Halloween Tutorial: Death

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

To kick start my Halloween tutorials I thought I’d start with a small duo series, Life and Death. I wanted to try and challenge myself this week and use something for the teeth which wasn’t false nails. As it turns out I had my CD jar on my desk while I was planning out this look, and it occurred to me that CD fragments would look awesome as teeth replacements.

I want this small duo series to be complete opposites. Death will be (is) very morbid and dark, while life will be very bright and cheerful

I’ll have a tutorial on the crown on my second channel next Tuesday, it’s really easy to make, and if you don’t want to use real dried flowers you can substitute them for fake ones. As for the teeth, obviously, be careful with them, don’t make them too small and when you’re cutting up the CD wear goggles and gloves. It is very possible to cut yourself if you’re not careful.

Taking The LightSweet EscapeI Look Like Death

In this tutorial I used a lash glue to stick the teeth down, but if you don’t have that you could also use, latex, scar wax or sculpt gel. I forgot to mention it in the video, but I put in my lenses last just because they’re not the easiest things to see through. Though if I do this I always apply the eyeliner after I’ve put on the lenses, the last thing you want is makeup trapped on your eye. Trust me, it’s not comfortable or good for your eyes.

I hope you like the tutorial :)

Experimenting with Next Perfumes

Next Perfume

If my mum could see me right now she would probably be rolling her eyes at me and saying something along the lines of ‘another perfume?’ Yes, another perfume, because I have an addiction and I’m not quitting! So far as I am aware the Next perfumes are cruelty free, but I’m not going to put it down at cruelty free on this blog post just because each time I write to them about it I never get a confirmation email, and I’d like to have that before I put it down as cruelty free for certain.

So far I’ve tried three perfumes from Next. One I love, one which is okay and this one which is just a little bit…meh

I bought this one alongside Paradise Escape and Antigua. Escape was good, but Antigua I adore, which obviously meant that the perfume gods decided they should discontinue it. Thankfully I bought the large sized bottle, so it should last me a while, and if I’m lucky maybe they’ll start selling it again. But this perfume however I’ve ended up using it as a room spray just because it’s so weak.

Next Perfumes

It’s described as “A vivacious, exotic blend of mango and guava reveals an enchanting heart of coconut with the added warmth of soft musk”. Problem is that you can’t really smell the coconut, or the musk, and I’m only be able to smell the rest of the scent for about an hour before I have to re-apply it.

Basics: • £10 •  50ml

It’s fine as a room spray or as an eau de toilette, but don’t expect it to last long either way. Next do have some great perfumes (Antigua I’m looking at you you little beauty) which are great, but unfortunately this particular one is not one of them.

DIY: Stonehenge Jar

Stone Henge Jar

Continuing my historical themed Jars this week I decided to do a jar very, very loosely based on Stonehenge. Yes, I know stonehenge doesn’t have any norse runes on it, but I just couldn’t help myself. I love the look of norse runes and had to add them.

You will need air drying clay, wall filler, glue (or a glue gun) and paint

Of course you don’t have to paint what I did. There are actually some great starry sky painting tutorials you could follow instead if you want something a little less simple and more dramatic. You could even leave out the painting and the wall filler entirely and just have the stones. It would pretty awesome as a candle jar if you did it that way too.

I hope you like the tutorial :)

The Zodiacs: Libra

Justice Will be Served

This is the only look in the entire zodiac series I’ve had to film twice. The first time I filmed it there was a lot more blue eye makeup (mistake no. 1) I wore a red wig (mistake no.2) I was quite ill at the time (mistake no.3) and I filmed it at 3 am. All in all, a magnificent disaster, but thankfully this time it turned out perfectly.

Before anyone asks, no, I did not get a septum piercing. Just like tattoos, I love the look of them, but I change my mind way too much to commit to it. I’d much rather fake it and have the option of switching things up when I get bored.

I got my (fake) septum ring here (**)

The Zodiacs Libra

There were two things I knew I wanted to avoid with this look. Number one was pink, it is just not my colour, and number two, I don’t like the idea that for something to be ‘girly’ it has to be pink. Blue is another colour which is associated with Libra so I decided to go with that one instead.

I wanted to keep the eye makeup simple, colourful and bright, but also work the Libra symbol into it

Once this series has finished I’m planning to do an eyeliner video for the zodiacs, all twelve zodiacs in one video with eyeliner and a plain pair of false lashes. No rhinestones (yes, that will be hard for me) no glitter, just minimal makeup. I think when I finally get to that the eyeliner won’t be much different to this one. Just without the blue eyeliner or glitter.

The scales of Justie

I know Libra is normally shown holding the scales, but with the scales I had it looked utterly ridiculous because they were just so small, so instead I went for one image with a torch and one with a sword to represent both sides of the scales instead.

I hope you like the tutorial :)

A Matte Lip Tint I Actually Like

Caylin Demonist

Sometimes when I write reviews I wish I could write “I love it! I love it! I love it!‘ and leave it at that. This is the most beautiful satin burgundy lip gloss I have ever tried (so far). I’ve never been entirely sold on the idea of matte lip tints. The few I have tried dried the heck out of my lips, which I guess is to be expected with anything matte, but the formula of this product from Cailyn is certainly the best of any I have tried before.

Basics: 3.5g • $19 • Made in the US • Cruelty Free

• The shade is called ‘Demonist’

When I bought it at IMATS I was going to wait till I was back in England to test it out, but I couldn’t wait and wore it for a night out while I was still there. It lasted spectacularly well! I didn’t exactly have my eyes on the clock since there were drinks and karaoke in the vicinity, but it lasted at least five hours even after a big meal and a couple of drinks.

Caylin Swatch Demonist

I would advise with this product to apply a little lip balm before you wear it, but if you have naturally dry lips then this might not be the best lip product for you. I was going to add lip swatches to this blog post to show the colour but I think if you want to see how this looks on the lips it’s best shown on the Leo tutorial I did a few months ago.

If I had to point out any negatives about this product it would be that it does have a tendency to stain the lips, but honestly, when a lip product lasts longer than five hours you really can’t expect for it to do anything else other than stick around. My verdict? I love it, I love it I love it!

You can get it here 

My New Favourite Face Mask

Natural Face Mask Review

It was by complete accident that I found this face mask. I think at the time I was buying some more green clay (for my own DIY face masks) and I saw this come up in the recomendations. I normally stick to either my own face masks or the Lush ones, but I read the reviews and so many of them raved about this mask I thought I’d try it out.

Basics:  • 6oz  • 170ml •  Cruelty Free • £29.99

It’s not the cheapest of masks by a long shot, but they seem to have sales quite a lot and I picked it up for around £16 at the time. It’s really easy to apply, no lumps which build up on your chin and end up falling on the carpet while you’re waiting for it to dry, and most of it can be peed off quite easily once it’s dry.

Mud Mask Application

One massive thing I do need to point out with this mask is that if you have acne sitting under the surface of your skin this mask is going to pull it out like a corkscrew. The first time I used it my skin felt great, but all the pimples under my skin came up to the surface. Not that I minded, after a day or two my skin looked and felt amazing!

Dead Sea Mud, Organic Grapefruit & Mint Essential Oil, Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Hickory Bark Extract, Non GMO Xanthan Gum, Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Water, Kaolin Clay, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Calendula Oil

I would describe this mask as a get-my-skin-back-on-track mask. If you’re trying to soften your skin for a night out, or you have a special occasion in the next few days I would say avoid it. The reason I love this mask so much is that it helps get your skin out of that spiral where nothing seems to help.

Bare Faced Mask

One last little note, if you can, keep this mask in the fridge. It doesn’t last well in hot weather and if it get’s too warm you’ll have to scoop out half of it and throw it away, that’s if you’re lucky and the entire pot hasn’t gone off. If you’re looking around for a new face mask I seriously suggest you give this one a shot, you might fall in love with it as much as I have.

I got mine here (**)

The Zodiacs: Sagittarius

The Archer Capricorn

I don’t know about everyone else but when I think about Sagittarius the first thing that pops into my head are celtic warriors on horseback, especially Boadicea, and since the symbol for Sagittarius is a centaur I thought I would explore that idea a little more in this tutorial.

You can see the tutorial on how I made the earrings here 

I wanted the skin and the patterns on the face to be the focus and the eye makeup kept quite simple. For once I actually decided to highlight (or strobing as everyone seems to be calling it now) and keep the patterns bold and simple so that the face looked sculpted and strong.

Zodiac Make

The Star Archer

I was originally going to use normal lashes but I saw these awesome feathery lashes at the bottom of my drawer and it made me think of birds, and since birds tend to be symbols of freedom and a love of life I thought it seemed appropriate for Sagittarius

Now I only have Capricorn, Libra, Pisces and Taurus left to do

So that’s the final look! I hope you like it, with any luck I’ll have finished this series right before Halloween and I can get started on my next series. Some people suggested greek gods, but I think I want to wait a while before I start that one. Maybe something smaller like the classical elements, fire, earth, water and air…?

I hope you like the tutorial :)

My Top Four Lush Solid Shampoos

The Best of the best

Recently I mentioned a Lush Shampoo that really didn’t work for me, and since I don’t normally do negative reviews I felt I needed to balance it out by mentioning the shampoos I do like. I’ve already done reviews on most of these, so in this post its going to be more of an overview than a review.

In general the solid shampoos last about three times longer for me than regular liquid shampoos, and they’re fantastic for travel


This one has a very cold cooling smell which is why I love using it in the summer, especially when the weather gets hot and humid. It was actually one of the first bars that I tried and it’s still one of my favourites.


Unfortunately this one has been discontinued, which is a little annoying, but it’s been replaced which Honey I Washed My Hair which is hands down my favourite of the bunch. It smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling smooth as silk.

My Favourites


Bright orange with a powerful smell to match. It froths up beautifully and is packed with my favourite combination of floral and citrusy smells.

Jumping Juniper

This one normally get’s overlooked when I think about my favourites, but it really is a lovely little bar. It froths up nicely and has a subtle (if you can believe that for Lush) smells of Juniper berry oil, Lavender and Rosemary.

Peel Avant-Garde Makeup

Peeling Eyes

I must have done the face chart for this look about two years ago, and since then it’s just been hanging on my wall waiting for me to do it.  This week I just wanted to experiment and see what kind of look I could create with the least amount of products as possible, and using something non-makeup.

I just used two eyeshadows, eye lash glue, lipliner and some white foundation

I think I was really frustrated or stressed when I got the idea, and originally it was going to be more bloody, but I thought I’d try it out as something more avant-garde.

Peeling Makeup

The Peel

I decided I wasn’t going to wear any foundation (other than the white foundation) for this look since it’s not really meant to look pretty, and I wanted all the texture and ‘imperfections’ in the skin to be picked up in the pictures. Next week I should be back to my regular tutorials but just for this week I wanted to have a little fun and experiment.

I hope you like the tutorial :)

Trying Out a New Lash Glue

Duo Lash Glue

My last experience with Duo lash glue was not good. I have tried this brand twice in the past, once with their regular lash glue, and once with their latex free versions, and both times my eyes flatly refused to have it anywhere near them.

I felt like I should give DUO one last shot though so I picked this one up while I was in NY

And boy am I glad I did! I think I finally understand the hype around this brand, or at least for this product. Unlike regular lash glues this one dries black, so it makes it a lot easier to hide that annoying line you can get between your eyeliner and your real lashes when you apply the false lashes too high.

Colour of the lash Glue

At first it was a little tricky to get the hang of. Since it’s dark grey it’s a lot harder to tell when it’s ready to apply, unlike white lash glue which will normally start to go a very faint shade of light blue when it’s ready to be applied.

Basics: 7g • Cruelty Free • £4.95

It’s also a lot runnier than most lash glues I have tried. I have to be so careful when I’m using this or I’ll end up squeezing out the whole thing instead of just a drop. At first it was a bit of a pain (especially since I ruined two pairs of feather lashes this way) but now that I’m used to it I love this glue. I haven’t been reaching for Royal Lash glue in a few months and I think it’s going to stay that way.

You can get it here (**)