DIY: Gold Leaf Jar

Gold and rhinestones…this one made me far too happy! It was pretty much everything I love which is shiny stuck onto the outsider of a jar. I know there are a few magpies among you, so I think most of you will like this tutorial. I also did something similar to a bracelet  You can…

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Besame Retro Lipsticks

If you’ve seen my IMATS haul video you’ve seen me gushing about this, and now I’ve tried it out a little longer I’m utterly besotted! Hands down my favourite buy from IMATS, though the puss and blister gel did come close… The packaging is gorgeous, the colours beautiful and the formula very long lasting One thing…

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Winged Rhinestone

Yes, I needed a rhinestone to this look! I mainly did this tutorial so that I could have a decent picture to put on the Author section for Outsider, I’d been looking through all my pictures and there was absolutely nothing that was appropriate. Pictures with boils, glitter and lashes all over my face sure….

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I’ve Published a Book!

So…I’ve hinted at this for some time now on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and I’ve been working on it since September/October last year. Right now I feel absolutely over the moon and terrified at the same time! Writing is something I’ve don’t as long as art and drawing, but it’s something that’s been very…

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I’ve already done a giveaway haul for the things I go you guys at IMATS, but I thought I’d separate the things I got myself from the giveaway prizes or this video would have be ridiculously long. You can see the giveaway haul here on my second channel  Most of these products mentioned are quite hard…

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De-potting my Lipsticks

I’ve had these art and craft cases sitting around on my table for well over two months now. I kept meaning to sit down and de-pott all my lipsticks but between one thing and another I kept forgetting or putting it off for something more important. I can see clearly exactly what I have and…

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HUGE IMATS Giveaway Haul

Each year I seem to get more and more for these giveaways but hey, the more prizes the more people can win! I’m really happy with the sets I put together, last year I was only able to give one special effects kit away but this year I was able to give away four! This…

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Real Life Disney: Ursula

Man do I love doing the villains! They’re so fun to do! Dark and evil, and I get to wear my amazing Scelera lenses! This look is probably the most different from the original charactar so far in this series. I didn’t like the short white hair and for her eyes I wanted them to…

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Going to IMATS? (A few tips)

I love IMATS! One of my favourite events of the year! It’s basically any makeup enthusiasts dream! Makeup…everywhere! I’ve been there now at least three time so I’ve pretty much figured out most of the do’s and don’t but it occoured to me that if might be the first time for some of you so…

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It’s finally close to that amazing time of year where makeup lovers get to look forward to IMATS! Last year I mainly got things for giveaways and at the time I thought I’d planned it out well enough to cover one giveaway a month for the whole year. Didn’t really work out! Though I did…

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