Real Life Disney: Hades


There’s something about bad guys that is so unbelievably fun to do, you get to look a little crazy, act a little crazy and you don’t have to explain yourself. That is until a cold caller knocks at the door. On the plus side he took one loot at me (I was grinning like an idiot) said I wasn’t interested and he just left no questions asked.

Today I decided I would do one of the villains

If I end up extending my Real Life Disney series to just animations in general (Edna Mode and Princess Mononoke) then one of the first villains I want to do is Eris from Sinbad Legend of the Seven Seas. She is my absolute favourite villain! I mean how could she not be, she’s cool as a cucumber and voiced by Michelle Pfeiffer who is one of my favourite actresses.

Real Life Disney Hades

The only prop I really had to make for this was the scull pin which was ridiculously easy to make, not like the horns I’ve made for Aires which I’ll be filming next week for the Zodiac series. Those took forever to make!

If you want to see how I made the scull pin you can read my blog post here

Some people were asking if I’d quit the Zodiacs series, no, I haven’t. It just works out quite nicely if I alternate between series so that I have time to make props for looks like Capricorn, Aires and Taurus which will requite quite a lot of props.

Zusie I'm Home

I feel a little sorry for my Instagram followers who got to see a sneak peek of this look at something like ten or eleven o’clock at night. Not the kind of thing you want to see right before you go to sleep.

I hope you like the tutorial :)

My Favourites: no. 4

Monthly Favourites

Good thing I never decided to name these monthly favourites or I would have failed big time. This month it’s a mash up of different things as usual, a little bit of art, some jewellery (of course), clothes and a bit of a re-stock on supplies.

I’ve already done a blog post about my kindle and the case here

I’ve tried to list everything I mentioned in the description box, but some of the items I mentioned I bought before Christams so they were sold out. I hope you like the video and I’ll be back next week with a DIY video :)

Small Special Effects Giveaway! :D


You know how I normally go to IMATS London? Well it looks like this year I’ll be going to IMATS New York! :D Yea, a little off topic but I thought I’d mention it since I’m sure quite a lot of you will be going.

This week I’ll be giving away a small special effects kit

The rules?

  • Leave a comment saying what your favourite blog posts are to read (requests count too)
  • One comment per person (it’s ok if you accidently post twice. It happens :)
  • The giveaway is international as usual
  • Ends on the 20th of Feb

Good Luck! :D

Review: Lush Shampoo Bar | Brazilliant

Brazilliant Review

I really should have reviewed this one a few months ago when I bought it. But my previous Lush shampoo bar (Jumping Juniper) seemed to resent potentially being replaced and decided to last as long as possible.

Lush have recently released a whole new series of Shampoo bars

Since I’m a shampoo bar addict don’t be surprised if one by one I review them on my blog. I can’t remember the last time I used liquid shampoo, and my hair (and skin) thanks me for that. Even though this shampoo bar does still have sodium lauryl sulfate my skin doesn’t react as badly to it as it does with liquid shampoos. I find it very mildly irritating but for the moment I haven’t found a SLS free solid shampoo that can replace it.


I probably don’t need to point out one of the more obvious pros of this shampoo bar, it’s increadibly handy for travel. No risk of exploding bottles of shampoo in your bag (been there, done that) and, as I’ve already mentioned they last for ever! Mine, on average, will last between one month to a month and a half, and that’s with washing my hair twice a week.

Basics: 16 ingredients • £5.75 • 55g • Cruelty Free • Citrus Scent • Moisturising • Vegan

 I was a little worried when the shop assistant mentioned it was moisturising, since the last lush bar that did that made my hair more heavy and oily than moisturised, but then to be fair I had very long hair at the time. This bar however is AMAZING! I can’t say if it’s my favourite quite yet, I still need to try out Honey I Washed My Hair, but it’s definately in my top five favourites.

Brazilliant Shampoo Bar

It’s moisturising (without leaving your hair feeling heavy and oily) and at least for short hair it really gives it a real nice amount of volume. And before I forget, this shampoo bar smells incredible, a strong citrus-y smell, though as far as I can tell the smell doesn’t really stay in your hair after you’ve washed it for long.

You can get it here

Review: Kiko Shadowstick in Golden Mauve

Long Lasting Stick

I did a review on several of these shadow sticks about a year or two ago, I loved them then and I love them more even more now. And now I think they might have changed the formula a little to improve it as well, though it could be wrong. It seems slightly creamier and doesn’t dry quite as quickly, so you have a little more time to blend it before it sets.

 £6.90 • 1,64g • Water Resistant • Made in Italy • Cruelty Free • Long Lasting

This colour is also lovely as a highlighter along the cupids bow, you don’t just have to use it for your eyes. I love the combination of this shadow stick, the Bordequx Kiko lip liner and the Kiko Magenta Lipgloss stick, and if you’ve seen the Zodiacs Virgo look you know exactly what I’m talking about.

SwatchKiko Shadow Stick

You don’t absolutely have to wear a primer with this, but it does help. With a primer though it lasts just fine for 6-8 hours without a problem, and it’s pretty waterproof. Although I haven’t worn it under a shower to test it out, I have worn it in the rain and it didn’t budge. So the perfect product for a wedding too I might add.

There are only two tiny negative things I have to say about these. One is that they are prone to snapping inside the tube, but providing you don’t wind it out too much it’s not really a problem even if they do snap. And secondly when brand new they can be a little too much on the creamy side and apply quite thickly. But nothing a quick sweep of a blending blush won’t fix.

You can get it here

Review: Kiko Lipgloss Stick in Magenta

Kiko Pen

I haven’t tried the Clinique chubby stick but obviously this is a dupe for it, a considerably cheaper dupe at that.  It’s more of a pink-y colour than I usually go for but its so beautiful over a darker lipstick or lip liner that for once I don’t mind too much. If you’ve already seen my Zodiacs Virgo look then you exactly what I’m talking about.

 Basics: £6.90 . 2.84g . Magenta . Made in Italy . Cruelty Free

Lately I’ve been layering it over a beautiful lip liner called Bordeaux (also from Kiko) and the combination is just beautiful, not to mention quite moisturising. And, as far as I am aware, Kiko is still a cruelty-free company, so another two big thumbs up from me. Thankfully you don’t need to sharpen this product, just wind it up from the bottom like a lipstick and voilà.


Kiko Creamy Lipgloss

The size is perfect for me, small and practical. The only thing I’m not 100% happy with is the amount of actual product. If you roll up the entire stick up it’s only about half the size of the outside packaging, and personally I always feel a tiny bit conned when companies overcompensate on packaging to make it look like you get more product

But then again its so affordable I can’t really complain.

You can buy it here

The Zodiacs: Virgo


Incase you haven’t noticed already, I re-designed my blog! Isn’t it pretty? There are still a few thing left to tweek, but overall I’m so happy with how everything looks. A lot less cluttered and just more pleasant to look at in general I think.

Anyway, back on track, today I’m starting the first of my Zodiacs series!

I’m also using one of the Malumi songs from the EP called See You Around, if you want you can listen to thirty second clips of each song on Amazon, or you can pre-order it before Monday. I’m not sure what I’m more excited about, the Zodiac series or the fact we’ve finally finished the EP!

Zodiac Virgo

For Virgo I really, really wanted to avoid the horribly bland look Virgo is normally stuck with, and give her something more dramatic. Angels seem to be pared with Virgo quite a lot, and they also get stuck with the bland brush too, so it gave me a chance to finally do an angel-like took with a bit of drama.

I’ll have a blog post on how I made the helmet soon

I didn’t end up filming a tutorial for the helmet. At the time I just wanted to sit down and make something without having a camera over my shoulder, but I’ll explain how I made it in the blog post, which should be easy enough to follow.


So…that’s the first of my Zodiac series! I’m not sure which one will be next, and I don’t really want to made a prediction at this point since I still have a frighteningly large amount of props to make, but I hope you this one.

And before anyone asks, I’m a Taurus :)

Real Life Disney: Anna

Anna Frozen Cosplay

And the frozen duo are now ticked off my list, Elsa and now Anna both have tutorials, next I think it’s a few of the guys turn. Hook will probably be first, and then maybe Gaston, though now I’m kind of kicking myself for cutting my hair shorter again since I really could have used slightly longer hair for Gaston.

If everything goes to plan though next weeks upload will be the first of my Zodiac series 

I highly doubt I’ll be doing them in order since I still have a jug to paint for Aquarius which will take a while, and all the props for Virgo are made and ready. As wearable as some of my Real Life Disney series have been that’s how unwearable the Zodiacs series will be, I can’t wait! It’s going to be awesome!

Anna in Frozen

Of course you don’t have to do the frozen part of her face. If you want to just keep the makeup simple and avoid all the white foundation and glitter then you can absolutely do that too.

I hope you like the tutorial :)

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Review: Kiko Lipliner in Bordeaux

Kiko Lip Liner

And my love for anything dark red, purple of burgandy-ish  continues with this beauty from Kiko. A lot of the time I use my lipliners as lipsticks, the colour doesn’t tend to budge as quickly and it’s a heck of a lot easier to get a neater edge.

£4.20 . 1.14g . Made in Germany . Cruelty Free . Long Lasting

I applied it quite lightly in the photo underneath and layered the Kiko Lipgloss stick in Magenta over it for that beautiful pink-ish tint, but you can build it up to a darker burgundy colour if you apply it more liberally.

Swatch Lips burgady

Lip Liner Swatches

Without any lipstick or lipliner layered on top it’s completely matte, and maybe a teeny bit drying, which is why I prefer it with a lipgloss on top. You can blend it quite easily with either your finger or a lip brush, and unless you’re eating or drinking food it won’t go anywhere in a hurry. It’s just as good as any of the other lipliners I have used in the past (Barry M, OCC etc.) and its a a beautiful colour. I love it and I think you might too.

You can get it here

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Review: Kiko Colour² Lipstick in Hearty Magenta

Kiko Makeup

Normally this is not the kind of colour I would go for, pink or even pinkish colours are not normally my kind of thing. Personally I blame the pre-Christmas impulse buy, but really I can’t complain because it is a lovely colour and over the Kiko Bordeaux lip liner the combination is just beautiful.

£ 7.90 . Magnetic Closure . Made in Italy .  Cruelty Free . Moisturising

Kiko marketed this lipstick as moisturising, and they’re not lying. First time trying on this lipstick I felt like I’d applied a really rich lip balm, it’s amazing! And the packaging I can’t fault at all. It’s sturdy, well made and the magnetic clasp is one of those small touches that make you feel like you paid £20+ for it.

Hearty Magenta Kiko MakeupLip SwatchHearty Magenta Swatch

I don’t like pink in general, but even I can appreciate how beautiful that swatch is. Ugh, so pretty! Down side of it being so creamy and moisturising is it doesn’t have a tone of staying power unless it’s over a good matte lipliner. If you are planning on using this colour for a night out be prepared to bring the lipstick with you to touch up, especially if you’re eating or drinking.

I like using this lipgloss more as lip tint or over a base of lipliner, you still get the moisturising effect but without having to worry about re-applying it, unless of course you’re using it as a lip tint. On it’s own this lipstick will last about 3 maybe 4  hours  before it needs to be re-applied.

 You can get the lipstick here

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