Review: Kiko Lipliner in Bordeaux

And my love for anything dark red, purple of burgandy-ish  continues with this beauty from Kiko. A lot of the time I use my lipliners as lipsticks, the colour doesn’t tend to budge as quickly and it’s a heck of a lot easier to get a neater edge. £4.20 . 1.14g . Made in Germany ….

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Review: Kiko Colour² Lipstick in Hearty Magenta

Normally this is not the kind of colour I would go for, pink or even pinkish colours are not normally my kind of thing. Personally I blame the pre-Christmas impulse buy, but really I can’t complain because it is a lovely colour and over the Kiko Bordeaux lip liner the combination is just beautiful. £ 7.90 ….

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Real Life Disney: Cruella de Vil

I just had to make a few changes to this version of Cruella for my next addition to the Real Life Disney series. Apart from the fact that nothing is going to give me the kind of cheekbones Cruella sports in the cartoon, except for Malificent style prosthetics, I personally imagined Cruella with a little…

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My New Makeup Palette

Most of the prizes I won from the Illamasqua Distinction in Makeup Artistry awards went strait into my makeup kit. A brush, a few foundations and a contour powder, but I wanted at least one of the prizes to be just for me so I got this little palette. I didn’t want something with a…

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Hair Care DIY

Aaaaand I finally seem to be back to a routine of uploading onto my second channel. I know I know, I really let the ball drop on Klairedelysdotcom, but now that Malumi has launched, and the EP is finished, I’ve managed to work on some backup videos. Today though I’ll be showing you one of…

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2015′s First Giveaway

Personally I like the idea of starting off 2015 with a Giveaway, it seems like a nice way to start the year and it gives me a little time to chance to tell you what I’ll be up to this coming year. First things first, the Malumi EP will be coming out on the 9th…

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Review: Illamasqua White Foundation

I’ve tried quite a few different white foundations, some good, and some absolutely terrible, and so far this foundation is the best I have tried. Unfortunately it’s quite expensive and quite a small bottle. Basics: 30 ml . £30 . Cruelty Free . The foundation is described as rich, personally I would describe it as thick,…

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Snow Music Video Makeup | The Extreme Makeup

And we have the last of the Snow looks! Of course as I’m writing this Sara and I getting together all the props for our next video which has been upgraded from my living room to an actual forest and a cast. There will be a crown, a bark throne, wings, elf ears…so much to…

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Snow Music Video Makeup | Sara’s Simple Makeup

I suspect there are probably two groups of you watching these ‘simple’ snow looks. One group thinking “That’s far too simple” and others “it needs more!” But after tomorrow’s first extreme look from the shoot you’ll probably think I went too far. We’re either covered in glitter or, in my case, rhinestones. Small side track,…

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Snow Music Video Makeup | Klaire’s Simple Makeup

And we have the first of the makeup tutorials for the Snow music video! The song got released two days ago (it shot strait to no.1 in folk!) and the music video will be released on the Malumi channel this Friday. Sara and I each had two different looks for the music video, one ‘simple’…

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