How I Made the EP Cover

Making The Malumi EP Cover

This one took a while to make! Over the past year I’ve had various ideas pop up in my head but none of them seemed to work with the dream-like look we were going for. When I was at Uni for graphic design one of the projects we were meant to do was on paper art, for some reason the module was dropped and I remember being absolutely gutted at the time.

After a little bit of research on paper art on Pinterest I  started planning out the cover

While we were shooting the Lullaby music video there was this amazing oak tree with two swings at the location, Sara put this lovely black and white picture of it on our Instagram, and I though it would be just perfect for the cover.  For the most part this cover just involved a lot of cutting. It ended up taking the entire day to cut up all the little pieces and take the perfect photograph.

I spent about 2 hours experimenting with the lighting and camera angles until I got the perfect shot

After that it was just a lot of time in Photoshop experimenting with different looks till I finally settled on the perfect cover. And the best thing is that after this I got to use everything I cut out for the lyric video of Lullaby. I’ll be making that live on the Malumi YT channel  in the next few weeks, since the EP was released yesterday I can’t wait to see what you thought of it!

Which song was your favourite? 

Music Sunday: Eurielle


I’ve decided to change the Music Monday posts to Sunday since Malumi has taken up the Monday upload slot, and I would like to blog about my music a little more on those days. It’s quite funny because these blog posts have ended up being a fantastic way for me to remember the music I love to listen to while I’m writing. I have this really horrible habit of finding a song that I like, listening to it on repeat till I’m sick of it, moving onto another song and then a few months later I can’t remember the name when I want to listen to it again.

I found Eurielle on You Tube around the time The Hobbit was coming out

Normally for writing I avoid listening to songs in English as I find them slightly distracting, but Eurielle is one of those rare exeptions. I think at least half of the views on Song of Durin are from me just refreshing the page. It’s inspiring and heartbreaking music all in one.

Which one is your favourite?

EP Launch Today!

Malumi Cover

If you’ve been following the Malumi You Tube channel you know that Monday’s are normally vlog day, but today instead we released our EP! We’ve been working on this since August, so you can imagine the build up of nerves and excitement.

There are five songs on the EP in total, Snow (which I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing at this point) See you Around, Go, Unspoiled Ground and Lullaby.

We’ve made the songs available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon

Several of you asked if the songs would be available on Spotify and if we’ll be doing unplugged versions, the short answer is yes, we will. The music will probably be available on Spotify in a few weeks and we’ll be doing live recordings of all the songs soon. So feel free to leave requests of which song you would like to hear first. Oh and if you wanted to hear snippets of each songs there’s a short track list at the end of the video.

I hope you like it! :D

Simple Glittery Eye


Sara and have vastly different styles both in makeup and fashion. She is quite fond of pastels and fluff, while I veer more to the lace and leather side of things. But if there is one thing we both like that is glitter, lots of it!

In case you missed it you can follow our vlogs here, we’ll have a new upload each Monday! :D 

I didn’t end up filming the look I did on myself for the prop shots, I might at some point but I’ll be uploading the makeup tutorials for the looks in the Snow music video long before that.

I hope you like the video, next week you might get more than one though… ;) 

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Music Monday: Writing Music no.1


As anyone following me on Instagram or Twitter knows I’m currently writing part two of Outsider. One of the things I always do when I’m writing, apart from have a great big jug of hot coconut milk on the table, is pick music which motivates me to stay focused.

I try to avoid music with people singing (in English) because I find it a little distracting

At the moment I spend a minimum of 3-4 hours a day writing, so my playlist is quite extensive, and constantly changing depending on the mood of what I’m writing. These are my current favourites for when I’m not writing anything particularly intense, or I’m going over what I’ve written already cleaning it up.

Any favourites? :) 

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Music Monday: Future World Music

Future World Music Photo

This was really hard to whittle down to just three songs, there are so many from this group I love! Again, another trailer music group but honestly, I wish mainstreams songs packed as much of a punch as these types of song do!

 Also you can have a listen through their music on their website 

There are some more heavier sounding songs from them but today I’ve stuck to the softer songs from them. I’ve had three practically on repeat the last few days while getting through backup blog posts and videos. The perfect working soundtrack!

Hope you like my selection! :D

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Music Monday: Amarante


You’ve heard me use their music quite a bit, especially on my second channel, but today I wanted to do a post all about them just incase you haven’t been introduced to Amarante.

They released their new album a few days ago (Elapsed Euphoria) which is just beautiful!

Their new song ‘the fire’ is my absolute favourite from the new album, and I’m just thinking how appropriate it would be to use in a phoneix/fire fairy look…if you want you can listen to their new album here.

Hope you like my selection! :D

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Music Monday: Steampunk Music


I guess a good time to do this post would have been when I did my Steampunk look but yesterday I was listening to my favourite steampunk band Abney Park and found a new composer who made this beautiful steampunk orchestral piece.

Today is a combo of Abney Park and composer/artist Walid Feghali

And yes…I have listened to Steam Powered Giraffe, but they never really floated my boat. But if you have any other steampunk bands suggestions please leave them in the comments! I would love to have a listen! :D

Hope you like them :) 

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Music Monday: Jem

Violin Thumbnail

I can’t remember when I found this one, I just know I was a teenager and I became utterly obsessed with 24 hours. Since then my music playlist has had a bit of a purge, but Jem has survived that and is still one of my favourite musicians.

I’m especially fond of Down to Earth 

If you have time have a look through her other songs too, these are my own favourites, but I’m sure there are a few which which I haven’t listed which some of you might prefer.

Hope you like them! :D 

Music Monday: Gothic Storm

mask gothic

And we’re back to one of my favourites! You’ve really got to love those “10 hours of epic music” playlists on You Tube. I find new music every single time when I listen to those and that it how I found this amazing group.

You might have heard one of their songs being used for the trailers of X-Men or Transformers recently

It was so hard picking just three songs, there are so many to choose from! Once you’re listened to these there so many others to listen to, so if you want, here is a playlist to listen through.

Enjoy! :D

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