DIY: Hades Badge

Hades Pin Badge

Not the pretties prop I’ve ever made but Hade’s outfit was pretty simple, grey skin, yellow eyes, blue hair and a scull pin. I was going to keep it clean and neat but then I figured that since we are talking about the god of the underworld I’d scuff it up a little.

Making this is simple, just a little clay, some sculpting tools and a little bit of paint

I used some white modeling clay (**) at first, rolled it into an oval shape and then flattened it a little. Next take a sculpting tool (you can use the rounded end of a pen or a cocktail stick if that’s all you have to hand) and mark out the shape of the eyes and teeth.

What I Did

Once you have cut off the sides next to the teeth and round the edges, just go over everything and neaten it up. Push the eye sockets a little deeper,  sharpen the lines on the teeth and then just wait for it to dry.

Once the clay has dried you can paint it with several different mediums

You could do a wash over it with black or brown ink so that the colour settles in the cracks and sockets. You could also use acrylic paint or water colour (which is what I used) or even spray paint. Once I’d painted over it I brushed a nail file over the surface to roughen it up a little.


The last thing I did was glue gun a little loop of ribbon at the back so that I could pin it to my shoulder, you might also need to superglue it down a little so it doesn’t unstick from the clay. Especially if the clay is quite heavy, it can have a little trouble sticking to the hot glue since the surface isn’t very porous.

And that’s how you make the Hades pin. Simple!

My Favourites: no. 4

Monthly Favourites

Good thing I never decided to name these monthly favourites or I would have failed big time. This month it’s a mash up of different things as usual, a little bit of art, some jewellery (of course), clothes and a bit of a re-stock on supplies.

I’ve already done a blog post about my kindle and the case here

I’ve tried to list everything I mentioned in the description box, but some of the items I mentioned I bought before Christams so they were sold out. I hope you like the video and I’ll be back next week with a DIY video :)

Outsider Art: Jarl Sketch

Drawing Jarl

I should have drawn Jarl ages ago, especially since each time I draw any character from Outsider I get so many people asking me to draw him. But now that I have, judging by the reaction I got on my Instagram, I think half of you fell in love with him.

What I used: Mechanical pencil (**), Powder Puff, Makeup Brush, Rubber Pencil (**), Paper Tortillion(**) Graphite Pen(**)

You’re probably thinking why on earth I have a makeup brush listed as what I used, well… a concealer brush is actually amazing for blending. Especially with a graphite pen. Especially if it’s those annoyingly stiff concealer brushes. I hate them for makeup but they are perfect for blending pastels, pencil or charcoal.


When I drew the sketch he didn’t look old enough, so once I’d transferred the sketch I added a few more wrinkles and aged him up a little. I still need to do a proper drawing like the ones I’ve done of Knud and Astrid, but that will have to be another time.

You can read Outsider here

How I Made the EP Cover

Making The Malumi EP Cover

This one took a while to make! Over the past year I’ve had various ideas pop up in my head but none of them seemed to work with the dream-like look we were going for. When I was at Uni for graphic design one of the projects we were meant to do was on paper art, for some reason the module was dropped and I remember being absolutely gutted at the time.

After a little bit of research on paper art on Pinterest I  started planning out the cover

While we were shooting the Lullaby music video there was this amazing oak tree with two swings at the location, Sara put this lovely black and white picture of it on our Instagram, and I though it would be just perfect for the cover.  For the most part this cover just involved a lot of cutting. It ended up taking the entire day to cut up all the little pieces and take the perfect photograph.

I spent about 2 hours experimenting with the lighting and camera angles until I got the perfect shot

After that it was just a lot of time in Photoshop experimenting with different looks till I finally settled on the perfect cover. And the best thing is that after this I got to use everything I cut out for the lyric video of Lullaby. I’ll be making that live on the Malumi YT channel  in the next few weeks, since the EP was released yesterday I can’t wait to see what you thought of it!

Which song was your favourite? 

DIY: Helmet

Helmet 1

Of course there was a glue gun involved in making this helmet, but for the most part it was tin foil (yes, tin foil),  tape, gold card and a few staples. First thing I did was use the tin foil to make a cast of my head. So you want to wrap your head (head not your face) in tin foil and then, while you’re still wearing it, cover it in small strips of tape so it holds it’s shape when you take it off.

Take the foil wrap off and cut an upward arch in the back above your neck and a curve just over your ears

Next I used my favourite craft tool, a hot glue gun, and covered the underside and top of the tin helmet with lines of hot glue to made it stronger. If you can try and line the hot glue so it’s in an organic patten. Not just splattered all over the place, it’ll look a lot better spray painted if the hot glue is applied nicely rather than all over the place.

Helmet 2

The next part sounds tricky but really it isn’t , take gold card and cut it into strips. Round the edges and then layer them over the tin helmet. For the very end of the helmet cut a v-shape and and fold it down the middle. For the very edges of the card staple them down but make sure the ends are folded so that they don’t poke you when you’re wearing the helmet.

I used two spray paints for the helmet, first a matte white and a gold

For the pattern at the front of the helmet I used a glue gun and then spray painted the whole thing white. Once the white paint dried I painted the edges of the strips gold and then gave the whole thing a dusting of gold paint.

Virgo Helmet Finished

And before I forget, the edge were made with circlular strips of gold card cut in three different sizes, large, medium and small. I stuck them to the side just over where my ears would be and the edges lined with a glue gun. And that’s it, that’s all I did!

You can see the tutorial I used this for here

DIY: Hobbit House Jar

Hobbit House Jar

I’ve already made one house jar, but this time I wanted to make a Hobbit House jar instead of a Tudor Cottage, because why not? It’s pretty much exactly the same technique, the only difference is making the lid, and that part is so easy it’s ridiculous.

One thing I ended up doing later is painting the door with green nail varnish

I didn’t end up showing that step in the tutorial, and one last thing you can do is even add the rune Gandalf scratched on the door with a glow-in-the-dark paint if you want.

I hope you like the tutorial :)

Outsider Art: Ragana

Almost Done

I recently added to my collection of Pan Pastels with several shades for darker skin tones. After testing out the blue, pink and cream shades for the drawings of Astrid and Knud I really wanted to get around to drawing Ragana.

Ragana was so very nearly in the first book (**), but in the end I cut her out because it just didn’t work at that point in the story

It wasn’t easy finding the right shades for Ragana, normally I find that any skin tone kits are either far too pink (or strait up white) for pale skin tones, and anything darker than a coffee tone is nearly impossible to find. In the end I bought a kit (**) which is actually sold for weathering model trains, and it was just perfect!

Basic Shading

I still need to draw Ragana with a much darker skin tone, it’s still a far too pale for how I envisioned her, but it’ll take a few more tries before I can perfect my technique.

 I used a fluffy c shaped makeup brush to apply the pan pastels 

The first thing I did is use the pan pastels to get the highlights and shades on the face. I wasn’t looking for anything detailed at this point, just laying down the primary undertones and shades. Three different shades of brown and then a very pale yellow as a highlighter on the top of her cheekbones and brow bone.

Lips pre blending Adding Details Eyelashed

For all of these drawings I like using a combination of art and makeup brushes to apply it. I’ve found with the fingers its far too easy to apply the colours heavily, not to mention with brushes you don’t risk leaving oil stains on the paper from your fingertips.

After I’d used the pan pastels I went ahead with my Polychromo pencils to add the smaller details to the skin, lips and eyes

For the lashes I love using a fine tip pen or a chinese caligraphy pen to draw each individual lash around the eyes. Sometimes I’ll use a pencil first to make sure I know where I want to go with it, but normally I just go ahead and use the pen.


I still need to finish drawing her hair and ears, but I’m really happy with this version compared to my first try. It’s a slightly different method to how I drew Knud, but with a bit more work I should be able to finally get the rich dark skin tone I’m trying to draw without completely ruining it like my first attempt. And yes, Ragana is meant to be an absolutely jaw-droppingly beautiful woman. A lot prettier than Astrid. Maybe now I should finally get around to drawing Jarl or Ragi…

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Making the Malumi Snow Cover

Snow Single Cover Malumi

It’s been so long since I’ve been able to do any kind of design that by the time it came to make the Snow cover I was absurdly excited. Since I did the cover of Outsider there weren’t many/any projects I could do which really involved design and that part of my brain felt like it was beginning to melt.

Problem is once I started doing the cover I had no idea where to go with it

Snow is a song about being in love with that person who makes you feel like everything is going to be ok, no matter how bad things get. Even for the sound of the song we were sure we wanted the sound of wind and an icy undertone to the whole thing, but the lyrics are hopeful. So I wanted to visualise that on the cover.

Malumi Cover Ideas

Eventually I decided I would take the lyrics: “ Snowflakes land into our open hands” and use that for the cover. I didn’t think my hands looked elegant enough for the cover (not to mention it would have been a pain in the neck to photograph) so I got my sister to be a hand model for the cover.

 I made around 10 different covers till I finally settled on two which I thought were up to the standard I wanted

Originally I was going to have a hand covered in ice/glitter over a background on the cover, but it just looked dull, dark and bland. Normally when I get stuck on a project I spend about 40 minutes just messing around with settings and effects on Photoshop and pretty much any mad idea which occurred to me. Nine times out of ten the best things happen entirely by accident because you were messing around in the right direction.

Before and After


In the final stages of doing the cover one of the ideas I had was to have another hand reaching out for the hand in the cover to represent the “Frozen wasteland, holding your hand” part of the lyrics. But in the end I didn’t go for it because it looked took much like Michelangelo’s ‘The Creation of Adam’ and it really messed with the focal point of the cover.

If any of you wanted to see how I did the makeup on my sister’s hand I did film the whole process and make a video for you guys too.

I hope you like the video :) 

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Outsider Drawings: Skad


I should have uploaded this post months ago really, but I kept putting it off because mainly I really, really wasn’t happy with it. Skad is one of those characters I hate in Outsider (**). Funny thing is he was’t meant to be like that at first, but as I kept writing he developed into a really nasty malicious character, and I think that kind of blurred my image of him in my head.

Sketch Time


Big Mistake

Pan Pastel

This was one of my first test drawings with brown paper, polychromo pencils and pan pastels. My biggest mistake with this drawing was using strait up white as a highlight without using a beige or even a pink pan pastel instead.

A the time I wasn’t using makeup brushes to apply the pan pastels

I used makeup sponges to apply the pan pastel and it didn’t really allow for the the most delicate or accurate application. Once I found that I could use makeup brushes I stopped using sponge tip applicators completely unless I was trying to thickly cover a large surface.

Gold Leaf


As for the gold foil…I have no idea! I was experimenting with different backgrounds at the time and wanted to see what it would look like on a portrait drawing. Once I get around to drawing him again I’ll need to add a beard and a big one at that. He’s meant to have a thick braided beard which runs from his ears to his chin, but I think I’ll wait till I’m in a bad mood because I really, really hate this guy. I’d much rather draw Ragi or Jarl first.


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DIY Horns

Horns DIY

I did tutorials on how to make horns about a year ago, but I thought I’d make another one showing a completely different way of making them, it’s simpler and a lot less time consuming.

One of the music videos for Malumi is quite prop heavy, so I’m having to make some of the props now 

In one of the music videos (it’s called Lullaby) we’re going to have quite a selection of mythilogical creatures, fauns specifically, so I needed to make another set of horns. Also since Halloween in only in a few days time this tutorial might be perfect for a few last minute costume ideas.

Hope you like the tutorial! :D

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