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Hi, my name is Klaire de Lys (yes the ‘de’ is lowercase and yes, that is my real name). I trained as an artist and a graphic designer. Both skills have come in handy for my YouTube channel and blog. I am also a makeup enthusiast, a writer and musician.

I have two YouTube channels. KlairedeLysArt is my main channel, where I upload a new tutorial everyFriday. Be warned, though, I’m not known for my wearable looks, quite the opposite in fact.

My second channel is called Klairedelysdotcom. A terribly inventive name, I know, but since the content on that channel varies from skincare DIY tutorials to ‘favourites’ videos, it seemed appropriate. The upload day for that channel is every Tuesday.

If uploads every Friday and Tuesday aren’t enough, and you want to hear my band’s music, we upload everyMonday on the Malumi YouTube channel. I don’t really know how to describe the music, but we call ourselves a whimsical folk pop duo, so I can only suggest you give it a listen and then decide yourself how you would describe it, because I still have no idea.

And finally, just because I seem to have an allergy to any kind of free time, about once a year I write a book.

The current fiction series I am working on is called Outsider, a fantasy novel about a half dwarf named Astrid who is recruited to help a young dwarf, Jarl Vorn and his adopted son Knud cross the dangerous world of Ammasteinn. The third book of the Tetralogy will be release on July 14th (a release date I intend to keep for all my books) and will be called Wrath.

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I’ve been on You Tube since I was 17, so I’ve been through my fair share of cameras. I currently use a Cannon EO60D for my blog and YouTube videos.



Just like I do with my YouTube tutorials, I mark product links so that anything such as affiliate links, sponsored posts or items which have been provided for free are clearly explained to my viewers.

* Means the item was provided for free.

** Means the link is an affiliate link.

*** Means that there is paid product placement.

I do also have to point out that a paid placement does not mean paid-for opinions. It just means that the company paid for the guarantee that I would review the product and blog about it. Wether or not I like it is entirely up to me.



You can contact me at KlairedelysBlog@googlemail.com . Please bear in mind that I will not review a product which has been tested on animals, or if the company engages in 3rd party testing.