The Zodiacs: Scorpio

1920's Scorpio

And the third look in my Zodiac’s series! I very, very nearly made a scorpion headdress for this look, but I thought it would be a much too literal approach to this look, so I decided to go for something a little more subtle. One thing I did want to keep in though was that pattern of a scorpions sting in the eyeliner, so in the end that got added to the lower lid on the outer corner.

You can see my last Zodiac look here 

For the lower lid I decided I wanted to use small sequins to make the look a little more fun. I still wanted to keep that sharp, edgy look for Scorpio, but didn’t want to make her look cold and unfeeling in the process.

Eyes of the Scorpion

The Twelve Zodiacs Scorpio

Scorpio Makeup

I don’t know how many of you noticed but I managed to get the shape of the Scorpio symbol into the corner of the eye which I was quite pleased about. Plus I think most of you know how much I like my intricate eyeliner, so it was a really fun challenge. Originally I was going to go for a much harsher lip, but as you’ll see in the video I ended up going for a mixture of red and black to get a more muted colour. The eyes were harsh enough and I didn’t want the lips to distract from them.

I hope you like the tutorial :)

New Giveaway!

Thumb copy

This giveaway is slightly larger than usual, but I’m excited about IMATS NY so I’m going to celebrate a little and give away a bit more this month. This giveaway set includes pretty much everything, mascara, eyeshadow, brushes and even a brush shampoo.

Next week’s video will be Scorpio for my Zodiac series

While we’re on the topic of next week I have filmed two videos for my second channel, on on four different techniques for blending and on on how to transfer drawings. I’m not sure which one will be up first, but I’ve been promising these art tutorials for a while so it’s a relief to finally have filmed them.

Good luck with the griveaway and I’ll have a new video for you next week

Review: Lush Solid Shampoo | Honey I Washed My Hair

Honey I Washed My Hair

I had promised myself that I would wait until I’d finished Braziliant before I tried this one but I just couldn’t do it, it was sitting on my my review pile taunting  me so I had to give in.  Now that I have tried it though I’m not so sure which one I prefer more, this one or Braziliant. They’re both so good!

Basics: £5.75  •  Cruelty Free •  Toffee Scented  •  55g

Honey is one of those ingredients my hair (and skin) absolutely loves. It is moisturising without leaving my hair in a heavy oily mess. Including honey, this shampoo bar also contains wild orange and bergamot oils. So it smells amazing!

Lush Solid Shampoo Honey I Washed My Hair

It froths up so nicely! A couple of scrubs will leave your hair completely covered in a thick lather. I mentioned in my Braziliant review that the SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) in it was a little irritating to my scalp. Even though this one also has SLS, I noticed my scalp wasn’t as irritated, which is probably down to the honey in it.


Although Braziliant is my preferred scent, out of the two of these I think I prefer Honey I Washed my hair just a little bit more because it doesn’t irritate my hair line. A few years ago, I got really badly burnt on holiday and ever since then the skin along my hairline get’s irritated very fast, which is one of the reasons why I try to avoid shampoos with a myriad of chemical ingredients. I had absolutely no problem with this shampoo. I love it! Sorry Braziliant, I still love you, but you’ve been replaced.

You can get it here

Review: Kiko Lipgloss Stick in Pearley Strawberry Pink

Kiko Lipgloss Pencil Review

I know the whole Korean gradient lip is going out of trend at the moment, not that I really follow trends, but I mainly bought this lipgloss stick (along with Burgundy) so I could mix the two colours for that effect. In the end, Magenta worked better with this lipgloss than Burgundy.

Basics: £6.90 . 2.84g . Made in Italy . Cruelty Free

On it’s own this colour is beautiful. It’s described as pink, but on the lips it translates to more of a peach/nude colour. It’s lovely either for an everyday colour or even bridal if you want to balance out heavier eye makeup with a subtle lip colour.

Kiko Creamy Lipgloss in 102

102 Kiko Swatch

I love that they added the teeniest, tiniest hint of gold shimmer in this. I think that without it the colour could have been quite a bland pink/nude but the gold shimmer just makes that little bit warmer and lively. Quite surprisingly I’ve ended up using this colour quite a bit, even though in general I do prefer darker reds and burgundies. The perfect addition to a is-she-or-isn’t-she-wearing-makeup look.

You can get this here 

The Zodiacs: Aries

Aires Zodiacs Makeup

Yes, I made another pair of horns. I think by this time next week, after I’ve uploaded the tutorial for this on my second channel, I’ll had done three different tutorials on how to make horns. This one has to be my strangest one yet though, I use old shopping bags and garden wire, yes, it’s an odd combination of materials, but you have to admit they look pretty awesome!

This weeks Zodiac was Aries

With this whole zodiac series I didn’t want to limit myself to the colours and personalities which are usually attributed to the various zodiacs. There is so much history and mythology with each Zodiac and I wanted that to be a source of inspiration too. Some of them will be more inspired by the animal assigned to the zodiac and others will be inspired more by the history and mythology behind it.

Close Up of Aires MakeupAires The Ram

Fire is the element usually attributed to Aires and the Golden Ram is where the symbol of the horns comes from for this star sign, so that is what I decided to use as the main inspiration for this look.

I would like to incorporate the symbol of each Zodiac into the eye makeup

I had been half tempted to go for more of a flame-like pattern around the eyes, a little like my Fire Makeup look I did a while ago, but in the end I decided to stick to my idea of working the symbol of each zodiac into the eye makeup a little and keep everything else around it reasonably simple.

The Ram

So this is the next look in my Zodiac’s series! I’m not sure which one I’ll be doing next, in theory Sagittarius since all the props are made for that, but I also have all the props for my Real Life Disney: Ariel look made as well, and that tutorial involves a webbed hand makeup tutorial. So I’m not sure, we’ll have to wait and see :)

I hope you like the tutorial! :D

Review: Lipgloss Stick in Burgundy

Kiko Creamy Lipgloss

Red’s, burgundy’s and anything on the dark side are my kind of shades when it comes to lip colours. Every so often I think; “Yeah why not, I’ll try pink” and then I remember that I’m just not a pink girl, and I go back to my favourites.

 Basics: £6.90 . 2.84g . Burgundy . Made in Italy . Cruelty Free

The packaging is simple, the pencil winds up at the bottom (so no need to sharpen it) it’s light, small enough to put in your pocket, and the formula is un-flavoured and tasteless. In a good way that is. The texture is also lovely, it’s not too runny and holds nicely without being overly sticky (a personal pet peeve of mine).

113 Kiko Creamy Lipgloss

Now that I’ve mentioned the good I’ll move on to what was not so good. With a name like “Burgundy” I expected it to be a little more pigmented that this, or at least a little darker.

The colour was pretty, just not what I expected

I had hoped to wear this colour for a night out when I just wanted something quick, simple and dark, but this colour is just…red? I will probably wear it a lot as a day colour, or over a darker matte lipstick to give it more shine. It is perfect for that ‘just ate strawberries’ colour, but I wouldn’t call it Burgundy.


It’s a lipgloss, so it doesn’t really have the staying power of a lipstick. It will last around four hours before you need to top up,  I’ve had it last up to six, though that was without drinking or eating anything, and even then it was starting to look a little worn.

Overall I do like this lipgloss stick, it’s a lovely day colour, but don’t expect anything as dark and mysterious as burgundy from it, not matter how much you try to layer the colour.

You can get this here 

Review: Lush Fizzbanger Bath Bomb

Fizzbanger Lush

I have my favourite bath bombs from Lush and I tend to stick to them, but I felt like trying out a new bath bomb last week and picked up this one. My favourite Lush Bath bomb is Floating Island, which compared to some of the other products Lush have is a little dull in comparison, but I love it. It smells warm and it leaves your skin feeling like silk.

Basics: £3.35 • Cruelty Free • Vegan •  Warm Scent 

Fizzbanger is the polar opposite, it’s bright, colourful, smells exciting. It’s flashy where as Floating Island is understated, but at least for me, it didn’t really do much. Which was a little disappointing because so many people seem to love this bath bomb.


It breaks up easily, you don’t even need to use a hammer which I have had to do in the past (and no I’m not kidding), it smells warm and citrusy but it isn’t very moisturising and there are almost no bubbles. Even if you hold it directly under the tap.

The water looks a little like green algae once the bath bomb is in the water 

The smell is nice enough, but I just didn’t like this bath bomb. I think the main problem is that I prefer warmer more cozy smells and I HATE my skin feeling dry after a bath, which is what this one did. I’m wondering if this is just me because I’ve looked at other reviews and quite a few people said it was moisturizing.

Bomb in Bath

So I don’t know, I’m a little stumped with this product. I think it’s a case of doesn’t work for me but might work for other people. Either way, I’m going to go and get my hands on another Floating Island and enjoy it with a hot mug of coconut and some music in the background.

You can get this here

Real Life Disney: Hades


There’s something about bad guys that is so unbelievably fun to do, you get to look a little crazy, act a little crazy and you don’t have to explain yourself. That is until a cold caller knocks at the door. On the plus side he took one loot at me (I was grinning like an idiot) said I wasn’t interested and he just left no questions asked.

Today I decided I would do one of the villains

If I end up extending my Real Life Disney series to just animations in general (Edna Mode and Princess Mononoke) then one of the first villains I want to do is Eris from Sinbad Legend of the Seven Seas. She is my absolute favourite villain! I mean how could she not be, she’s cool as a cucumber and voiced by Michelle Pfeiffer who is one of my favourite actresses.

Real Life Disney Hades

The only prop I really had to make for this was the scull pin which was ridiculously easy to make, not like the horns I’ve made for Aires which I’ll be filming next week for the Zodiac series. Those took forever to make!

If you want to see how I made the scull pin you can read my blog post here

Some people were asking if I’d quit the Zodiacs series, no, I haven’t. It just works out quite nicely if I alternate between series so that I have time to make props for looks like Capricorn, Aires and Taurus which will requite quite a lot of props.

Zusie I'm Home

I feel a little sorry for my Instagram followers who got to see a sneak peek of this look at something like ten or eleven o’clock at night. Not the kind of thing you want to see right before you go to sleep.

I hope you like the tutorial :)

My Favourites: no. 4

Monthly Favourites

Good thing I never decided to name these monthly favourites or I would have failed big time. This month it’s a mash up of different things as usual, a little bit of art, some jewellery (of course), clothes and a bit of a re-stock on supplies.

I’ve already done a blog post about my kindle and the case here

I’ve tried to list everything I mentioned in the description box, but some of the items I mentioned I bought before Christams so they were sold out. I hope you like the video and I’ll be back next week with a DIY video :)

Small Special Effects Giveaway! :D


You know how I normally go to IMATS London? Well it looks like this year I’ll be going to IMATS New York! :D Yea, a little off topic but I thought I’d mention it since I’m sure quite a lot of you will be going.

This week I’ll be giving away a small special effects kit

The rules?

  • Leave a comment saying what your favourite blog posts are to read (requests count too)
  • One comment per person (it’s ok if you accidently post twice. It happens :)
  • The giveaway is international as usual
  • Ends on the 20th of Feb

Good Luck! :D