The Three Fates: Atropos


Small heads up, I look  ridiculously grumpy in this video but, that’s just because I couldn’t move my face at all without my face cracking up (literally). On the plus side my skin felt amazing after this tutorial! A beauty facial and a makeup tutorial, win!

The last of the three fates is Atropos

Her name in Greek means “without turn.” She’s generally painted in mythology as this cold and sometimes even an evil character, so I wanted to give her a slightly human element.

Cut The Thread

The idea I had is that she would be made of stone but one eye is still distinctly human. She does see the pain she causes when she cuts the thread, but she is unable to show emotion because she has hardened to the effects of pain and sorrow over time.

The Third Fate

And that’s it! The last of my three fates series. If you haven’t seen them already you can see the tutorials for Lachesis and Clotho by clicking them. I hope you like the tutorial and I should have a new series ready for you soon (feel free to leave suggestions for the next series).


Just Pink Perfume

Just Pink Next

I haven’t tried the Chloe perfumes, but I really appreciate how simply beautiful their bottles are. This one looked so much like them when I past it in Next I decided to give it a try, and it’s really quite a beautiful scent.

Basics: 100ml • Cruelty Free • £12 • Top notes of Green Mandarin and Cassis • Heart of Muguet and Jasmine • Base of Musk and Patchouli

You would think that for such a pink bottle it would smell like the perfume love-child of a candy shop and a florist shop. Spoiler, it doesn’t. When I first sprayed it the first image that sprang to mind was a feminine version of mens aftershave, the Musk is quite strong. After a minute or two though that smell settles down and you get this lovely subtle fresh floral smell.

Just Pink

It’s described on the Next website as a “fresh green floral fragrance with soft fruits and pink blooms”. The citrus isn’t very strong at all, it sits just under that smell of fresh flowers, and it’s only when you bury your nose against your wrist that you smell that faint citrusy scent.

For someone with such an aversion to pink I’d oddly fond of this perfume. The packaging is beautiful, the price and size extremely good value, and it is the perfect scent for almost any event.

I bought mine here

The Three Fates: Lachesis


Yea, they’re getting creepier. With the first Fate, Clotho, I wanted her to look reasonably normal. Ok, maybe the lashes aren’t normal, but compared to this one she it. Lacheisis is the disposer of lots, she knows how many years you will live and what day you will die on. I can’t imagine that would be a nice thing to know, so I imagined her as more of sad, borderline angry character.

Lachesis: Disposer of Lots

I didn’t want to just have this character holding a ruler, that would be quite boring, so I decided to go for a more morbid approach and have her keep track of people’s years on her actual skin.

I Know Your Time

The Numbers

The idea I had was that for each year a person lived she would cut a small tally into her skin, but when she knows the exact year or day a person will die she tattoos that number onto her skin. Since I’m doing the Greek versions of the fates the numbers in black are using Greek numbers, but depending on the version of the Three Fates you want to do you can use a different system of numbers. You could also make this whole look a lot more sever if you used things like sculpt gel or rigid collodion, or just keep it simple with lipstick and a few brown eyeshadows :)

I hope you like the tutorial :)

Coffee For Your Face

Cup o Coffee Lush

For someone who doesn’t drink coffee – I have enough addictions already, thank you – I really do love the smell of it. Most of the Lush face masks are infamously perishable, you have three or four weeks to use it but after that, it’s done. This mask, along with Mask of Magnaminty, are one of the larger and more long lasting pots. Perfect if you’re a scatterbrained goldfish like me.

Basics: • Cruelty Free • Vegan • £6.75 • 150g  •

The texture of this is…interesting for a face mask. I’m used to clays, serums and jelly-like masks, but this one is like rubbing mapple syrup into your skin with half a cup of coffee thrown into it. Normally I prefer to apply face masks in the evening, but this smells so strongly of coffee it’s lovely to use first thing in the morning while your brain is still in zombie mode.

Cup o Coffee Swatch

Because this is such a thick sticky texture I prefer to apply this just to the center of my face and t-zone. Otherwise when I’m massaging the face mask in it feels like I’m trying to re-mould my face. I wouldn’t recommend this mask for anyone with sensitive skin. I think it’s far too rough for that. But if you still want to try this mask out and think it’s too abrasive for your face then try using it on your decolletage and arms. Feels fantastic! Though you do end up smelling like Costa after.

Face and body Mask

I’ve actually started using this as a body mask, which is something I hardly ever do! To be honest I’m really bad with taking care of the skin on my body. My face get’s all the pampering normally, but I have such a massive pot to go through I think it’s the only way I’ll get through the whole thing.

You can get this here

The Three Fates: Clotho

The Spinner Of Life

After my Zodiacs series I wanted my next series to be considerably smaller than that one. Quite a few of you had suggested the three fates and, after a little bit of research on the different versions, I decided I would do it.

The first in the Series is Clotho, the weaver of the thread of life

I had originally planned for her to have no mouth at all, but my first few tests to try and do this looked horrible. I couldn’t get the smooth finish I was looking for so instead I decided to go for a stitch pattern over the mouth instead.

The Three Fates


I want all the fates to have the same grey eyes, and for this character I wanted her eye makeup to be colourless and the lashes textured. She is a weaver after all, so I thought the little details like the lashes and the lips should reflect that.

I hope you like the tutorial :)

The Night Owl Precision Eyeliner Pen

Night Owl Review

I don’t know how many of you remember the collaboration with MadeYewLook, but Lex started selling her own brand of eyeliner a few months ago and sent me a few of them to try out.

Back when I first started You Tube one of the first eyeliners I bought was the Migi eyeliner and it was fantastic for doing detailed eyeliner, like the glam goth look I did. The Night Owl eyeliner is the closest I have ever found to that one.  It gives you the same kind of ultra precision even though it is a felt tipped pen instead of synthetic bristles, like the Migi pen.

Night Owl

Basics: Cruelty Free • 6ml •  $18-£11.96

•  Slight Sheen Finish

As you can see from the swatches above you can draw very thick lines with this, or very fine detailed lines which are perfect for more arty looks. I’ve been using this eyeliner for a few months now and it’s still just as precise as when it first arrived. If you’re rough with this I think the nib will start to get a little floppy, but I’ve been using it for a few months, and as you can see from the photos above, it’s still pretty darn good!


Since Lex sent it to me I can’t remember how much the postage was exactly, so this might be a little tricky to get your hands on if you’re from Europe. I don’t know if Lex will be doing other versions of this pen in the future, but if she does I would love to see a matte black version or even a gold version. Imagine how cool it would look! Especially if you used them for looks like this.

You can get the eyeliner here

Man In The High Castle Transformation

Man In The High Castle

A few weeks ago I was asked if I would work with The Man In The High Castle to make a makeup tutorial about the series. Although I haven’t read any of Philip K Dick’s books,  I knew about Man In The High Castle from my Dad, so I was interested to see what the the series would be like. I watched the first episode, loved it and I actually got to see the second episode a few days ago at a private screening and it’s amazing!

For the makeup tutorial I decided that instead of doing just one look I would make myself look like the villain and the heroine. One thing I forgot to mention in the video is that I wore two different contact lenses, blue for Alexa Davalos’s character and green for Rufus Sewell’s character.

You can watch the series here 

A Matte Black Lipstick For Halloween

LA Splash Black Lipstick

It’s not often I title something as ‘the best’ but if I ever find a better liquid lipstick than this I’d be utterly gobsmacked. Heck, it’s even better than my Cailyn Demonist lip tint which I adore. I do prefer the texture of Cailyn lip tint more (and it doesn’t have the slight flaking problem this one does) but then then this product lasts hours more. I have included a swatch of it on this blog post, but if you would like to see how it actually looks on me you can see it in action in this tutorial.

Basics: Shade is called Venom • Cruelty Free • £13.95 • Needs an Oil based Makeup remover • Waterproof

Sorry that I’ve been harping on about NY, but I bought this at IMATS NY along with most of the the products I’ve reviewed in the last few months. I’d never tried any of LA Splashes products before and now that I have I’ll be checking to see what they have at IMATS LA next year. I’ll just have to pick up an oil based makeup remover at the same time because this will not budge without one!

LA Splash Swatch

I’ve never had a product that wasn’t easily removed with Bioderma, in fact the only downside that I can say about this product (other than the very, very slight flaking after you’ve worn it for 4+ hours) is that without an oil based makeup remover you’re going to have a hard time taking this off.

It’s easy to apply and get that perfect neat edge, the colour (once it’s dried) is completely matt too, but do be aware that with any matte product this can dry out your lips. If you have very dry lips you must apply a balm before this or your lips will feel like a mummy’s. As for it being water proof, well, they’re not lying! I wanted to check just how waterproof it was so I had a shower with this on the first time I used it and then tried to remove it with Bioderma after. It still barely budged until I got out the coconut oil to try and remove it. If I ever end up doing an underwater photo shoot I know that product I’ll definitely bring with me.

You can get this here (**)

Halloween Tutorial: Life

Life in the Darkness

A while ago I filmed a look for Death, and today I finally got around to doing the other side of that coin, Life. I didn’t get to film as many tutorials as I’d hoped this year for a Halloween, but I’ve actually realised something pretty important (and blindingly obvious). There are only so many hours in the day, and between writing the next Outsider books, the Outsider comic, my second channel, Malumi and my blog there’s only so much I can do if I want my work to be good quality. Not to mention my channel has never been about wearable makeup. Quite the opposite! So it’s not really restricted to seasons like Halloween to go all out. So I’ve made myself a little promise to not beat myself up about it.

Halloween Makeup Life

Actually, I thought I should mention that I’ve planned my next makeup series now that the Zodiacs are over. I didn’t want to jump into a twelve videos long series again so I thought I’d start small with the three fates. I’ll be doing the Greek versions of them, not the Roman, Slavic or Norse versions, and if everything goes to plan the first video will go up next week.

If you want to see how I made the masks for this look you can find both of them here

In the look I did for Death it was very heavy, dark and morbid. With this look I wanted to do the complete opposite. A light, cheerful and vibrant look instead. It’s meant to be worn with one of the masks I showed at the end of the video, but if you’d prefer not to it can be worn on it’s own as well.

The Glow

When I was photographing this look I wanted a prop that would be the opposite to the skull I used in the Death look. Other than using a bunch of flowers (which would end up looking very bridal) I decided to go for a candle with flowers instead, because wearing an entire nursery on my head wasn’t enough clearly.

I  hope you like the look :)

An Easier Way to Clean Makeup Brushes

Silicone Brush Cleaner

The downside of loving makeup is just how many brushes you will have to end up cleaning. If I film a row of tutorials back to back I have at least a whole jar of brushes to clean, so anything that will make the process of cleaning them faster and more effective is a plus in my opinion.

Basics: £1.59  • Took 2 Weeks to Arrive

I ordered two of these, the one from ebay which took over two weeks to arrive, and one from Amazon(**) which only took around 3 days. I got both mine in the colour purple, but I have seen them in black, pink and even mint green. Also depending on where you get them the price can vary between £1-£2. Not a huge amount, but especially on e-bay the price can fluctuate quite a lot between different sellers.

Using these is easy. A little soap on the ridges, dampen/wet the brush bristles and then rub the brush around on it till it’s clean and then wash away the soap and dirt. Especially with quite dense brushes like the toothbrush brush (I’m sure there’s another name for them but that’s what I’m calling them), this makes it at lot easier to get right down to the bottom of the brush.

Sigma Brush Matt

The only mildly negative thing I have to say about these is that they’re a too snug around your fingers. As I’m sure you can see from the picture above my fingers are nicely corseted in, but really, I can’t complain. It washes my brushes so much faster and more effectively, and better yet, it’s affordable!

I got mine here and here (**)