Some of My Favourite Gold Pieces

Gold Jewellery

If you’d asked me two years ago, or even a year ago if I liked gold, my diplomatic answer would have been ‘it’s not my thing’. Translation – I thought it looked tacky and garish. Since then I’ve done a little bit of a 180 and fallen completely in love with it, especially if it comes attached to any kind of natural stone.

So I thought today I’d show some of my pieces from my new gold-plated collection. Some from ebay, some from Amazon, and some from Etsy. I do have a few gold plated rings from Accessorize but I’m not going to include them in this post just because, frankly, they’re quite terrible. Not even after two weeks the plating had already started to chip and lift.

Arrow Head Gold Necklaces

My personal philosophy is that I what I buy should last. I don’t like waste. Since then I have found out that I can go to a jeweller and get items gold plated properly, so maybe in a few months I’ll get my Accessories rings plated, but for the moment I just want to recommend the items I have so far which have held up.

Arrow Head Necklaces:

I picked up two of these, one in quartz and one in amethyst. The seller also had the option of different chain lengths, so if you prefer shorter chains, they have that option.

Crystal Earrings:

Again, I picked up a quartz and an amethyst. Obviously I don’t have a preference for those colours or anything.

Roman Coin Earrings

Shark Tooth Earrings:

I’ve got key earrings, skull earrings, leaf earrings, so why not shark teeth? As much as sharks scare the living daylights out of me, I’ve always had a fascination with their teeth. I’ve always had a morbid fascination with things that frighten me so, of course, I thought I’d get a pair of them and wear them.

Roman Coin Earrings:

Out of this whole collection these are probably the ones I am the most excited about. I’ve wanted a pair of them since I was a teenager, so I feel like I’ve ticked some kind of teenage wish list.

Etsy Rings

Moonstone and Garnet Rings:

Garnet and moonstone, a perfect combination that will go with pretty much any outfit. I’ve worn these so many times since I bought them I’m surprised they haven’t fused permanently to my fingers.

Four Leaved Clover & Acorn Necklace:

I’m almost positive that I’ve mentioned these necklaces in one of my favourites’s videos a while back, but there’s no harm showing them again. They’re dainty and have a nice weight to them, especially the acorn necklace. If you haven’t tried out the Estella Bartlett necklaces, and you like dainty jewellery, well then, allow me to introduce you to your newest addiction.

Estella Barleett Acorn and Clover Necklaces

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Dry Face Mask

Face Mask

I’ve done quite a few face masks on my channel in the past, but I don’t think I’ve done a dry face mask yet. The downside of fresh face masks is they have a short shelf-life, if it’s dry you can keep it indefinitely and just add a little water when you want to use it. Same benefits but much longer shelf life.

Green Clay:detoxifying, cleansing, healing • Honey: antibacterial, moisturising, soothing • Oats: moisturising, soothing.

One of my favourite ingredients to use when my skin is having a little bit of a freak out is green clay. The downside though of this ingredient is that, while it is very good at pulling all the rubbish out of your skin, it can also leave your skin very dry. But if you add a little oats, coconut (which has pretty much the same skin care benefits as oats) and a tiny bit of honey you can still leave your skin clean but soothed and moisturised.

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IMATS LA Haul 22

If you’re following me on Instagram you’ll know already that a few weeks ago I was at IMATS LA. Of course I did a tiny bit of shopping, some at Whole Foods – which has become my new obsession- and some at IMATS. This video is a long one, so I suggest you make yourself a tea before you sit down to watch it. There are a whole load of new additions to my kit, some items just for myself and nothing short of a dozen new pairs of false lashes.

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My Favourite Things: No. 7

My Favourites

I think it’s been a little over four months since my last favourites video, so a new one is long overdue. As usual there is a lot of new books, art supplies and jewellery, but I also had to mention what is easily the best face cream that I have every tried.

72 Markers Sense Bags:

They sell these in quite a few sizes, but if you have a collection of markers as big as I do you’ll need the 72 markers size. For smaller collections though they sell them in an 18, 24 and a 36 markers size. It was only after I’d bought both my cases that I noticed there are some cases with a transparent plastic option instead, but since I ended up adding swatches to the ends of all my pro-markers it worked out perfectly.


This is a long list of rings so prepare to click on a lot of links. I got the rope twine rings, leaf rings, black onyx ring, tigers eye and my favourite, the amber sun ring. Since I’ve been buying a lot of rings online lately I thought it would also be a good idea to finally get a ring sizer too.

Era Organics Relief Cream

I’ve already done a full blog post all about this cream so I won’t bother repeating myself. It’s amazing, I can’t think of anyone I wouldn’t recommend this cream to. Oh, and did I mention it’s also great for your hair when the ends are dry and frazzled?

Paint Brushes

I bought two sets to replace one brush. Yes, I’m an art addict I know, but in my defence everyone needs their little addictions – apart from rings, shoes, perfumes and books – obviously. I bought the Pro Arte Artists Series 3 set and the Pro Arte Artists Pure Sable 6 set,

Pentel 0.3mm  Mechanical Pencil

I actually have Stephenie Mun Law to thank for this purchase. I’ve been following her Instagram for a while now and noticed how she was able to achieve incredibly thin lines on her sketches, so I jumped onto Amazon, bought myself one. One week later I bought myself a second one for backup because I’m paranoid I’ll misplace the first one somehow.

Anatomy for the Artist 

Now there is another addition to the art books I consider essential for every artist along with the Collins Artist Manual. While the Collins Artist Manual covers tools, primers, techniques etc, this book covers anything and everything you will need to know about anatomy.

Small Stud Earrings 

Now that I have these I’m trying to resist the urge to get the Cubic Zirconia ones too. They’re the perfect size, small, dainty and comfortable. 

I hope you like the video :)