Going to IMATS? (A few tips)

I love IMATS! One of my favourite events of the year! It’s basically any makeup enthusiasts dream! Makeup…everywhere! I’ve been there now at least three time so I’ve pretty much figured out most of the do’s and don’t but it occoured to me that if might be the first time for some of you so…

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It’s finally close to that amazing time of year where makeup lovers get to look forward to IMATS! Last year I mainly got things for giveaways and at the time I thought I’d planned it out well enough to cover one giveaway a month for the whole year. Didn’t really work out! Though I did…

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Vlog: City and Guilds Makeup Interviews

I think I’ve more or less figured out how I want to do my makeup vlogs now. A few months ago I did a vlog showing the behind the scenes of the Phildel music video I worked on and since then I’ve been trying to thing of a way I can film them better. I…

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DIY: Gems and Swirls Jar

This one is so simple I very nearly didn’t upload it. Most of you have probably already guessed what it is made of (no prizes for guessing correctly) but since so many of you wanted a tutorial when I posted a look at it on my Instagram I decided to do it anyway. Bear it mind…

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Review: Funky Soap Solid Shampoo

When I picked the daisies to use for this photo I was a bit of a plonker and decided to wait till the evening before I used them to photograph this product since I wanted to get some face charts done first. Needless to say as soon as it got dark the daisies closed up…

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Simple Statement: Angled Liner

I’m probably going a little overboard with these eyeliner puns, Winged Eyeliner, now Angled liner, I’m going to have to find a way to make a Cat eye and incorperate a cat into it some how… You could outline the black liner with gold liner? Or silver? For a lot of you this video is…

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Dragon Queen

Something a little spontaneous this week. Really feeling fantasy inspired lately and trying not to get to nervous/excited about a HUGE project I’ll be able to share with you in the coming weeks, so I needed something a little random to get everything out of my system. Dragons of course gave me an excuse to stick…

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My Favourite Things no. 1

My first favourites video…little bit nervous about this one, I’ve avoided videos like this for years just because I found them very difficult to film. Lately though I’ve become more drawn to informal videos and I like how easy it’s becoming to just sit down in front of a camera and film without getting nervous….

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Making the Paper Wings Lyric Video

I should have gotten this blog post done months ago, it took so much time and work to make even when you don’t count how long it took to write and make the song, but I figure better late than never. This was the first time I’d ever made a lyric video  This was the…

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Review: Napiers Starflower Sensitive Skin Cream

Disclaimer: Item provided for review  This one I’ve had for months and really I should have done a review for it a while ago but kept using it and so it was never in my review pile which I was taking photographs. Not only have I used it for myself but I’ve also used it…

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