoshop and pretty much any mad idea which occurred to me. Nine times out of ten the best things happen entirely by accident because you were messing around in the right direction.

Before and After


In the final stages of doing the cover one of the ideas I had was to have another hand reaching out for the hand in the cover to represent the “Frozen wasteland, holding your hand” part of the lyrics. But in the end I didn’t go for it because it looked took much like Michelangelo’s ‘The Creation of Adam’ and it really messed with the focal point of the cover.

If any of you wanted to see how I did the makeup on my sister’s hand I did film the whole process and make a video for you guys too.

I hope you like the video :) 

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Review: Kiko Colour² Lipstick in Hearty Magenta

Kiko Makeup

Normally this is not the kind of colour I would go for, pink or even pinkish colours are not normally my kind of thing. Personally I blame the pre-Christmas impulse buy, but really I can’t complain because it is a lovely colour and over the Kiko Bordeaux lip liner the combination is just beautiful.

£ 7.90 . Magnetic Closure . Made in Italy .  Cruelty Free . Moisturising

Kiko marketed this lipstick as moisturising, and they’re not lying. First time trying on this lipstick I felt like I’d applied a really rich lip balm, it’s amazing! And the packaging I can’t fault at all. It’s sturdy, well made and the magnetic clasp is one of those small touches that make you feel like you paid £20+ for it.

Hearty Magenta Kiko MakeupLip SwatchHearty Magenta Swatch

I don’t like pink in general, but even I can appreciate how beautiful that swatch is. Ugh, so pretty! Down side of it being so creamy and moisturising is it doesn’t have a tone of staying power unless it’s over a good matte lipliner. If you are planning on using this colour for a night out be prepared to bring the lipstick with you to touch up, especially if you’re eating or drinking.

I like using this lipgloss more as lip tint or over a base of lipliner, you still get the moisturising effect but without having to worry about re-applying it, unless of course you’re using it as a lip tint. On it’s own this lipstick will last about 3 maybe 4  hours  before it needs to be re-applied.

 You can get the lipstick here

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Real Life Disney: Cruella de Vil

Cruella de Vil 101 Dalmations

I just had to make a few changes to this version of Cruella for my next addition to the Real Life Disney series. Apart from the fact that nothing is going to give me the kind of cheekbones Cruella sports in the cartoon, except for Malificent style prosthetics, I personally imagined Cruella with a little more of a 1920′s look.

And yes, that is a makeup brush in my hand. I had to improvise

I wanted to mix the films and the book up a little by doing the pictures so that they could have been of a socialite (the book) or fashion editor (the film). Originally I had planned to go completely black and white for the photography, since the look I’m going for is a little 1920′s. But I also wanted people to see the trademark red lipstick so, in the end not all of them were black and white, or at least not completely.

Cruella de Vil Magazine Cover Cruella de Vil Vouge Cruella de Vil Smoke

The lips aren’t strictly speaking very 1920′s, if they were they would have been more rounded and less arched. But I wanted to get across that harsh look, and outline the lips with a colour which was waaay to light and blatantly fake.  She’s a villain, so I didn’t want to the makeup to be too perfect, and she’s a little crazy, so all the more reason to do a makeup faux pas.

Which villain would you like to see next?

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