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Hi, my name is Klaire de Lys (yes the ‘de’ is lowercase and yes, that is my real name). I trained as an artist and a graphic designer, but on my YouTube channel and blog I share my art, makeup, writing and music.

Originally I had two YouTube channels. KlairedelysArt and Klairedelysdotcom. Now, I no longer juggle the two and just upload on  KlairedeLysArt, my main channel. Be warned, though, I’m not known for my wearable looks, quite the opposite in fact.

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“Which camera do you use for your blog/videos?”

I’ve been on You Tube since I was 17, so I’ve been through my fair share of cameras. I currently use a Cannon EO60D for my blog and YouTube videos.


“What are the *’s you put next to links?”

Just like I do with my YouTube tutorials, I mark product links so that anything such as affiliate links, sponsored posts or items which have been provided for free are clearly explained to my viewers.

* Means the item was provided for free.

** Means the link is an affiliate link.

*** Means that there is paid product placement.

I do also have to point out that a paid placement does not mean paid-for opinions. It just means that the company paid for the guarantee that I would review the product and blog about it. Wether or not I like it is entirely up to me.


For all business-related enquiries:

You can contact my manager at maximsavard@dialoguemgmt.com. Please bear in mind that I will not review a product which has been tested on animals, or if the company engages in 3rd party testing.