“Are any of your post sponsored or were you sent the item for free?”

If a product is sent to me for review it will be clearly disclaimed at the very beginning of the post.

“What do you use to take your pictures?”

For my blog posts prior to 2011 were taken with my JVC HD video recorder. Presently they are taken either with my Cannon EOS 600D or my Pentax camera. For filming I tend to favor my Cannon and for photography I prefer my Pentax.

“What are the *’s you put next to links?”

Just like my You Tube tutorials I mark product links so that anything such as affiliate links, sponsorship or items which have been provided for free are clearly explained to my viewers.

* Means the item was provided for free.

** Means the link is an affiliate link.

*** Means that the products is a paid placement.

NOTE! Any product which has been sponsored is tested out thoroughly beforhand and is always something I would have used or recommended regardless.